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Stories about Kuzyu

of Kuzkino swimming

can tell

of Missile defense of our cat of Kuzyu not one, but tens of stories. A naughty, cheerful cat, he at the same time was well-mannered and kind. Once he even rescued our family, but today I want to tell other story.

Once to us brought live carps. We gathered the whole bathtub of water and let fishes to swim for a while.

Should tell

that the cat was very not indifferent to fish. More than an hour he sang such cat`s serenades that it was possible to understand everything, even without knowing cat`s language. But nobody responded to its songs. The cat span about a bathroom, beat about the bush, rubbed about a floor the head. Between a bathroom and a floor there was a small crack, and the smell of fish demented a cat. He managed to thrust a paw into a crack and slowly opened a door. With bated breath, I looked and slowly laughed.

of Kuzya got on a shelf near a bathroom. One fishes it is lazy floated, others lay at the bottom, and the biggest and fat carp dozed, having put a tail on edge of a bathroom. Shivering and humming from impatience, the cat quietly sat down nearby and began to gnaw a fin. The carp woke up from such impudence. It was just the robbery in broad daylight! You sleep, and you eat! The carp waved a tail. But the cat seized death grip and was not going to release production. Then the carp rushed and floated. And as Kuzya was hooked by claws for a fin and he did not expect such act from fish, did not keep and plopped down in a bathtub. There was a picture! The carp rushes on a bathroom, and after him, having hooked, Kuzya rushes. Fishes all jump aside in the parties, the cat shouts by an “inhuman“ voice, and the carp continues to cut circles. Hardly - hardly I, laughing loudly and wiping tears, unhooked a cat from fish. Two days Kuzya did not approach a bathtub, probably, was afraid of a new dirty trick. The only thing what I regretted those minutes about that there was no video camera near at hand. Here such it at us, a cat of Kuzya!

of Kuzya - the rescuer

Once upon a time there was at us a cat of Kuzya. Tender, kind, good, but, as well as all cats, with character. It is necessary to tell that never used our love to it in the evil. Kuzma did not do small groups and pools in the apartment, did not tear wall-paper, did not scratch furniture. Its entertainment was to hide in a dark corner and to attack from there with the burning eyes all who passed by. But, it is necessary to pay it tribute, he never showed the teeth. Will clasp a leg with pads, murknt and will hide.

Once Kuzya us rescued

. Business was in January, in the city the flu epidemic stormed. Also our family fell down. And very quickly, in two days. The state was awful: temperature 40, the general weakness, there were no forces to rise and pour water, to call and call the doctor.

the Cat ran about us all morning. To everyone it came, touched a pad for a nose, as if speaking “get up!“ . But all lay in semi-nonsense.

Then Kuzya, probably, understood that the trouble came to the house. He ran out on a balcony, by some miracle managed to go down on the floor below and got to neighbors into the apartment through their balcony.

Should tell

that we had a small house, all knew each other, doors were closed on the lock only for the night. We were amicable with neighbors. The cat ran to them, began to run, shout, pull for trousers of the host. It became clear to them that at us something happened.

the Neighbour rose to us to the apartment and saw infirmary. Quickly it called the doctor, went to a drugstore behind drugs. All this time the cat was near us, approached everyone, rubbed and murkat. That someone loves you and is sorry, it became easier.

Here so the cat us also rescued

. Of course, one may say, that all the same someone from us would find forces to rise and call the doctor, but when it would occur - nobody knows.

the Dumb animal felt threat and could help us. Probably, animals feel everything and in response to our caress and love are very grateful.