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And in a goat it is possible to see the friend and to bring up the drinking companion of

We live in the small town, similar to which thousands over all country.

So turned out that in our yard which unites two two-storeyed 16 - apartment houses there lives a lonely strange person of a seedy look. He to himself got a goat. The choice of an animal obviously struck all neighbour`s women who feed the love only for cats of different breeds and colors.

a subject for female discussion In the beginning.

Then practical neigbours, having reconciled to a goat ugly mug which sometimes walked in the yard, began to hint the strange neighbor, to the word speaking, for eyes call him Tralee - Bring down that if and to get to itself a horned animal - that a goat in this case more advantageous option. Because care of it the same, as for a goat, and the profit in the form of milk would be big help in food of Tralee - Bring down.


However, the opinion of neigbours of Tralik did not concern at all.

of his thought soared in transcendental distances and saw other bright future it it is horned - the bearded pet.

one of light summer evenings to Tralee - Bring down

B two his friends glanced. It was similar that they pronounced a sentence to a two-three of bottles of vodka which stuck out at each of pockets of worldly-wise jackets. While the phrase was heard:“ Between the fifth and sixth pour one more“, Tralik suddenly declared to the sostakannik and drinking companions that he of his trestle drinks bitter, it is not worse than them. The heard phrase puzzled one of friends who tried to guide sharpness of sight and to give intelligence to own look. Another abstracted for a long time in time and space therefore he did not react in any way. Meanwhile Tralik filled a plastic glass with vodka and called up a goat. That especially without delaying zatsokat hoofs to a table, dashingly picked up a lower lip a glass, threw back the horned head back and glass contents immediately disappeared in its mouth. Then it sharply shook the head, throwing out a glass...


time A little before all surrounding small laryochka and bars began to receive the unusual visitor. For fun to a goat poured vodka, and, that with success drank it. It became sad when fairly drunk goat as a bag for forward and back hoofs, for horns was taken out from hospitable bar.

Alcoholic dependence of an animal grew at

every day. Since morning the shop assistant of one little shop exposed goods on a show-window, bending down to a box, becoming straight to racks. And being once again somewhere below, heard behind unclear sounds. Such rare combination of puffing and puffing. She raised the head and saw a gray-haired scrap of unkempt hair which hanged down from a counter. In the shop twilight the show was not for the faint-hearted: the huge head, horns, a beard, an unpleasant smell, two hoofs and obvious gestures demanding binge which are lifted up on a rack. The shop assistant was a newcomer and did not understand what the goat demands. She tried to expel an animal, but it was impossible. A trestle began to wind aggressively the impressive size horns and to stamp hoofs. He calmed down only when he saw a full glass before the nose. Having drunk vodka, a trestle as usual shook the head, rejected a glass and went to an exit...

As often we try to feed with

the four-footed favourite tasty - fresh cottage cheese, a small fish, a brain stone, a morkovochka. And each of us defines a product delicacy in own way. Someone cannot live without coffee, for someone strategically important products in the house are butter, cheese and black tea. For the third vodka - the integral product of a daily diet...

Would like to remind

in this place the famous words of Saint Ekzyuperi: “We in the answer for those who were tamed“...

That everyone understood responsibility for this touching fluffy lump which touches heart and is pleasing to the eye.


I you take in the life in fellow travelers...