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Smells and children of

For the kids parents with pleasure buy the flavored felt-tip pens, toys, plasticine. Do it only because bagatelles seem to them amusing. Nobody even thinks of influence of smells on the child.

meanwhile smells influence the person from the first days of his life, he will hardly feel a smell of maternal milk.

Smells surround with

us everywhere - in the nature, in life. They are capable to exert impact on mentality and esthetic development of the child. Pleasant unsharp smells have positive physiological effect on an organism, especially at rather small concentration in air. Not without reason aromatic substances with which air of gardens, fields, steppes, meadows, the pine woods is rich are figuratively called air vitamins. Smells are stamped on our memory. Each smell the same as color and a sound, definitely affects the person. Smells influence mood of people, they can cause a condition of excitement, revival, cheerfulness, calmness. Successfully it is reflected at Fazil Iskander in “Kozlotur`s Constellation“:

“Why is so strong over us the power of smells? Why no reminiscence can raskolykhnut with such force endured how the related acquaintance began to smell? Perhaps matter in its originality, it is impossible to remember a smell separately from him, so to speak, to repeat imagination. And when it repeats naturally, it with primitive freshness vykhlestyvat outside everything that was connected with it. And we often repeat visual and acoustical impressions the memoirs, and, maybe, therefore they, eventually, become dull...“ .

Smells, influencing mentality, are capable to cause memoirs, associations: one smells force us to remember this or that landscape seen by us once, others - a sad or happy event of the past. We find such lines in K. Pisarev`s book “Life and Tyutchev`s creativity“:“ What Tyutchev, by own recognition, began to feel and think for the first time among the Russian fields and the woods of had, undoubtedly, very great value for its future development as poet. In particular, when over the earth twilight was condensed, he liked to walk in the young woods near a rural cemetery and to collect fragrant wild orchids. In silence and a gloom of the coming night their fragrance filled his soul with “an intangible feeling of mystery“ and immersed in a condition of “reverential concentration“. In these walks the perception of the nature that aggravated, got by romanticism which will become distinctive feature of tyutchevsky lyrics over time arose“.

As it is strong the fragrance of a modest forest flower - a wild orchid had to be imprinted in the child`s brain if it could exert impact on lines of lyrics of future great poet! Children`s imagination, associations, imaginations are a basis of art education. The imagination has huge value in life because the dream created by imagination stimulates to activity, to activity, to that, having imagined the embodiment of the dream, with greater energy to fight for its implementation.

Imagination needs to be developed, but, developing, it is necessary it and to form. Education through emotional influence - very thin process. It is necessary to consider that children are very sensitive to smells therefore pungent smells can damage, overexcite nervous system of the child only. Smells have to be easily notable that they did not pursue and did not tire the child. Care is caused also by the fact that every third child has the allergy caused by smells. Therefore parents have to watch closely reaction of the child to various smells that the positive effect sharply was not replaced by negative.