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Instructive fairy tales

U me two children - to the daughter are 5 years, the son is 2 years old. They very much love fairy tales for the night (as many other children). But everyone evening they want something brand new. Turnips, Koloboks and the Sleeping Beauties do not suit them any more. I found for myself such way out (he think it is not new) - I began to think out fairy tales itself, and children help me - set a plot next day. here what at us turns out.

the Little mouse Peak

, in a corner of the biggest room in the rural house, lived In a little mink a little mouse Peak. He moved there quite recently therefore he did not make friends yet. It was boring for it, and the Peak decided to walk on the yard. Having indecisively crossed a threshold, stopped. In total - it is a little frightening. To give itself confidence he started singing:
- Time a step, two a step.

Here I went out for a walk.
of Times step, two step. I will sing
of the Song!

As always the song to it helped


- Hi, the sun! - he shouted.

It turned in its party, smiled and tenderly stroked the ray its small greyish ears.

- Hi, a grass!


I were easily tickled by barefoot pads of Peak, having showered with their dewdrops. From it the mood of a little mouse became even better, and he loudly burst out laughing.

- Who laughs here? - the thin voice was heard.
- It I am a little mouse Peak. And you who?
- I am an ulitochka of Faya.

the Peak turned back

and saw a little nice snail on a leaf of a big burdock. Its lodge was gently pink color, and on it dewdrops shone. Over blue eyes which looked with curiosity and vigilance lovely horns towered.

- be not afraid of me, - the little mouse told. - I here lodged recently, and I have no friends and acquaintances. there is no
- At all anybody? - asked Faya.
- Absolutely - absolutely, - sadly sighed Peak. - And you will be on friendly terms with me?
- I Will be. I love when there are a lot of friends. So more cheerfully.
- Hurrah! - a little mouse for pleasure even cried.
- we Will go, I will acquaint you with the others.

the Peak put a small ulitochka to itself on a shoulder, and they went to walk already together. So the little mouse began the acquaintance to inhabitants of the yard where he should live.

They came for a gate and heard a loud cackle. Big motley chicken, swinging wings, rushed on the yard, trying to bring together under the aegis the little yellow-beaked children.
- Kud - where, kud - where! And well home! To me! Here! - she shouted, running for chickens.

A yellow lumps, frolicing and laughing, got away from it in different directions.

- It is a mother Klusha, - presented chicken of Faya. - She always runs for the chickens and loudly shouts. Get used.

Kids were very curious

, and having hardly noticed Peak, rushed to it. Mother Klusha, having seen the stranger who was surrounded by her beloved children, nearly fell down in a faint.

- Kud - where! Kud - where! - even more loudly she cried and rushed on the uninvited guest, sweeping away everything on the way.

Small Faya could hardly outvoice chicken: - be not afraid of
, mother Klusha! It is Peak! He is my friend!

Chicken stopped, looked at a little mouse.
- You will not offend my kids? - strictly she asked.
- Of course, no! I want to be on friendly terms with you! - the Peak answered, and its thin tail was curtailed a ringlet.

Attracted with noise the kitten came running. He was ognenno - red color and reminded the small fluffy sun.
- Meow! Hi. I am Syoma, - he told. - And you will be on friendly terms with me?
- Of course. I will be very glad!
- And with me? Kr - krya! - it Tyap`s duckling already approached.

he Went always waddlingly, slowly, but swam very quickly and was proud of the fact that he is able to dive. Always watched the snow-white feathers and brightly red beak.

- Of course! - cried out Peak.

It was very happy that it had so many friends. In total its began to ask from where it arrived where and as lived earlier. Most loudly chickens shouted.
- You, from where? - Tsyp shouts.
- What you ate there? - Tsap peeps.
- Why your fur coat gray? - with a clever look Tsup asks.
- You to us for a long time? - this is already Tsop.
- And you will play with us? - shy the smallest of brothers, Tsep asked.

the Peak did not manage to answer with

questions. But there was a hostess and called all to have breakfast. The yard instantly became empty. And the little mouse and an ulitochka went for a walk further, they already ate. Friends went and rejoiced to the fact that today such remarkable day. The grass is green, the sun bright, a warm breeze, around a birdie fly. The peak wanted to sing again, only not for bravery, and with happiness.
- Faya, and you like to sing? - he asked.
- Yes, but songs I know a little, - the ulitochka sadly sighed.
- I just composed a song. You want, I will accustom to drinking? - Give
, - she answered. - And I will sing along! they started singing

- Ah, what good day!
You sit down with me on a stub,
Together we will sing a song,
A then we will go for a walk!

If what to happen suddenly,
U me is the best friend.
Ya and you, you and I am
Together the best friends!

Is good with you together!
On a shoulder you sit mine. we Will cheerfully play
! songs we Will sing

And walked they on the yard, singing a song, happy because that today just good day, the sun shines, and nearby there are so much friends!

With the daughter we last year began to study parts of a body of the person. And that to it everything was simpler to remember, I began to put explanations in verses. It was pleasant to it - and now we together look for rhymes to put the next rhyme.

the Alphabet of your body

P - a hand - the pair top extremity of the person consisting of several departments: brush, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder. For what it is necessary to

For what to you a hand?
of Prizadumaysya slightly.
You by means of a hand
Put on boots.

I it to you will help
to eat and drink Porridge juice.
you to the granny
of the Thread Can help to wind all in a ball,

I the boy to pull a nose,
A the little girl for a braid.
A without fingers you will not be able to Pick
the nose.

generally, protect hands! try not to break their
! it is heavy to
to play with the broken hand

I with fire is more careful!
I with hot water! Clean
And sharp objects
you from eyes down with!

I thanks will tell hands.
to You will be helped. by
you will be able to make everything on light
O what you can dream.

N - the Leg - the pair lower extremity of the person consisting of several departments: foot, anklebone, shin, knee, hip.
For what it is necessary to you?

to Jump, run and jump, to kick
Or just a ball.
of the Leg very much are important.
of the Leg are necessary to everyone.

can measure by Them pools,
Or afar to run from an icy cold.
Through a skalochka to jump,
Or in dance by them to jerk. you should protect

of the Leg. them to guard
From diseases.
not to freeze them in the winter, to pour over
water in the Summer.

C - Heart - principal organ of the blood circulatory system, is located in a breast at the left, divided into two half. It is muscular body which pumps over blood on your organism.
For what it to you?

Heart is in a breast at us.
is a body - the highest class!
It drives our blood,
It gives us love.

As the car without
motor will not go anywhere.
And we are with you without heart
Neither there and nor here.

Zh - the Stomach - hollow muscular body. Is responsible for processing of food.
For what to you it?

Having chewed a piece of a bun,
You swallow him.
It gets into a stomach,
That in juice to float there.

Juice not idle time that at all,
you will not wash down it with water.
Tam is a lot of enzymes,
is expensive to Food of all there. You the stomach love

, Well feed him with
. Muck everyone do not chew
, do not swallow of
, and at once spit.
my daughter so was pleasant to

of Times mother`s creativity, I decided to think up instructive stories on various subjects in advance. They are not finished yet, constantly I add something brand new, that I clean some phrases. It is possible when time to read them to my daughter comes, from the initial version and nothing will remain... I will hope very much that when time comes, such rasskazik will help both her, and me with communication with each other, and we will overcome difficult awkward age with ease.

Simple truth

Hi. Get acquainted - it is Senka. He is 7 years old. It cannot be pulled out from - for the computer, adores races and shooter games. Still likes to play and run with boys in the yard. Still it has a sister Sonya, she is 5 years old, mother and the father, grandmothers and grandfathers. Story about it and about his family.

, said nothing that it will differ from others. Senka left to the yard and saw how all his friends crowded around the unfamiliar boy. He at once ran there.

- Hi. You who? - he asked, having parted forcibly all.
is Pashka, - Seryoga told.
- It moved to this house today, - told Is brisk, indicating the next skyscraper.
- I can tell everything, - quite loudly said Pasch.


examined the boy. Above it almost on the head, all face in freckles, a scar on a chin, fashionable trousers and the Winners of a Galaxy undershirt.“ Probably, in the yard he was very cool“, - Senka thought, and aloud told:
- And a scar, from where?
- With is big fell, - Pashka answered. - 5 seams imposed, and I did not even peep. Blood was so many that the clothes were thrown out then.
- Cool! - exclaimed boys.

All children with envy watched

at it, and for some reason at once all wanted the same scar that with the same pride to tell all as imposed seams. Here Pashka got a cigarette from a pocket and lit, having drenched all with a cloud of a tobacco smoke.
- You smoke? - Senka asked. - And parents know?
- I Smoke. So all cool boys do. And it is not obligatory for parents to tell it.
- How old are you? - Seryoga asked.
- Soon 9, - with pride answered Pashka, letting out one more cloud of a smoke...

It seemed such adult and abrupt that Senka even began to envy.

- Semyon! Approach me! - mother went from shop and called it.


ran up to it and saw that it it is obvious not in the spirit of and with something it is very upset.
- we Will go home, - she sadly told.
- But I only left.
- Semyon, we go home now! - mother by such voice repeated that it understood - better not to argue and, having waved friends a hand, went home.
- You smoke? - strictly mother as soon as they entered the apartment asked. there is no
- I saw how you stood and smoked.
- it seemed to You. - Senka nearly cried.
- But I saw a smoke, and from you smells of cigarettes, - mother strictly told.
- I did not smoke! - Senka shouted.
- do not shout! - mother shouted.
- I Will shout! You do not trust me! - he stood and shouted, and before his eyes there was Pashka when that smoked and looked so abruptly.
- Tell me the truth, then I will believe!
- will not be!
- You are punished!
- I Hate you! - Senka shouted and, having run away into the room, left in a huff.

He sat in the room and thought that time mother did not believe it, will go and will surely light. It is obligatory! As she could not believe! Senka and continued to be angry, and mother sat in a corridor and cried from - behind this of unnecessary quarrel with the son. She already regretted that she did not restrain and shouted at Senya. She was just very tired.

Having heard

that mother went for Sonya to a garden, Senka left to the yard again.
- And mother told that today you will not go for a walk any more, - he heard Pashki`s voice.
- It to me not the decree, - Senya answered, he wanted to seem abrupt, but he felt awkwardly. He did not like to offend mother earlier always obeyed her.
- Well, we will light? - Pashka looked at him with a call. - Or mother will scold you? You are afraid?
- we Will light, - Senka answered, and they sat down on a shop.


got cigarettes. All children with interest watched them. He lit a cigarette and stretched it to Seine. That made an inhaling and felt that the head began to spin, in a throat breath intercepted, and inside as though all burned with fire. He exhaled and has a fit of coughing.

- Anything. You will get used soon, - Pashka patted it on a back, holding a cigarette in teeth.

Senya made by

the second attempt also understood that he begins to feel sick him, and from a mouth began to smell - as though year did not brush teeth, and the cat used his mouth instead of a toilet. He began to cough again and understood that he will still just take a cigarette in hands better. At this moment two adult guys on abrupt fancy velika drove up to the next shop.
- This wheelbarrows! - Seryoga even gave a whistle.
- At me too such will be soon, - Pashka attracted attention again.

Children began to discuss future it is big, and Senka listened to conversation of these guys.
- From where bucks on a new lotion took? You said that it is a pity to spend money for such nonsense, - said the first.
- you will not believe. Left off smoking, so much money began to remain. In few weeks I will take new tires, - the second answered.
- And I all will not decide in any way. So many time tried, and all a bestolka. I do not maintain. Tightened.
- Well, you give! Now all for a healthy lifestyle. Sport and an extreme are abruptly, the rest everything a sediment!

They continued to talk further, but Senka did not pay attention to them any more, sat and thought of that, they look more abruptly, than Pashka. They have glue clothes and cool are big. They are already cool, and Pashka only speaks about it. They are more adult and consider what to smoke not stylishly, not fashionably and in general a full sediment! Then why to me all this is necessary?

to resemble Pashka? What for? He resolutely threw a cigarette, and children with surprise looked at it, they already all stood with cigarettes.
- Me it is not necessary, - Senka told.
- You just mummy was frightened! - Pashka answered and grinned. - The mother`s sonny wants on a pot!
- I just want to correspond to style and fashion of today, - Senka was even surprised that he could tell correctly the phrase heard somehow on a TV set.

Children opened mouths from surprise. And at Pashka even the cigarette fell from a mouth.
- I want to be such as they, but not as you, - Senka showed on guys from velika. - You look which of them more abruptly?

They heard their conversation and turned.
- And you are a good fellow, the boy, - told the first. - Quickly subject of glades.

Second tousled to it hair, and they left.

All children threw out cigarettes and respect looked at Senka. And it was developed and went home. Having come running, cleaned teeth quicker, cleaned even language, and long washed hands with soap to beat off a smell. Took mother`s spirits, dripped slightly - slightly on hands. Having decided that they will help to kill a smell from a mouth, dripped also on language. But right there nearly cried. Lit language and pinched, probably, so bite 100 muravyyov at the same time. He ran in a bathroom again is pure its toothpaste. Mother returned to this moment and nearly fell from the seen show. Her sonny stood in a bathroom from a mouth foam, from eyes tears dripped, and at the same time he tried to speak.
- I fight will also uit! - Senka spoke.
- What is with you? - mother ran up to it and began to examine from all directions.
- I fight will also uit! - crying he went on.
- What happened? - mother cried already together with it not in forces to understand what occurred.


were washed up by a mouth and repeated:
- I will not smoke any more! Only do not abuse me, please. I will explain everything to you.

Mother embraced him and they long - long spoke. He told everything to it. She did not begin to abuse it, Senka already made the correct decision, and managed to punish itself. For a long time it seemed to it that at night the cat can mix a toilet and its mouth.