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Enjoy communication with the kid of

It is necessary to be prepared by first days after return from maternity hospital in advance. It will help to adapt quicker to new life with the child. The adjusted life - pledge of the fact that you will have a lot of time for communication with the kid. You should not forget that some children are born a little earlier the planned term therefore do not postpone preparation until the last moment.

Six weeks before childbirth

Begin to think of necessary objects of care of the kid. It will be necessary for you: the carriage, a basket or a cradle for a dream, a pelenalny little table, is a lot of diapers (reusable or disposable), and also clothes for the newborn. There is no need to buy everything at once, but it is worth looking narrowly at the range in shops to gain an impression about what is available on sale, to decide on what is to the taste to you more and will correspond to your lifestyle.

If you are going to come back from maternity hospital on the car, then it is necessary to prepare in advance a car seat as it is forbidden to transport children in the car without special child seats.

Phone of hospital has to be in a visible place in your house, and also always have it at yourself in a bag where you went. All necessary records just in case too always have to be with you.

Month before childbirth

Restoration after the delivery

Anything, nothing will be able absolutely to prepare you to the stunning moment of the birth of the child. Your genitals will be painful, the breast will be sensitive, huge and unfamiliar, and, most likely, you will have differences of mood caused by hormonal changes. The next several weeks you will feel strange feeling as if you appeared in a twilight zone where day and night merged together. You as if in fog, you feel washed-out, but happy. You any more never in life will test similar fatigue, but, at the same time, your love to the child will be so overflowing that you will even sometimes cry with happiness.

If childbirth took place

Right after childbirth in maternity hospital, then try in plenty to have a rest and learn to look after the newborn baby. With it you will be helped by personnel of maternity hospital.

Coming back home

with the kid

Most of mothers after the delivery remain in maternity hospital for 3 - 4 days so by the time of return home you just have milk, you recovered from childbirth not enough, and relatives and friends already hurry to visit.

In the first days after return from maternity hospital: Forget

Postnatal changes with the woman`s body to

After the delivery to a body of the woman is necessary for

restoration. You will have quite severe bleeding (even if there was childbirth by Cesarean section), and from a breast colostrum can exude. Do not wait that you will begin to feel a sexual attraction!

your night clothes will consist of a bra for feeding with laying for a breast, big pants with huge hygienic laying and a spacious nightgown which will hide all this while you walk up and down all night long with the child on hands. But be sure, all this will pass. Bleeding stops approximately in a month after the delivery (and sometimes and much earlier), from a breast will cease to flow as soon as a certain rhythm of feeding is established, and, naturally, the child will gradually develop the dream mode, so, you will be able to carry out the most part of night to beds, enjoying a night dream!

Two weeks after the delivery

In two weeks after the delivery for you can come heavy time when the fatigue from sleep debts collects, and primary euphoria and delight “I became mother!“ will gradually pass. Besides, at your kid who earlier was well sleeping intestinal gripes can begin, and crying level considerably will increase. We suggest to use our recommendations: