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is necessary the Newborns and babies only beginning to adapt to new habitat hardly in the conditions of adverse ecology of the city - not important, small it is the town or the megalopolis. In the first weeks and months of life when bases of health of the little person are formed, it especially is in great need in a favorable microclimate.

the Polluted air of the cities and a microclimate of our apartments provides to kids, alas, not the most ideal climatic conditions. With an ulterior motive in big cities the number of the children having an allergy, asthma, dysbacteriosis, different types of a metabolic disorder annually increases. Mucous membranes of a nasopharynx suffer, at the child puts a nose, it becomes difficult to breathe. And dryness in a mouth can become the concern reason during feeding: it is painful to child to suck a breast or a pacifier.

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C and it is necessary to fight. Skilled pediatricians pay huge attention to quality of air in the room of the newborn, advise to maintain in it the optimum temperature and humidity of air. The modern equipment - humidifiers in forces to help and prevent adverse influence of the atmosphere of the city on our children.

According to experts Scientific center of health of children of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the baby during the pre-natal development is in the damp environment where breathes and eats through an umbilical cord. Its birth already in itself is a big stress, but huge happiness for parents. Whether parents know that one of necessary factors of normal growth and development of the kid is a humidity of air which has to make not less than 50%!

- we were perplexed: why our children so often are ill in the winter? Whether we muffle up them, whether they, on the contrary, freeze? And business - that, comes out, in too dry air! Means, it is necessary to humidify it artificially.

Perhaps, we, adults, would also not approach the choice so scrupulously if not children. For them we tried to find the best. And it, appears, absolutely simply. Position of the undisputed leader in the market is held by BONECO Air humidifiers - O - Swiss, setting speed to all world progress in this area.

the Plaston Company first-ever invented such device as a humidifier, and presented it under the name of BONECO Air - O - Swiss during this period (70 - e years 20 century) when all Europe started talking about deterioration in an ecological situation, about environmental pollution. People thought of ecology of rooms. Already at the end of 70 - x humidifiers began to be huge in demand, people understood that they were tired of many diseases which reason was a dry air. The numerous experiments made in the research center of the Plaston company showed that use of the devices improving quality of air indoors where the person spends up to 80% of the time is vital.
traditional humidifiers, ultrasonic, climatic complexes and of “an air sink“ are ideally suited for

For a nursery . Certainly, parents are interested in a question how these devices work, and how effectively cope with the task set for them? It would be desirable to pay attention a humidifier - “an air sink“ of Air - O - Swiss.

of “Sink of air“ treat humidifiers with system of natural evaporation and, except air moistening, clear it of dust, unpleasant and harmful smells. Their basic constructive element is the drum from quickly rotating vertically located disks having a ridge surface and the lower part shipped in water. The air forced by the fan blows in damp disks and carries away with itself water molecules, and particles of dust remain on disks and are washed away in the pallet. From time to time disks need to be removed and washed. It can be done, both in manual, and by means of the ordinary dishwasher.

of “Sink of air“ of Air - O - Swiss 2055 and 20550D are distinguished by very small power consumption (20 W), high efficiency (the consumption of water of 300 g/hour - is enough to moisten air indoors of 50 sq.m) and low noise level (less than 25 dB, that is is more silent, than hours tick). In them, unlike other brands, preliminary ionization of air thanks to which dust particles stick to the rotating disks better is carried out. As a result these models do not concede to household air cleaners with NERA - the filter on extent of purification of air.

Besides, these humidifiers have one more “business card“ of Plaston firm - the ionizing silver core. Being placed in the pallet with water, it purifies water of bacteria.

In model 2055D in addition ZhK - the display on which value of relative humidity indoors, a possibility of automatic maintenance of the set humidity level, indicators of low water level, need of cleaning of the device and replacement of the ionizing silver core, automatic shutdown is displayed at insufficient water level is. For “an air sink“ the Plaston company improved system of special plastic disks 4 - go generations. The surface of each disk consists of small honeycombs. Such microcellular structure allows to keep better and easier to water drops on a disk that promotes increase of productivity of Air - O - Swiss.

So far as concerns purchase of difficult devices for ensuring health of children, it is not necessary to save, buying cheap analogs of unknown firms. Evident to that an example - the solution of a question of disinfecting of water in Boneco Air humidifiers - O - Swiss. Such original technical solutions in Boneco Air humidifiers - O - Swiss is a lot of that is a guarantee of their efficiency and quality.