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Let`s get acquainted! The first visit of the pediatrician

waiting for the child, especially in recent weeks and days, future parents often worry how the baby will feel houses how soon the doctor will come and who will answer the questions concerning a state of health of the kid.

As there will take place supervision?

to Future mothers needs to be known that in day of an extract from maternity hospital the doctor - neonatolog which watched your child after the delivery, transfers the information about the written-out newborn to policlinic at the place of residence. And for the day following after an extract to you the district doctor - the pediatrician who will visit the kid daily in the first 3 days after an extract home will come, then 4 - 6 times within the first month of life you will be visited by the patronage nurse who will inform the pediatrician on a state of health of the child. Your task - it is correct to be prepared for visit of the doctor that the child was completely examined, and you did not have obscure questions. The alarm for life and health of the baby in the first days after the birth is especially big.

Now the wide choice of the medical institutions ready to give you any help in nursing of the newborn exists, it is also possible to use services of the private pediatrician. You need to know that the range of obligatory medical services in private and insurance clinics should not differ towards reduction of services from the state policlinics. There is a uniform medical standard obligatory for all medical institutions. The medical standard includes surveys of the pediatrician, doctors of other specialties: the ophthalmologist, the orthopedist, the neuropathologist in the established age terms, carrying out analyses, observance of the schedule of vaccination.

If you decided to use services of commercial establishment within, say, first year of life of the kid, then upon termination of the contract you need an extract and the inoculative certificate. Of course, all “subtleties“ of the contract need to be found out at its conclusion, but to specify them at the first visit of the pediatrician - not superfluous.

What mother needs to make?

In order that visit of the pediatrician took place

successfully for you and the kid, it is necessary to be prepared for it.

First of all, it is desirable to learn how call the doctor when it has business hours in policlinic since time of its arrival to you will depend on it: if the doctor conducts reception in the morning, to you it will come in the second half of day if in the evening, time of visit is in the first half. To the kid it is impossible to come into the room in outerwear and street footwear; before touching the child, it is necessary to wash up hands.

Prepare boot covers or slippers for the doctor in advance. In a bathroom it is necessary to hang up a pure towel for hands and to put soap.

Put on a foreground prenatal records from maternity hospital, you will have to transfer one of them to the pediatrician (another - to a maternity welfare unit).

It is desirable for

that before survey the kid was fed, but if it is hungry, feed him directly during visit: the doctor will see at this time whether correctly the child takes a breast, whether he actively sucks. If the baby it is fed before the visit of the doctor, warn him about it, otherwise during active survey the baby can plentifully srygnut the eaten food. If you are confused by a chair of the baby, leave a diaper (in a wrapped up look) before arrival of the doctor and consult with it.

the Place of survey of the kid has to be well lit with

: best of all (at sufficient day lighting) that it was about a window. If lighting insufficient, it is necessary to establish in addition desk lamp. It is very important that at the time of survey of the child in the room there was comfortable temperature (22 - 24 °C), the baby it will be completely undressed. It is desirable that it was possible to examine the child on a pelenalny little table or on any rather firm surface laid by a blanket and a diaper (for this purpose the disposable absorbing diapers very much will be useful, be convinced that at you is in their stock a little). It is also necessary to be convinced that on a pelenalny little table there are wet clearing towel wipes, “behavior“ of your kid is unpredictable. Prepare a pure teaspoon, it has to be a straight line, without curls (it is necessary for survey of an oral cavity).

Deliver to

on a little table all means which you use for care of the kid. Consult whether all necessary is available for you for processing of skin, bathing of the child and whether correctly you use it. So, for example, very often parents use cream under a diaper or talc, plentifully processing them leather of the baby, not knowing that in the beginning these means are applied on hands of parents. And only then leather of the kid is processed, otherwise cream or talc it can appear too much, and these means form lumps pleated of skin, causing irritation.

prepare In advance the list of questions which you would like to set to the doctor, differently it is possible to forget to ask about something important. Prepare paper and the handle to write down necessary information. Also be prepared to answer the doctor his questions which are necessary for an assessment of a state and forecasting of health of your kid. These are the questions concerning structure of a family, your health (whether you have any chronic diseases whether are frequent catarrhal a disease etc.) courses of pregnancy and childbirth (as pregnancy proceeded whether there was it desired, whether you were ill something during pregnancy, than were treated whether anemia, toxicosis, hypostases, increase of pressure as there took place childbirth were noted) whether you have in a family addictions, hereditary diseases for you and close relatives (a heart disease, zheludochno - an intestinal path, diabetes, allergic diseases, etc.) . Ask the doctor that he helped to make or modify the first-aid kit for the baby, then no critical situation will take you unawares. And only the children`s doctor will help you to choose preparations, effective and safe for the kid.

Prepare the kid for arrival of the pediatrician. It is necessary that it was washed, washed away if the umbilical wound causes in you concern, you should not cover it with brilliant green or potassium permanganate in day of visit of the doctor - you are able to do it after survey. If on head skin, bodies are the elements of a peeling or rashes guarding you, then too you should not process nothing them before arrival of the doctor.

For survey of an oral cavity needs to prepare a pure teaspoon, it has to be a straight line, without curls.

of the Kid needs to be dressed in easily removed clothes, especially if during visit of the doctor he sleeps that, without having woken, it would be possible to examine it and to listen.

the Doctor will attentively examine your kid, will check the fontanel sizes on the head, the oral cavity and rotoglotka will examine, will listen to heart and lungs, will probe a tummy to check the sizes of internals: a liver, a spleen, - will examine genitals, an umbilical wound. He will check the newborn`s reflexes, will estimate his muscular tone. Perhaps, some manipulations will cause discontent of the baby, but these actions are necessary to be convinced of his normal physical and psychomotor development. After survey of the child you can ask the doctor the questions concerning you.

O than to ask the doctor?
  • When can leave to walk and what is the time walk can last?
  • How to dress the child that it did not overcool and did not overheat?
  • How to define whether is enough for the kid of breast milk? whether
  • needs to give to drink to the child water?
  • What mix needs to have houses if suddenly there is not enough milk?
  • How to eat to mother during breastfeeding what products it is worth refusing?
  • What medicines needs to be had for the kid?
  • What medicines can accept
  • the feeding mother in case of need (a headache, belly-aches, temperature increase, etc.) ?
  • What air temperature is indoors comfortable
  • for the kid?
  • What water temperature is necessary for
  • for bathing of the newborn?
  • B than should bathe the child what detergents should be bought?
  • Than to process leather after bathing and under a diaper?
  • How to wash the child, to clear eyes, ears, a nose?
  • How to process an umbilical wound?
  • What prophylactics can be applied to prevention of intestinal gripes and what to do at their emergence?