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The equipment of the child for a skating rink, the choice of children`s skates

the Correct clothes is very important for receiving by the child pleasure from skating.

First of all - safety

At all the hanging-down long scarfs lent which are not suitable by the size of skates should not be em>. Injuries on ice are fraught also in itself, and, besides, they for a long time will fight love to ice off the kid.

the Clothes have to be waterproof - both trousers, and a jacket, and mittens. Not to do without falling!

the Most important attribute for driving on ice - of course, skates. Convenience on ice, and progress of the kid in driving also depends on a right choice of skates, and that the most important, its safety. Therefore attentively get acquainted with all nuances of the choice of the optimum choice of children`s skates.

we Determine by

the size

If skates strictly by the size, no more, that foot and a boot of the fad make together a whole. To ride in this case it is comfortable. But legs at children grow quickly, and by the end of a season such model will be already small. And in the small fad to a leg it will be close that will lead not only to discomfort, but also to quite dangerous deformation of foot. And expensively every season to buy new skates.

the Big size also not an exit as in the child will be mute to stumble and it is impossible to fix reliably an ankle joint, so, injuries are possible.

Correctly picked up size of skates is usually 1,5 - 2 sizes more than the size of usual footwear of the child. In general, if adults upon purchase try on skates on two thin socks or one woolen, then it is necessary fitting on two woolen socks for the child.

sliding skates which will serve not one season Are convenient to

for children.

has to be Attentively considered

For the child fad boots are made of natural material, that is leather. Can seem that skin wears out quicker, gets out of a shape. Yes, of course it is not plastic. But first of all the comfort is important for the child, and only skin will allow a boot to adapt under the child`s leg.

the Sole also has to be leather and rigid. The insole has to be taken out for drying. The uvula is necessary soft (exaggerated) with the dredging repeating a shape of a leg not to move down on one side. In the field of a back there have to be small pillows which will protect an anklebone from damages and will hold a leg in the correct situation.

Surely - under a sock and a heel the edge has to be raised. When the fad is put on a sock, between back part of an edge and a surface the gap passing a finger has to be formed. If an edge simply equal, falling are inevitable.

For the smallest skates with double edges which allow to feel on ice more surely exist.

Is tried on

Upon purchase needs to dress both fads, to lace up boots and to try to walk in them. If the child feels discomfort, then on ice it will be even stronger. It is necessary to look for convenient option.

the Correct lacing is especially important

for a children`s leg. Their joints are easily subject to injuries therefore fixing has to be reliable. The leg bend (area of an ankle joint) has to have the hardest lacing. At correctly laced up skates under a lace it is impossible to push a finger.

Skates have to be steady

. Put them on a plain surface so that they touching to each other. They should not part.

Wants to warn parents against use for the child of others skates which got out of the initial shape. It is impossible to fix in raznoshenny skates reliably an ankle joint of the child which so owing to age features is still weak. Therefore the probability of injuries much more increases.

Of course, new skates - pleasure expensive, but health and safety of the kid are the most important.