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The illness of civilized legs

Once in the Swedish army to soldiers was tied up by legs under knees: was considered that roundish, full calves symbolize force and courage. Varicosity was a payment for similar beauty, the tapes which are densely intercepting a leg squeezed veins and caused stagnation of blood.


Today a varicose illness not only the Swedish fighters suffer. According to World Health Organization, such diagnosis can be made to every fifth adult of the planet. Not incidentally the varicosity is included in the list of “civilization diseases“.


the Anatomic educational program

to understand the reasons of emergence of the blown-up veins, it is necessary to carry out a small anatomic educational program. Veins on extremities happen three types: deep, hidden in muscles, peripheral, being under skin (they - that also creep out outside in case of varicosity), and the veins connecting them - communicants. The main work when raising blood to heart is undertaken by deep veins. They have valves - peculiar “pockets“ which interfere with the return current of blood. If for any reason valves begin to sag, blood pressure in the lower departments of legs increases, and blood uses a “roundabout“ way, i.e. goes on superficial veins. The raised loading leads to their expansion. As result - veins get out outside and hopelessly spoil appearance of legs. The organism tries to help an expanded vein to cope with “a new duty“ and strengthens its wall solid connecting fabric, forming tanks in which blood stands. In the people they are called “knots“ or “cones“, and in medicine - “varicosity“.

the Payment for beauty, carelessness and children

of the Woman more than men, are predisposed to this disease. In - the first, it is a payment for motherhood - during pregnancy the growing fruit squeezes veins and interferes with the return current of blood, and increase in amount of hormone of progesterone, natural to this period, weakens walls of vessels (by the way, the illness can be caused by reception of the hormonal contraceptives containing progesterone). Consoles one here: at most of ladies after a while after the delivery knots and cones standing disappear.

In - the second, the aspiration of each woman to be the most charming and attractive is usually not so harmless as many think: high heels, tight jeans, the dragging-away linen - all this, of course, adds sexualities, but also promotes stagnation of blood.

Also the varicosity can be caused by the excess weight, the profession connected with continuous stay standing (the teacher, the seller, the hairdresser), or congenital defect of connecting fabric (in this case the person can suffer from hernia, hemorrhoids, omission of internals).

the Disease it is not hereditary, but a certain interrelation nevertheless exists. Therefore to girls whose mothers and grandmothers already reconciled to need all life to wear dense dark tights, it is necessary to protect legs from the youth, without waiting for artful symptoms. If they appeared - immediately see the phlebologist, the specialist in vessels. The varicosity is an illness, and in itself does not pass. Moreover, it can cause sharp thrombophlebitis and trophic ulcers.

What will be then?

carry out by

In the medical centers ultrasonic diagnostics by which it is possible to determine on what sites of veins valves ceased to carry out the functions, and by results of inspection, depending on disease severity, appoint this or that treatment. If the patient is at an initial stage, happens to apply enough various gels and ointments raising a tone of walls of vessels and improving a blood-groove, elastic tights, diuretic preparations and to keep to the diet rich with vitamin C and excluding animal fats. If conservative treatment is inefficient, resort to surgery.

About sclerotherapy is told much now. This method is as follows - by means of the syringe in a peripheral vein inject a special drug which as if “sticks together“ it. As a result blood is forced to go on deep veins, and to legs initial beauty comes back. At first sight can seem that procedure is simple and effective, but it far not so. This method is not so harmless as it is accepted to present it in advertizing. Similar procedure should be carried out only in the specialized medical center of whose reputation you are sure. In the way stated above it is possible to treat only not started cases provided that deep veins at the same time are healthy. Therefore, at first it is necessary to conduct careful research, and many beauty shops undertaking similar operation are simply deprived of the necessary equipment. Only in clinic you will be insured from the fact that any site of a vein as a result of procedure “will not stick together“. Otherwise you are threatened by prospect to remain with “bruises“ - dark stains which will never disappear.

by More effective method doctors consider by

surgery when on skin do small cuts and by means of a special probe pull out a vein outside.

application of both methods is contraindicated to

In the started cases. When the peripheral vein disappears, on deep double loading lays down, it is forced to work for itself and for that guy, sorry, a vein. And if the deep vein is affected too, sclerotherapy or operation can cause the thrombophlebitis especially dangerous on hips where blood clot can come off and with current of blood to rise to heart or a lung.

Both methods do not treat a varicose illness per se. They only relieve of annoying cosmetic defect. And if the patient does not observe recommendations of the doctor, then in 2 - 3 his legs will be in the same in a sorry plight, as before operation.

Agree, in this case to lead the correct life and to carry out competent prevention much more simply and more pleasantly, than to be influenced by all above-mentioned procedures.

What to do that nothing foot massage is very useful to do

to the Patient with a varicosity should be forgotten about:
  • of close footwear and high heels,
  • tight jeans, hard belts, stockings on elastic bands and any other close clothes,
  • long stay on the sun,
  • frequentations of a bath and a sauna,
  • strong massage with application of shock components.