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And whether there was childbirth?! In half a year after the delivery and readings, probably, of all stories, also I decided to write

(the beginning banal, but also I am not a writer). And not to share experience (all the same at all differently) and not to extol maternity hospital and remarkable doctors (that undoubtedly was) and to tell about how I had it as it is possible for bigger number of people - it is necessary where - nibud to splash out this mass of positive emotions. I cannot still believe that childbirth is so. I am 24 years old, and first labor.

have some

about pregnancy - any toxicosis, hypostases, a pot-belly, a dream and appetite excellent. Went to consultation regularly, made tests, sat in turns. Once got on preservation, nearly 2 weeks - a valerian 3 times a day and but - shpy for the night treated me. The first 3 days - boredom mortal, at the end of the course “treatments“ there was no wish to leave any more, got accustomed. More especially there is nothing to tell about 9 months of expectation. Between “big-bellied“ and “bezpuzy“ from time to time did not notice a difference. It became rather heavy after the 36th week, bones began to ache (pelvic), to go became uncomfortable. I cannot tell that was tired of pregnancy, simply there was a strong wish to give rise till May holidays to spend them at home from darling small (on the 20th week we were told that there will be a girl) and the beloved husband (PDR put on May 10, but I was sure that I will give rise on the 38th week). The maternity hospital was chosen, proceeding from responses of only recently giving birth acquaintances, decided to give birth with the husband and it is free (by the way, we really did not pay kopeks, except for gifts to doctors, but it was already just the gratitude).

Actually about childbirth. The day before pulled a few stomach, the stopper departed, and it was not a slime clot, it is just a little blood. Babies within a week waited for emergence. The fear and concern for a minute did not visit me. What must be must be. Especially did not expect difficult childbirth, in a family all “shot back“ safely. And to pain I got used, monthly well very bolyuchy, on pricks I sit.

on April 25. Late evening. I stay at home one and I wait for the husband who this day decided to come after work to parents, to take away the gifts bought for the daughter (as knew). I toil with a nonsense, to a TV set, I will approach the computer - boringly. I stamp on kitchen to chew something, I flop on a chair - a crash, water! And this is already unexpected, waited for fights at first … Well waters, so waters, it is not necessary to eat, I trudge in a bathroom, it is necessary to shave. I call the husband, I say that he should not have a sleep, he is quiet too:“ Waters departed? I in 15 minutes will be, we will drink coffee and we will go“. Dosobirala of a thing, periodically wiping a floor for itself, on puddles it was possible to restore all my movements on the apartment. There arrived the husband, decided to feed him though someone will be full. About an hour more was spent at home, fights are not planned, mudflows - went. In the car the stomach began to strain, but there is no pain. 00. 00. - reception. Registration (quickly enough and without excess questions), an enema, opening 1 finger. It`s all right, all the same nothing hurts. Speak, before the 8th morning I will not give rise. It is ready to wait. There is no pain everything. We sit in a rodbloka, the separate box, a bed, a chair, a sink, a duck, all as at all. Connected a heart small to listen.

we Sit, we stir, the silence, the twilight, asked not to turn on the light, from a corridor goes. The husband already got exhausted, I lie, to me it is good, and he on a stool nearby is already sleepy. Easy fights began only hours at 6 in the morning, by then there was already a wish to ask home. Or that though some razvlekalovo dragged. The stomach aches absolutely poorly as though monthly have to begin, through an hour is slightly stronger, but very much is even tolerant. We consider indications of heartbeat, all exactly. Though the cities play! The only thing - is unpleasant to watch disclosure, even few times grabbed the doctor hand. Began to be enough even stronger, but on all fours it is not sick. At 9 in the morning shift change. Oh, as I was lucky that this day worked, according to doctors, the best crew! From the moment of withdrawal of waters passed 11 hours. Pricked an antibiotic that to the child no infection stuck, all - without water sits. Disclosure of only 5 cm. Speak, to you still here to roll at least an hour 4, offered an epiduralka, agreed. Though hurts not strongly, but, maybe, though a couple of hours I will sleep, and that already for second day standing. The anesthesiologist - very cheerful and good man came. Made everything just ideally, mosquitoes are bitten stronger. And all! Feeling of a perfect bliss. Instead of having a sleep, on pleasures of the husband began to entertain. The midwife came to get acquainted, laughed with her, speaks supposedly thought, we have a maternity hospital, and here the resort is direct. Periodically the doctor watched disclosure, at all felt nothing though she to me hands stretched a neck, business went quicker.

In 2 hours opening of 7 cm, added still a dose. Did not pass also hour, me grieves, disclosure full, pain has not enough, but feelings very unpleasant. On an attempt I run after the husband, let and he will participate! Told that it is necessary to prodyshat 10 fights and on a chair. This is difficult, without anesthesia get used to these feelings, and here “as the first time“. Perhaps and pain was not such strong, but unexpected it is simple. Did not shout, just breathed a doggie and considered to 40 (fights from the very beginning were short - 40 seconds at most). The doctor looked - it is time on a chair, most it was not necessary to go, transferred. Ponabezhali doctors. Gave birth very quietly. I do not shout on an attempt, I make an effort as it is necessary, they do not shout nothing to me. For 2 fights in 15. 05 the daughter was born (3200 gr., 50 cm). To me it was put on a stomach, but she did not want to look for a breast. I cannot tell that I was captured at once by feeling of love and happiness, - probably, I already till the birth loved it therefore it was more interesting to see its attractive face. The father just before the birth I showed the door for a door, he would distract me, likely. But what person it had when he saw it - a smile in everything 32, delight. For a second did not depart from it, on hands dragged everything. The placenta was born as if. There are no gaps, thanks a lot to the midwife. Then we lay 2 more hours in the box, the father with the daughter, I with an ice bubble on a paunch. As there was a wish to rise and resemble, all childbirth lay. Then the father was sent home to have a rest, and we were carried to chamber. We lay one therefore could enjoy its society much. After the delivery I had no consequences, jumped as a horse, in the evening. In 3 days we were allowed to go home where we were waited by the husband and now also the father.

Here such maternity hospital, here such childbirth! Doctors - a miracle, did not hear any rough word, a condition decent, it is not necessary to pay a fantastic sum which do not guarantee successful childbirth. And almost without serious consequences. Let say that it is necessary to give birth naturally that anesthesia - angrily etc. And I am glad that agreed to it! At least, after everything ended, I was full of strength and was ready to give birth to at least ten. Same it is better, than to remember childbirth with a shiver in knees and with the words “It Is More for Anything!“