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Carefully: mushrooms!
(symptoms of poisoning, the urgent help)

From the middle of summer to the middle of fall in a midland of Russia comes “gold“ time for mushroom pickers - the mass of saffron milk caps, honey agarics, cepes, russulas, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms “occupy“ wood iopushka clearings, directly - ask at first for a basket, and then - to us on a table. Mushrooms are eaten sdrevneyshy times, many recipes of dishes with mushrooms (they can be cooked, extinguished, fried) are known, it is possible to stock up with them for the future (such ways of their long storage as drying, a marinovaniyesoleniye etc. are known) . But, unfortunately, the pleasure from a delicacy mushrooms can sometimes be spoiled to iimet serious consequences - I speak about poisoning with mushrooms.

Inedible mushrooms

the Main reason for poisonings in this case - inability to distinguish poisonous and edible fungi, but vposledny time great value got, so-called, mutations of mushrooms when poisonous to the stanovyatsyavneena similar on edible, and even skilled mushroom pickers hardly can distinguish them.

have some

of Species of poisonous mushrooms, and only the pale toadstool is fatally poisonous, it is very often confused the sshampinyona or russulas having faintly - green coloring. Here some harakternyepriznak of a pale toadstool which will help you to distinguish it from edible fungi: the hat is greenish, plates white, sometimes with a greenish shade, pulp on a break white, has no characteristic gribnogozapakh, the leg has “a lacy short skirt“. If you, all - did not distinguish a pale toadstool, and onapopat to you in a basket, and then - and on a table, then it must be kept in mind that you proyavyatsyalit symptoms of poisoning in 8 - 12 hours after its use: severe, skhvatkoobrazny belly-aches, frequent diarrhea, continuous vomiting, thirst, headaches, weakness, cold sweat. Body temperature of the person snizhayetsyado 36 - 35 °C, pulse becomes weak and frequent, extremities - cold. The consciousness is, as a rule, kept. All these signs make poisoning with a pale toadstool similar to a disease of cholera therefore in either case it is necessary to ask as soon as possible for medical care ipodrobno to tell the doctor about what was eaten and drunk by the patient during the last two days it is pomozhetpravilno to make the diagnosis and in time to begin treatment. It is very important as poisoning with a blednoypoganka can be deadly.

One more mushroom with which inexperienced mushroom pickers can get poisoned is a fly agaric. It can be confused sshampinyona or russulas of faded, brownish, grayish, greenish coloring. Here fly agaric otlichitelnyepriznak: the hat is greenish, white, limonno - yellow or gray with it is violet - a purpurnymottenok (“specks“ can be washed away by a rain or are erased by any animal), plates white.

Symptoms of poisoning with fly agarics are as follows: appear very much early, in 1,5 - 2 hours after their use; patients are disturbed by severe pain in a stomach, nausea, vomiting, a strong slyunovydeleniye, sweating. Signs of violation of consciousness Potomproyavlyatsya: nonsense, hallucinations, the person loses ability upravlyatsvoy actions and falls into the state adjoining on insanity. If in time to begin treatment, tobolny recover without any consequences. Deadly happen, generally among children.

It is conditional - edible fungi

It is conditional - edible fungi: svinushka, coral milky caps, blewits, morels and lines. As a rule, sluchaiotravleniye these mushrooms happen in summertime. Morels can be eaten only postpreliminary processing, lines are not recommended for food at all. Both of this look contain opasnyyad - gelvellovy acid which is pernicious for a spleen - important body of blood formation. Poisonings are shown by Pervyepriznaki, as a rule, in 4 - 8 hours after their use. They are as follows: pain to a vzhivota, the nausea passing into vomiting, headaches. The diarrhea happens seldom. If poisoning strong, a toinogda arises jaundice. Especially strongly poison affects a children`s organism. Fatal cases are rare, generally from - for late addresses to the doctor and the medical care which is not provided in time. Edible fungi

it is important to p to know

that it is possible to get poisoned also with edible fungi. Old mushrooms, along with poleznymiveshchestvo, contain the products of decomposition of proteins which are harmful influencing a human body therefore I will enter it is worth using only relatively young mushrooms. Besides, harmful products of a nakaplivayutsyaa in incorrectly preserved mushrooms (a botulism stick, for example). It is known that it is impossible to salt to imarinovat mushrooms in galvanized ware - it can lead to poisoning.

needs to be remembered that mushrooms are capable to absorb in themselves many toxic and harmful substances of an izvozdukh, water, the soil. Therefore you should not gather mushrooms along highways, about the krupnykhpromyshlenny enterprises, chemical plants, airfields and other objects where has mestovybros in external environment of such harmful substances as mercury, lead. Can become poisonous sjedobnyygrib and in that case when it is spoiled, begins to decay - you should not eat such mushrooms, and especially, to dry or pickle.


Several councils


I in conclusion - several councils to those who appreciate flavoring and nutritious properties of mushrooms like to eat, and do not want to get poisoned with them.

  1. should Gather mushrooms only in that case when you are sure of the knowledge, and for 100% you will be able to distinguish a pale toadstool, for example, from a russula.
  2. do not eat fresh mushrooms.
  3. Gather only those mushrooms which you precisely know.
  4. do not collect the old, spoiled, rotten, worm-eaten, overripe mushrooms.
  5. Never bring together by
  6. and do not eat those mushrooms which at the basis of a leg have the tuberiform thickening surrounded with a cover (a pale toadstool, a fly agaric). Therefore gather mushrooms only with the whole leg not to lose sight of this important sign.
  7. do not trust a popular belief that poisonous mushrooms cause darkening of a bulb if to lower it in ware with mushrooms. It`s not true!
  8. do not gather mushrooms along roads even if they are edible.
  9. If you though doubt “edibility“ of a mushroom a little, then throw out it better.
  10. If you are going to salt mushrooms, then before salting surely boil or soak them to remove the harmful and bitter, irritating stomachs, substances.
  11. the Belief that poison can be removed from mushrooms if to boil them several hours, is wrong as these poisons heat-resistant.
  12. do not trust
  13. to the drawn images of mushrooms in books - as a rule, they are far from reality.

What to do if poisoning with mushrooms, all - occurred?