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How it is correct to feed the kid?

the Organism of the little person - very thin and susceptible structure. What the kid eats in the first three years of life exerts considerable impact on its health in the future. Take care of that your kid received only the best and useful products. What foundation you will lay, and the house will be such.

Scientific advisers for food of the Nestle company developed the Plan of food for steps which will help to understand, than to feed the kid during the different periods of life that it grew healthy and correctly developed.

the First months (from 1 to 4 month)

At first the most part of day and night the baby sleeps and when wakes up, eats. Only during this period of life the child grows so quickly: monthly growth of the kid increases by three centimeters, and weight - by 600 grams! At the same time the kid very actively develops, masters new skills. Already on 3 - it to week it will be able to detain a look on a motionless subject, and lying on a stomach will try not only to turn the head, but also to try to raise it and to hold for several seconds. Everything that now is necessary for your child for food - it is breast milk. It for it - the best food, and also protection against various diseases. Learn how it is correct to nurse the kid on the website of Nestle Club “Beloved children“, and enjoy minutes of proximity with the baby.

Time flies very quickly, changes in behavior and development of the kid happen every day. And so there is a wish to miss nothing, to forget nothing! Therefore now it is a high time to begin to keep “The diary of the kid“. Use possibilities of the website of Nestle Club “Beloved children“ and write down all achievements of your baby - then will be what to remember!

the First step (from 4 to 6 month)


the baby grew up already a little. He pays attention to world around more and more actively and even begins “to stir“, imitates sounds which hears, gradually passes from simple sounds to difficult:“ gu - gu“, to “ag“, “yes“.


At the kid already created a gastrointestinal tract: the stomach grew up, kidneys got stronger, intestines were reconstructed. The Sosatelny reflex at the same time decreases - it is succeeded by chewing. All this opens for the kid of a door to the world of new tastes - time to allow the child to try the first food from a spoon came.


how to determine by behavior of the kid whether it is time to enter a feeding up and what to do if your child badly eats on the website of Nestle Club “Beloved children“.

the Second Step (from 6 to 8 months)

to your kid the seventh month went, he already creeps and looks for a toy look when he loses sight of them. Very soon the first will seem zubik - and it means that time to try new dishes came. Now it is possible to offer the kid of porridge from several cereals, tasty milk desserts and even meat mash. But before learn how it is correct to enter into a food allowance of yours of the baby meat on the website of Nestle Club “Beloved children“. According to recommendations of nutritionists, since this age, mothers can try to transfer the kids to five times food.

At the same age the kid begins to move much: to creep, sit down, to lay down. It and is pulled by everything to take in the handles. Allow the to the baby to tinker a little handles with the food - it well develops small motility of hands and imagination.

the Third step (from 8 to 12 months)

During this period children put on weight on average on 500 g and on growth on 2 cm every month. Growth rates decrease a little, but physical skills and mentality quickly develop. It is special and very important period when the identity of the kid reveals, and he begins to show the abilities and almost like adult behaves!

the Kid is already familiar to

with many fruit and vegetables therefore within the next several months he will taste the same familiar dishes, but already with small pieces. Learn what products can begin to be given to the kid at this age on the website of Nestle Club “Beloved children“. Here you will also find special recipes, at this age of the kid can already estimate various combinations of tastes and products.

the Fourth step (12 months are also more senior)

How many joyful and touching events took place in life of the kid from the moment of his birth! First smiles, first words, first teeth... Babbling, consisting generally of separate sounds and syllables, were gradually transformed to the words “mother“ and “father“. However, if to your kid soon year, and he does not speak yet, you should not be upset, most of children begin to speak after a year.

Pediatricians advise

to parents not to hurry with transfer of the kid to “table d`hote“. The gastrointestinal tract of the child at the age of 1 year is also more senior strongly differs from a gastrointestinal tract of the adult. Follow simple rules of healthy food and cooking - and all will pass safely.

to please the kid with something, house, try versions of the menu on the website of Nestle Club the “Beloved children“ who are specially developed by nutritionists of Nestle. They combine various nutritious elements and contain all necessary for growth and development.

I of course, at any age it is very important to create around yours remains the cozy house atmosphere. It is very important that the child did not feel any discomfort, felt like darling and it was very happy!