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Dog entertainments of

the Pond all blossomed a duckweed and ooze, was not the uniform piece of a surface of the water which is not covered it opposite is poisonous - the green blanket smothering under itself all live. Well, not that there was no life, but everything that survived under this ooze, pottered about in the very bottom. And time it pottered about, we also will not tell about it. Even would come to nobody to mind that water of a pond could use to destination, that is to swim for a while there or, at the worst, to sit on its coast - painfully it was unattractive, though had no specific unpleasant smell.

I nevertheless, in the settlement the one and only living being who was interested in a so-called “water smooth surface“ for a long time was. However, if in the summer this pond had absolutely obscene appearance, then in the winter it looked pretty well: under a thick crust of ice water was not visible - what there was water actually, the dog did not know. Therefore as soon as all ice on a pond thawed, the dog, having seen water (and you know what on a water surface of ooze and a duckweed does not happen in the early spring), made an attempt to bathe. Several big jumps - and it at water. But Having what is it? slowed down all four paws, it stopped at the edge. What damped its ardor? That`s it - cooled: water temperature was such threateningly low that it was felt even by the black, shining the real skin nose of a dog:“ All right, we will postpone bathing until the best times“. Under the best for times, of course, warm were also meant. And the dog cheerfully jumped towards the house - there she had other entertainments, well, that is the affairs demanding daily strict execution and she treated these duties with special eagerness. In - the first, it was necessary to thrust surely a nose into a crack between a fence and a gate on the next site and if there were strangers, it was necessary to bark at them to show that she watches and feels all strangers. In - the second, with the opposite side of a fence lived the whole three dogs and if since yesterday there were any not up to the end resolved issues, it was necessary to discuss them together. In - the third if over the house the crow flew by, should be checked whether she bears something edible and if, having collected the strength, it is more terrible to bark at it, the crow was sometimes frightened and croaked in reply, and then what was at it in a beak, is tenacious carried away to the place of possible eating, fell prey of a dog. You understood why? So it fell! So, now - in - the fourth. It was necessary to find those blades which so well finished a usual meal on a site. Well, it was possible, of course, not everything them is - was several, with feeling of the chewed blades enough to feel full satiety. For us, probably, the cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps a glass of milk would be such habitual after-dinner pleasure? Ah and, and since yesterday there was one problem which should be resolved urgently: with approach of warm days this impudent red cat whose, eventually, the warmest and convenient place should, at last, once and for all let have know (not a cat!) on a wooden floor of an open terrace - it since spring very well got warm, and there it was so wonderful to luxuriate in the afternoon on the sun. The time, is time to put everything on the places. And cat too.

It, to eternal employment and bustle somehow imperceptibly there was a grass, trees put on in very young leaflets - the summer came. Once again on walk the dog saw behind trees a gleam of a water smooth surface - a pond! How she could forget about it?! Huge jumps, already hearing and not hearing the loud hails of the hostess passing into desperate cries (well, you know that decent dogs do not come for walk without maintenance), the illegible dog with running start flopped in a pond! Ah, what the jump was! The formed wave covered it with the head, it came up and … Oh, horror what the show was! From water the head on which the island of fresh green ooze flaunted seemed. The picture was completed by a duckweed bush, crowning this “island“.

Indifferently, the dog solemnly left water: her dream - to bathe - came true!

It began to shake off with

. Wash to you council: at this moment it is better not to approach the dogs who just left water, otherwise the compulsory shower in the form of the drops of water flying extensively in a radius, at least, of four meters will be provided to you. To the hostess remained nothing how to be fastened, by means of a lead, to a collar of a dog and to go together with it home. In confidence we can tell how the dog tried to bathe in a familiar ditch, where as she remembered, there was always water, but at the time of a jump remained only to a little rather turbid liquid there, it is more similar to the clay which did not dry finally. There the dog also laid down on a stomach. For fidelity of a poyerzal at the bottom of a ditch to collect all drops remaining there. We tell in confidence not therefore that nobody knew, and just it will be for certain a shame to it, but she can make nothing with herself - thirst for water even in the form of a drop stronger! You are surprised even more if I call to you breed of a dog. It was not the diver, the name speaks for itself - water - a manhole, he is a Newfoundland dog. It was even not the hunting dog floating behind a game. It was … the German shepherd!

But on it adventures of a dog and a misadventure of a duckweed did not end with

. It appears while a dog and the hostess was not at home, the owner decided to make a surprise: he built a small twig on a site. But much more hostess the dog was delighted - she thought that she had full authority for use of this reservoir. The second thought did not manage to come to its mind because at once after the first she already floundered about in a pond! And all nothing, she would transfer both the owner`s hails, and plaints of the hostess, but a consequence of this act (or offense?) became obvious in several days. It appears, it is imperceptible for her on the very dense wool they brought several microscopic pieces of a duckweed. And the duckweed as you know, possesses, among the other, undoubtedly, advantages, property to breed very quickly, especially in clear water. So it happened, and this time the duckweed blossomed and continued this process long enough. On trouble (actually, troubles there were two: heat and existence of goldfishes in a twig). Yes, together with one surprise for the hostess in the form of the twig device, the owner prepared also the second surprise - it started goldfishes there. Oh, they perfectly there accustomed, having safely endured invasion in the form of the cat who was regularly visiting a pond. Small fishes learned to go quickly to depth at the sight of the sharp-clawed paw which is stretched to them and they always managed to avoid an undesirable and unpleasant meeting. But, perhaps, invasion of a duckweed was not less dangerous to their health, than proximity of a cat. If the duckweed managed to take all surface of a pond, it it is simple and the nose could not be poked out from water. Well, at least to admire stars in the night sky or to look at the moon: small fishes so have not enough entertainments, especially in a small twig. They decided to fight against a duckweed by own efforts. To whom and how they could tell about the trouble? Small fishes not as dogs - they are not able to speak …

Having tried several ways of destruction of a duckweed, they stopped on the most effective - they just took her in a mouth and put it on edge of a twig. The owner was very surprised with behavior of small fishes, but understood that something was not pleasant to them in a twig therefore it just moved them in an aquarium. And dog? And what - a dog? After the first acquaintance to a duckweed she understood that from a duckweed it is not necessary to wait for any harm - a duckweed in itself, and a dog - in itself. Well, and we will leave the owner together with his two surprises to fight against a duckweed further especially as for certain there are some special means which can help him with this formidable business …