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The developing magazine - that the kid was able and knew!

Each parent want that his child grew harmoniously and comprehensively developed personality. How to help with it to the kid? Together with it to read, draw, paint, solve amusing puzzles... It is better to be engaged in education and development of own child independently especially as today the mass of fine grants and special editions for kids of younger and middle preschool age is presented at the market.


It is solved - we move off in shop in searches of suitable goods! However, before a campaign it is quite good to orient what all - we want to get? A special technique of the advancing development? The toy developing small motility? The book - a coloring? A disk with favourite animated films? And whether something uniting is absent all this, it that it was pleasant to the child first of all? Until recently we with confidence and a regret answered:“ Is not present“. But now we with pleasure answer: “Appeared!“

We are glad to acquaint you with the new developing series for children from 4 to 10 years of “Nauchishk“. The set includes the magazine with a mass of interesting and various tasks, coloring, sets for application and DVD - a disk with the best domestic animated films. Here what is told about a novelty by her producer - the CEO of the company “Global Video“ Alexey Korotkov.

Developing this product, we wanted to give, first of all, to children what is not enough for them in the modern world - heat, attention, kindness. Our magazine not incidentally covers age till 10 years. At today`s rhythm of life parents often do not have time for communication with own child, from - for what close contact is lost, mutual understanding is broken. And at so early age the proximity with parents forms in the child the assured, harmoniously developed personality. Occupations in a game form help to come with the kid better into contact, give to participants only pleasure and advantage.

It is unconditional, a certain quantity of the goods similar to ours is presented at the modern market. But these editions are so Americanized that I would not begin to acquire them for the child. Therefore we tried to create a product “with the Russian soul“. Mishka - Nauchishka - the character who accompanies little readers from number in number helps them to cope with tasks, entertains and amuses.

One more advantage of this edition that it is not attached to logical sequence of materials from number in number all releases are independent

from each other - it is possible to begin acquaintance to Nauchishka with any number.

As for tasks which wait for our little readers - all of them are very different on structure. In the course of creation of the magazine we communicated with teachers of early development and psychologists and, of course, considered their recommendations about a selection and the optimum formulation of tasks. It allowed to put in the magazine, besides entertaining, the developing function.

Wants to pay attention to the annex to the magazine - a DVD disk with animated films. I very much highly appreciate domestic animation and I want that the magnificent drawn animated films 50 - 60 x years of release by whom not one generation grew were seen also by our children. Therefore, despite some difficulties arising at registration of the rights we will aspire to that “the gold collection“ of our animation was not removed on a background by modern tapes of the American and European producers. It does not mean that we completely will refuse foreign production - just for little readers we will choose the best. Of course, characters of foreign animated films should be adapted, “become Russified“ to use them in materials of the magazine - but it will make plots even more interestingly.

Among those who helped us with creation of the magazine wants to express special gratitude to the film video association “Close up“ which is engaged in release and remastering of the best works of domestic cinema. The management of association, having studied the description of our project, decided to help with undertaking and kindly provided animated material for two of our releases. I hope that further cooperation will be so fruitful. In each release it is planned to place the various training tasks, and further we plan to let out educational a flash - animated films which main character will be already to all an acquaintance Mishka - Nauchishka.“ Recovered“ by caring hands of animators, Nauchishka will continue travel with your child to the country of knowledge and games.

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