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Flowers on snow of

the frost Draws on glass intricate patterns, the nature stood in a majestic winter dream. And only at those who grow up violets, houses - the real summer this plant is capable to please us with the blossoming all the year round.

the Saintpaulia (Saintpaulia ionantha) are the correct name of an African violet - inspires brightness of paints. Modern violets are painted in all colors of a rainbow - blue, red, yellow, three-colored; with spots, specks and kayomochka, and the flower size often has a diameter 7 - 10 cm!


about a variety of forms of the types of saintpaulias existing in the nature, it is important to notice what is treyleny, semi-tiny, tiny - with a diameter of socket no more than 5 cm, and even micromini, with a size of a leaf and flowers - hand bells less than 5 mm!

compositions with microminiature fialochka in glass spheres are very popular

Recently. Creative natures can prove in drawing up New Year`s compositions with which it is possible to decorate even a New Year`s table as the size of composition does not exceed in the diameter of 15 - 20 cm. In such small space it is possible to create a small world, using in registration of tiny porcelain dolls - participants of a New Year`s holiday; transparent hydrogel - imitation of ice blocks; to make a small fir-tree branch in pass - komozition the real fir-tree, having decorated it with spangles and confetti.

also trailer compositions on New Year`s subject Are interesting to

. Trailers are sectional, or ampelous forms of violets, differ in unpretentiousness, rapid growth and extremely plentiful blossoming. It is possible to make pass - a clearing from different grades of trailers, combining poecilophyllous and usual; to pick up a beautiful combination of flowers and leaves.

As unusually in winter New Year`s composition flowers look! To imitate snow, it is possible to take a synthetic winterizer, to powder it with spangles; use tinsel and Christmas tree decorations, pine, fir-tree and juniper branches. Fluffy roundish, often wavy leaves of violets perfectly look against sharp green needles. If the violet poecilophyllous, with a white pattern on leaves, then it gives to compositions mysteriousness - leaves as if are strewn lightly with snow.

By drawing up compositions with violets should paying special attention to the place of their placement - avoid too hot and too cold places, having kept a violet its usual temperature condition. It is not recommended to spray live leaves decorative paints and varnishes, artificial snow - all this can lead to burns of leaves and damages. Try to make composition as it is possible more naturally, the violet - a fresh flower, with it comes to life our house and is filled with a natural charm.

of Happy New year and Christmas, also we wish creative achievements in decoration of the apartment! Surrounding itself with beauty during a meeting of New year, believe that beauty will be near you all coming year!