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Family they had big such family of

. So, in any case, his Mother liked to repeat with pleasure and pride. And it - that he always and in everything unconditionally trusted. Why always? Well, in - the first because she was his Mother. Of course, you can tell that all have mothers. But not all have with them such confidential relations as at it … That, so he was lucky with mother. As, however, and his mother with it.

In - the second, he still remembered taste of its milk which she generously gave to drink to him and not only it, but also all his brothers and little sisters (here you see, the family indeed was big!) .

B - the third to whom, as not to it he ran when it was painful to him. And it happened quite often: and from ladders he fell down, and fell from trees and just from running start came across some stone or an unexpected barrier in the form of nettle thickets and what, you will tell - not a barrier? Still what! To it it rushed when he was offended or arrived as it seemed to it, it is unfair - only the mother`s gentle touch could console him in these cases. And then - to whom else was to run? It had no father, that is, once it was, but about it for some reason there is no memoirs left. Already then, being an adult, he understood why, but it is already other history …

Is fine

, let`s return to “a big family“ about which Mother spoke. She was not tired to repeat that in the neighboring houses and at dachas there live his cousin and second cousins and sisters, aunts, far and close, and numerous mythical grandmothers. Why mythical? As it why, he also never saw them, they existed only in stories of Mother. “Perhaps these so ancient grandmothers, as on this world do not get out?“ - he thought. He had three brothers and two sisters … It seems … No, more precisely, everything - two brothers and one sister. He did not remember one brother at all, mother validly told somehow that “it was taken in a family, painfully it was nice, all in the father, with radiant eyes and small ears …“.


, it is better to be unsightly, but with Mother! Though it as it became clear subsequently, did not play a crucial role: soon Mother left. Later he heard from one of aunts, she was angry on language and liked to gossip: “Pursued new happiness!“ Whether so it was actually, he did not know, but there was what he always somehow unconsciously was afraid of: it was left without Mother, and more he did not see her. Probably, her happiness turned out so far that it could not even give it a news …

… His sister too soon somewhere disappeared, well and that from her to take - the little girl also is the little girl. And the brother remained with him and, consider, they were lucky - they too “were taken in a family“ - you see, mother`s words are still live in his memory!

At first the family seemed to it strange: someone went on two legs, and they were the majority, someone on four - and all the same all this together was called “family“. But only those who went to four were not similar to his “numerous“ relatives (you see? again a word from the mother`s dictionary!) . Those which on two, cared for those who on four, that is, and for them with the brother too. Not so, of course, as Mother (eh, Mother, Mother, again “mother“), they had no so much milk as at Mother (e - e - hkh, Mother …). And, maybe, he already just was above that age when drink only milk, and it is time to get used to other food?! And he also did not notice that he grew up …

Other food as it appeared, was not worse than a milk, it was necessary to get used only to it. At first it treated cautiously these brownish balls - and suddenly to it it will be bad? Also decided to observe at first a dog, four-footed - it was just she. She was fed with something similar, some unappetizing at first sight tabletochka or too balls too, he did not understand. What a difference fresh meat - a lyagushechka or a birdie. He already managed to get acquainted with it and quite to estimate and where to take it here, in the closed space of the seasonal dacha? It was possible to dream of how it will manage to pull together some titbit left unguarded from a master`s table, of course. So did its cousin, they told it about it, having closed eyes from former pleasure. But there was one “but“: in the house it was never let and there was no hope that will let. Yes - and - and, and the dog - that was let?! It too four-footed!

Later he understood

why. He understood when the spring came … And you understood why it was not let in the house? It is correct! When the spring came, birds started singing. They started singing not only on the street, but also in the house. So, there to it the way was ordered. Well and he not especially also worried: the main thing, fed in time and if as it seemed to it, were late, he also could remind of himself: was to jump on a small window sill at a window on a terrace enough and to howl a vile myav as in the house stir right there began and to it took out “chtobt to you it was empty, obormot - unfortunate“ an extraordinary portion. And words that words? It is possible not to pay to them also attention, they had no taste.

Having waited for

some more days and having seen that the dog is still live in spite of the fact that she continued to eat these low-appetizing (brr!) brown flat cakes, he understood that experiment, he so called it, over a dog it is possible to consider finished. Yes, not only that this nasty dog was still live - her wool became much more dense and in addition gained gloss. So, so there were also vitamins and in general everything that it is necessary to look decently and adequately in the company of similar.

From this day his life became more various than

, it had not to ransack more on neighboring houses and the next garbage cans in search of a food. For some reason he considered then that it is safer to eat there, than there are these unknown on taste brown (fie!) flat cakes. Moreover in addition the Owner (bless his posterity!) dug a twig on a site. The twig in itself was, of course, hilenkiya, but there were small fishes, it precisely to please (yes the Owner will have a house - a full bowl!) differently why they there? Not for a dog. What to it pleasure to start in a pond a paw without sharp and tenacious how a rod, claws? And what the dog did not eat these small fishes it is precisely. He purposely watched it furtively, having hidden for a big leaf of a burdock. It tracked once what the dog went to a pond, whether for it small fishes? Therefore ran behind it, but is not present, she just drank from a pond, without having shown any attention to small fishes, and left.

Everything, all for it! No, positively he was lucky: for the winter to it it was made the Hostess (bless her posterity!) very nice warm lodge. It was put on a table on a terrace, higher, higher that this curious dog did not stick the wet black nose and did not gossip then in the district as well is to it, competitors are not necessary to it! The lodge - that was made of a chistosherstyany yarn, it understood it and the ceiling was warmed wonderfully well.

So he also remained Red on a name and a middle name, and lives on the former place, on full master`s and with own hand, that is, sobstvennolapno, the got allowance.