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Excursions across Moscow area: Sergiyev Posad

Nedalnyaya Road

Is not present the person in Moscow and Moscow area who would not hear about the city of Sergiyev Posad. It is the small town to which it is easily possible to arrive as the tourist per day or two and to bring the sea of new impressions and emotions. It as the grandmother`s chest, is full of the most wonderful and unexpected things. Children of any age will remember this trip for a long time.

From Moscow it is more convenient to p to go by an electric train here, it is all an hour and a half, but there are also high-speed electric trains - only an hour, with one stop in Pushkino. By new rules, it is necessary to buy the ticket for the Fedor Chizhov express in advance. It is also possible to use the express Moscow - Yaroslavl, the car or bus going to Sergiyev Posad from m of ENEA.

Unfortunately, a trip by car traffic jams on Yaroslavskoye Highway can sadden

, but all this can be worried if you were going to fill up the moneybox of bright impressions and it is quite good to spend day.

Sergiyev Posad is known to

as the city where it is to the Trinity - Sergiyeva Lavra. From everywhere here pilgrims and tourists go to touch Saint Sergey of Radonezh`s relics, to admire the beautiful churches surrounding Lavra, to gather holy water...

In many country towns to get to the local “centers of culture“, it is necessary to appear in historic center of the city. Sergiyev Posad not an exception. You anyway should appear in the center where is to the Trinity - Sergiyeva Lavra.

For visitors by an electric train the short way to Lavra will lie by a monument to the most famous Russian patron Savva Mamontov (by the way, in due time invested heavily in construction of the railroad in our direction), on Sergiyevskaya Street through the Pancake mountain on an observation deck from where the magnificent view on Lavra and the churches surrounding it opens. These are about 5 minutes from the station. Having gone down, you will see a so-called Pyatnitsky well where it is possible to gather holy water. However, waters can be gathered also in Lavra, and in Sabbas of Storozhev`s spring. For motorists the way will lie on Krasnoy Armii Avenue directly to Lavra.

can Walk on the city on foot. Even it is necessary that nothing to pass.

Smothering Russia


demands the separate story. You will see and will feel all. Here it is very beautiful. It is possible to visit interesting excursions to a belltower, in the Vestry, to touch Sergey of Radonezh`s relics. Try to get to the building of Spiritual Academy, there on services sings tremendous man`s chorus. In the same building there is a museum which was closed earlier, tserkovno - an archaeological office. Someone tries to arrive to Lavra on service or on Religious procession. There are always a lot of guests, little shops where it is possible to get icons, literature, crosses and many other things work. Though it is possible, children will not be able to spend so much time how many you would like in the territory of Lavra if you not the supporter of religious education.

However not all guess that directly for Lavra there is one more interesting place. If you bypass Lavra on the right, you will find the equipped Sabbas of Storozhev`s spring. There is a quiet cozy place, the tiny rivulet flows, springs beat, the swimming bath and a small wooden chapel is constructed, everything is laid out by a stone, there are shops on which it is possible to sit, a small chapel, and in the summer here flowers grow much. Cozy and a little unexpected place. There is a lot of water, fontanels, streamlets therefore children about pleasure will visit here. Besides here it is not obligatory to wander grandly and nobly as in temples, it is possible to behave more freely and relaxedly.

travel Routes. The choice for you

But Lavra is not the only thing for the sake of what it is worth going to Sergiyev Posad. Many other interesting places disappear from eyes of inquisitive tourists. Whether you know that in Sergiyev Posad there is the only museum of a toy in Russia? What, except Lavra, in the city there is still a museum of local lore, the historian - the cultural memorial estate, showroom of the local union of artists and the theater?

can go also to walk on the city Now. If from Lavra you pass the prospectus, you will see the building of college of a toy in which there is a hall with souvenirs, toys and works of artists.

If you turn left

and will pass along the prospectus, you will see one more Sergiyevo - the Posadsky museum. There is an exposition devoted to city history, local artists, new exhibitions regularly open. Also here by your order can carry out wedding ceremony in ancient Russian traditions.

If you pass

along the prospectus further and will curtail to the right, then will get to the building of the Union of Artists of Sergiyev Posad. What here interesting? Constantly the exhibition - sale of works works, there take place exhibitions.

If from the square in front of Lavra to go along the prospectus on the left, without crossing the road, soon you will come to the White pond, in the summer here it is possible to see ducks and couple of swans. About a pond there are benches on which it is possible to have a rest. This place children, here very much love a huge number of almost manual pigeons who are flown on the first call. However, birds are spoiled and prefer sunflower seeds to bread and rolls.

Behind the White pond the museum Stables complex with a constant exposition about last Sergiyevo - Posadsky district settled down. In the yard you can see models of the biggest bells of Lavra, ancient guns, sometimes here are carried out the master - classes on decoratively - to applied art and folklore holidays. In the museum it is possible to see a lot of interesting: the cave model, huge axes for cutting of fish, locks, books, women`s jewelry and the most real carriages. If carries, to children will even allow to touch carriages and an ancient chest. In the territory of a complex the stylish little shop selling honey and the accompanying products works: mead, kvass, wax, perga and many other things. In the territory of Stables there are two big wooden hills covered with linoleum. It will be a pleasant stop on the way.

If, having come to the square in front of Lavra to go along the prospectus to the right, by the Eternal flame, via the bridge, to cross the road and to rise up, then there, on the hill, you will see Artly - the pedagogical museum of a toy created by great Bartram in 1918. It was open in 1980 in historic center of Sergiyev Posad. It is in a red brick mansion on the mountain to the Drag harrow over the Kelarsky pond opposite to the Trinity - Sergiyeva of monastery. Now the name of his founder Bartram is born by the drama school every Sunday meeting kids by doll performances. In day there are 3 representations, in 11, 12, 13. 00, children of preschool and younger school age and their parents are invited. Heroes of representation - colourful, cheerful dolls, and all fairy tales here surely well come to an end. In Bartram the studio performances very musical, you is waited by a lot of music and songs.

In the Museum of a toy it is a lot of interesting expositions too. There it is possible to see as favourite kind and a little ridiculous “Soviet“ toys, and the toys belonging to an imperial family, the toys of China, national traditional toys of Russia executed from a tree, a papya - Masha, clays. Phone of the museum: 8 - 496 - 25 - 40 - 41 - 01 for a call from Moscow. From the station of the city of Sergiyev Posad to the museum - 3 minutes on foot.

the Well-known vicinities

If at you are time or you are already familiar with everything that we listed, perhaps, you will be interested in the Chernihiv monastery (cave office of the Gefsimansky monastery). It is on Fermat`s settlement. If you drive the car, in the downtown turn on Karl Marx Street and move towards the settlement of Kalyaevsky. The high belltower of the temple will be a good reference point. The unique cave temple, legendary history attract curious here. The cave church exists since the end of the 19th century and causes genuine interest of researchers and tourists.

of Rada will be to city visitors and in local theater. Yes, there is the most real theater here - studio under the name “Theatrical Ark“! You will find it to the address K. Liebknecht St., 9. Here happen as children`s performances, for example “Little Red Riding Hood“ (according to Je. Schwartz), “Little Mermaid“, and performances for teenagers and adults of the audience, for example “The city without love“.

Suburbs of Sergiyev Posad have not less interesting story. Semkhoz - the museum of the father A. Me.

Abramtzevo - the well-known estate, the memorial estate, the dramatized excursions with a molding. There is an izba of the real Baba-yaga and other children`s interesnost.


(Art. Ashukinskaya) memorial estate F. I. Tyutcheva. Khotkovo - Pokrovsk convent, temples in the village Radonezh and Akhtyrka.

One more unique place - Gremyachy falls. It is the large spring falling from big height. Here it is possible to reach from the square by 81 km or bus from Sergiyev Posad of Shiltsa. Impressions are inexpressible, especially beautifully here in the spring when the powerful stream of water falls from break down and it is scattered by drops. It usually makes indelible impression on children.

Organizational issues

All sights of Sergiyev Posad cannot be examined in one day. There is a lot of different and interesting, and you with children by all means enjoy very much, investigating places, new and mysterious for you, each of which is ready to share with you the history.

In the city you numerous cafes hospitably wait, for the land - the bar, coffee houses. In the center this cafe “San Marino“ and “Vienna Garden“, the McDonald`s which is permanently adored by children.

near the station and in the downtown several small private hotels are. Welcome to Sergiyev Posad!