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To grow thin ike a cat on a hot tin roof

the Average woman begin to grow thin twice a year: before holiday and that is at the moment more actual, after New Year`s vacation. Parties, guests, feasts - will - bondage you will gather several extra kilos, and additional centimeters in a waist are necessary to nobody.

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine are sure by

that to force the patient all life to keep the rigid diet and is not after 18. 00 it is wrong...

it is much easier for p to lose extra kilos, than a two-three of years back Today. New methods of fight against excess weight arise as mushrooms after a rain, and some of them not bad proved. One of such popular and effective methods - weight loss by means of a gold needle.

we will make a reservation At once: on closer examination it became clear that methods at which anyway there is a notorious gold needle, a little. Let`s try to understand features, advantages and shortcomings of everyone.

1. Mukhina`s method

the Created Muradaliyevny Mukhina`s Mariyat lechebno - the diagnostic center of “Origitey“ is in Tver. However, many Muscovites and Petersburgers found the road there long ago.

Mukhina`s Method is based on traditional Chinese medicine on one, more precisely, from its directions - acupuncture (acupuncture), however is author`s (with the special patented technologies and useful models).

method Essence: the gold ear ring of the special patented design which influences these points is stuck in an ear, in so-called points of hunger and thirst, for a long time (from 1 to 6 months), blocking feeling of hunger.

Madam Mukhina claims that during treatment of obesity by means of a gold needle - an ear ring complex impact on a human body is carried out: on physiological (that is regardless of will of the person) level there is a healthy stereotype of exchange processes, the balance between assimilation and splitting of fats is created, the normal relation to process of the use of food is formed, the correct “food behavior“ without gluttony and without starvation is consolidated. The author of a method promises to start in an organism processes as a result of which besides dumping of excess weight there will be a correction of a figure, lifting of face skin and body.

One-time reception at the expert includes


Yes, miracles do not happen. During treatment by a gold needle by Mukhina`s method it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet in which many products are forbidden, including potato, macaroni, bread, alcohol and sugar, and it is impossible to eat after 18. 00. Only consolation: influenced this method claim that, except the first 5 - 7 days, it is not difficult to adhere to a diet at all.

are that

of the Rule of treatment that time in 1,5 months the patient has to come to control survey and weighing then Mukhina analyzes dynamics of loss of weight and makes the decision on continuation or the termination of treatment.

2. A method of traditional Chinese medicine

For weight loss can address primary sources, that is directly traditional Chinese medicine. There is a lot of similar medical centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the majority of them practice programs of correction of weight by means of acupuncture.


By the way, in traditional Chinese medicine use not only gold, but also silver needles, and needles from stainless steel. It is known that different metals differently influence an organism. Gold activates, silver calms... So metal for each corpulent patient will be selected individually here.

method Essence. In an ear there are not only points of hunger and thirst, but also a great number of others who influence combustion of fat and dumping of weight too. The Chinese experts influence all these points acupuncture needles or special balls at the expense of what the mechanism of weight reduction “turns on“ at full scale.

In the Chinese method influence by needles quite sparing. Points are activated not all at the same time, and in strictly certain sequence: while one works, another - has a rest. Respectively, it is necessary to go to such doctor regularly, and more than once in 1,5 months. But and the control of a state which is growing thin more.

However, on the first consultation you hardly will begin to be pricked at once. At first will examine, will in detail ask on mood, health (physical and mental) and chronic diseases. Will carry out full diagnostics, and, perhaps, will direct to other doctors - to be treated. You will come to grow thin later.

If fight with excess weights began

, be not surprised that in passing with acupuncture sessions to you will appoint individually picked up diet and will register medicines (Chinese, certainly). They will stimulate weight loss and improvement of an organism too. Be ready also to physical activities (first of all, it is east gymnastics a chi kung).

in the course of weight loss on - Chinese not only the acupuncturist, but also the endocrinologist, both the psychotherapist, and the nutritionist, and the expert in physiotherapy exercises usually participates. Besides, experts in traditional Chinese medicine consider that, losing extra kilos, it is necessary to consider power balance therefore during fight against excess weight to you will correct not only a metabolism, but streams of energiya in an organism.

Main in this method - not the speed of weight loss, but stable effect. All those kilograms which left any more will never return. At the same time nobody is going to force the patient to keep all life the rigid diet and is after 18. 00 - it leads to a stress!

Ideally after weight loss by a method of the Chinese traditional medicine the organism is so revitalized and restored by

that without additional efforts switches over to an adequate diet.

3. The “Almost Like at Mukhina“ or “Pseudo-Chinese Technology“ method

As soon as weight loss by means of acupuncture became popular, the private offices offering similar services everywhere began to okryvatsya.

the Essence - the same needles in ears: activation of points of thirst and hunger, and sometimes and other points connected with weight loss.

Unity of techniques here also does not smell of

. Someone uses gold needles, someone iron. Someone puts them for several minutes, someone fixes by a plaster for a week. Neither conveniences of a method of Mukhina, nor individual approach of a method Chinese... However, to you can make additional recommendations about a diet or just promise a miracle.

When using this pseudo-method 3 - 5 kilograms for few months are quite real to dump

. However it is necessary to be ready to the fact that after the end of weight loss, weight can back return.

should Go to such doctors approximately once a week, and course cost on set is equal to single visit of Mukhina and basic treatment at experts in traditional Chinese medicine.