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Together more cheerfully! Aha!

22. 30. The first went at night. Savva (7 months) can demand to an hour of time for an evening motion sickness. Further on circumstances.

Second, the Pro-cop, podnyvy, goes to a dream, expecting when mother everything is will lie down nearby, or waits for arrival of the father under the Luntik.

If all sleep in 23. 00, mother was lucky: “Hurrah!“ And mother goes today to write this article.

“Is together more cheerful than of
in the morning at once to rise.
Is together more cheerful to come running to mother.
Is together more cheerful a rain - to take a shower and
On kitchen is cheerful with shout to run.
And as cheerfully we cook porridge together,
Senior on pickup, younger on a floor.
is farther this porridge itself the senior eats,
Washes itself the dishes... And so day is begun“.
Life washing

became more considerable more cheerfully for the last three years. I became a mother rather twice mother. And now I try to correspond to this 24th hour status.

Once I considered that I am in time nothing with one child. Also tried to paint every day week, type:“ Today we mold, tomorrow I will eat, the day after tomorrow on a visit we go“. Probably, this desire to live according to the accurate schedule has the strong roots from that life when worked all day long. And here living little men, with the desires, moods and whims.

Life of the first child I just tried to sate

with daily occupations, walks, zaryadka and so on, we is constant that that was done and did together, even together went to a toilet and a shower because the child was not left without mother in general. And when became pregnant as desperate mummy, broke loose, and mummy“ with the kid decided “to nazanimatsya beforehand that correctly made as she was not able to afford the first two months such luxury, daily to occupy the senior kid and to master something brand new. And it reproached herself. Type, here what I, the child forgot an order of figures and letters... Ouch - ouch... What misfortune... Only do not condemn, at me it is a syndrome of “the lifelong honors pupil“. Of course, the alphabet and the account - all this only development of memory for the two-year-old. But every day on walk we talked “man-to-man talks“, the child plans 5 - x children when grows, and by all means such as Savva. Then we sat down on a swing, one hand I swing the senior, and other hand I swing in a carriage younger, both I will eat, and we quote verses, besides we develop. Then we run on a football field and we play a ball, at the same time awaking younger.

So, today I can claim that now at me it turns out to combine cheerfully everything, being in time with two of my nice sonnies everywhere.

I am very glad to

I when Prosha speaks to me: “Mother, I want to work drawing“. “To work“. Or: “And than to us to work?“ And we draw during a dream younger so far, otherwise there is no opportunity. Younger already achieves any objectives and very much loves jars with gouache. Sometimes, having drawn something, Prosha can take plasticine and add some apples on a tree, or make blue eyes on the father`s portrait, having rolled in palms for this purpose balls. We very much love plasticine. We even have our plasticine family. And still Prosha himself rolls sausages, molds carrots and cuts them a special knife. From plasticine we mold an ignition key that allows the kid “to start“ the imagined car. More after all it is pleasant to smear plasticine a finger on drawn.

We always go to birthdays with “homemade products“ as a bonus to the main gift. Recently did busik from vermishelek, presented to the girl, previously having painted them different colors. And to the friend stuck together the machine with my help - I molded spare parts, and the Pro-cop connected them. And still Prosha likes to draw felt-tip pens on balls and too to give just like that, it is a pity that here only on balls cannot be drawn plasticine, very much the son tried as that to stick eyes, a nose and other.

we collect by

In the wood packages of cones and twigs, Prosh`s houses a sponge paints them with nacreous gouache. He likes to decorate the animals who are stuck together from plasticine. Gouache at us is spent very quickly. Approximately packing from 6 flowers in 1,5 weeks. And here violet color (favourite color) comes to an end in 2 days.

Recently we had a new hobby - we think out fairy tales, we do together for the fairy tale requisites, we decorate, I cut out. Also we begin game. For example, the Baba-yaga at us ezdtt on “Oka“, and merchants depart behind purchases by helicopter. And the child sometimes gives tremendous plots, for example, the Baba-yaga enticed Vanechka into the car a candy, as a result took away him in a hut on chicken legs. It is impossible to take sweets from strangers and to get into cars to unfamiliar. Everything I want to begin to write down these ideas. And so, we play these fairy tales on a floor with ready dolls from a set for puppet theater so far. Younger it is interesting to watch our gestures too, and he plays heroes and brutally gnaws the heads of dolls, we have no zubik yet!

We plan to show to

the thought-up fairy tale in Proshin birthday.

Drawing (still all of us together draw pieces of chalk on a board), a molding, reading, singing of a karaoke, playing a synthesizer - all this is really cheerful, and it is possible to do to all together, despite of age of children.


A here when suits time of cleaning or cooking, the most cheerful begins. Children taught me to do all this together with them and quickly, well and, of course, cheerfully, otherwise all family would be hungry. If earlier we easily with Stitch cooked soup here so: I his hand cut potato, we for fun breathed and cried over onions, salted. And still Prosha prepares for herself an omelet, however, sometimes contents broken (“!!!“ ) eggs falls by the capacity (“Tranquility, only tranquility, - I say to myself at the same time), then it adds milk, all this is stirred, and mother herself pours out on a frying pan. Now the task became complicated! At us is small who should be put in a car seat, to put a car seat on a kitchen table and loudly commenting and hooting, quickly - quickly to make all necessary preparations. Rescues what loves small carrots and can long - hollow long it desenka. And here sounds of blenders younger infuriate so far, in shout - deafening “Aaaaaa“! Cleaning is an occupation which I treat philosophically, especially too mopping when water flows from hardly wrung out rag, and the senior kid at the same time also keeps saying as now everything will be pure as he washes all this dirt. Younger flutters in walkers up and down at this time, creating additional vanity and noise when cleaning. By the way, also inclusion, switching off of the vacuum cleaner belongs to Prokopy`s duties. And to extend a cord, and to tire out with a button it back. To you it is cheerful? To me - yes!

And the most cheerful occupation for younger to observe how the senior splashes florets. It causes laughter in Savva, he just adores this occupation, we carry out nearly an every day this procedure with flowers.

Everything, than I live now, these are our cheerful days together. And, perhaps, the most sad here only the fact that the father seldom joins us. Leaves for work when children still sleep, and comes back when already sleep. Well, nothing, at the weekend he makes up a little: garage affairs, country affairs, in shop behind products to place products on the refrigerator. It does all this with the eldest son, and it too, I am sure, cheerfully.

In our house it is cheerful every minute.
Without funs and laughter only a quiet time.
my children love mother and each other,
the Daddy and to fray a beard at the father. you with children of minute fill
with happiness,
you play the fool with them as if you are friends.
is more cheerful together at any bad weather. Mother will always protect
from a bad weather!

Here so - that. I wish that also to you it was more cheerful!