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In turn!

In a tooth office


mummies of children, and children shout. To tooth - the uncle do not want...

is Costed by Mitya with mother and cries, says what will be sick. Mother finishes it, says that she will buy the machine. Mitya calmed down and agreed to enter an office to the angry uncle - the stomatologist... But here the woman Nyura with five-year-old Mashenkaya got in line. Masha roars - too to the uncle does not want. Here the Mityok saw it and again began to roar. Already and the new machine is not necessary to it. Children roar, and the doctor waits for everything...


Here suit all new and new children with parents. And at the sight of the roaring children begin to fall into a hysterics. And the doctor waits for everything... The whole turn was gathered. All roar! Parents go crazy. Here the uncle is a doctor opened a door, looked at the shouting children and smiled the snow-white smile. Children saw its white teeth … I... as will rush in an office! Are pushed, shout, shout. All wanted to have snow-white teeth! Here so “the angry uncle“ cured rotten teeth of Mitya, Masha and other children!

In a fashionable photo salon

the Sign on a door “A lunch break of 15 minutes“. At salon fashionable little girls - schoolmates crowded. Wait and stir how they will be accepted. And everyone says that will take it. Here other little girls too very beautiful approach. All wait. Already both managed to quarrel and to reconcile. There pass 30 minutes, 40, 50... And the salon does not open. Already knock at the door also at windows. Nobody opens. And boys - fifth-graders sit at a fence. Sit and ukhokhatyvatsya. One suddenly told:“ And fine we over them prikolnutsya. The salon - that is closed 2 years. And we hung up the plate, and they thought that it opened... Ha - ha - ha … Let stand, will bother - will leave.

To the only phone


are Cost by grannies and dedulk. Uncles and aunts. Boys and girls. And they stand in a queue in a phone booth, only in all area. Stand and do not enter. Cannot solve who the first will go. Stand, argue... There passes a lot of time, but so nobody called. But here some little boy squeezed through crowd and came into the box. Nobody even noticed it. He began the grandmother to call, and phone that and does not work. The boy began to cry. And all paid attention to it. Ask supposedly in what business that you cry? And he speaks: “And phone - that does not work!“

In a paid toilet

such moments when very much, well there is a strong wish in a toilet Happen. Here such people in the central park crowded much. And the lock hangs on a toilet. What is? What`s the matter? It is unclear... Well, all right, decided to wait … Also wait. So nobody removes the lock. Nobody guessed to read an inscription on a cabin:“ It is closed. Toilets - there“. And strelochka. And people everything are nervous and worry. Soon one girl who only began to learn to read, spelled the silly adult an inscription on a cabin. And all rushed on a strelochka!

on March 8

in the Morning On the Eighth of March many men and boys did not buy

In flower shop flowers yet. And shops are still closed in the morning. Sellers sleep at home. Here also think then where to take beautiful bouquets. Rose about one shop which had to open soon. Stand, wait. Suddenly hear - on other side of the road some man asks the prices of flowers. Heard and ran there. But that man already bought the last bouquet. Went back... And there the shop already opened, and flowers already managed to sell. This crowd began to think what to do. Thought, thought and thought up. Went to shop and bought cakes. And about flowers decided to tell that will buy later. Silly, but nevertheless exit!