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Hepp, the Squirrel and other animals of

of Heppi

the little puppy bitten by huge fleas hungry, on the spat dirty concrete floor of our bomzhovsky entrance, quietly whined. But happiness is! From school Masha with kind children`s heart came back. Regretted. Washed. Fed. Fell asleep. Woke up at 2 o`clock in the morning - roared the child, calmed down at me on a breast! Left in the house. How to carry in the child`s sandbox! Called Heppi.

Neighbours determined by

breed - a sheep-dog! In half a year at “sheep-dog“ the huge ears which are sticking out in the parties grew. And absolute “nobleman“ looked out of other parts of a body. For 200 grams of doctor`s Heppi learned all dog teams in which sheep-dogs are trained in special schools. Such talent would be envied even by Chekhovian Kashtanka!

In park ate a dead rat and ached with chumky. Suffered from pricks and intolerable pain - hoped for our help. Forgive, the Dog that you so not for long were with us happy!

of Protein

Hamsters silly animals? I claim - the cleverest beings! The first she appeared - small white a hamster - smartly, with peep jumped out of the diplomat and a whirlwind rushed on all kitchen, reminding a squirrel in a cage, and the Squirrel began to be called. The second was Belkin the husband - Chorik, a black hamster with moist beady eyes. The family lodged under an electric heater in a wooden lodge which was put, as in a cage, in a fishing cage. Chorik was a henpecked (though hardly the Squirrel sometime carried heels!) - the hostess did not start up it in a lodge, selected titbits and when cheeks were filled against the stop, carried away to the storerooms. During this time poor Chorik quickly filled the bags the remained food. The vigilant Squirrel right there took away everything from him. And when at a couple were born a homyachata, Chorik was expelled even from the territory of a cage!

the Daughter Masha lodged him in a glass jar, and it the whole days, dancing attendance, “danced“ a chung - to Chiang what the Squirrel did not pay any attention to, without being interested in art of the “black“ population at all! Masha presented posterity of a strange couple to girlfriends - third-graders.


the Schoolgirl Galkina Ania brought

to my daughter Masha of a tiny green wavy popugaychik. It carried him in a box from - under kefir, and the baby bird caught a cold. And soon, mourned by all family, on a palm of the daughter other went to the popugaysky world. To grief there was no limit … Broke a moneybox, ran on the Krakow market and for 80 rubles bought shivering from cold “same“. In an hour buttocks it is proud strolled in the new cage bought on the money saved on food of a family. On the TV showed M. Gorbachev who was taking away back the oath to be the president of the USSR. Our parrot had on just the same mark and Mischa received for this name.

the Parrot - the clever man went on one phrase: “Masha, learn lessons!“ What I am infinitely grateful to Mikhail for. The daughter graduated from school with a gold medal!

of Paradise


Ania forever went to Russia … Gave as keepsake to me a small fish. Smart vualekhvost hardly was located in a 3-liter jar. At once there was a desire to elicit a new trough at such beauty!

to Bank delivered to

near an aquarium. Quarantine. The parrot Mischa as usual soiled in kitchen, dumping potato, carrot, forks from a table. What it was punished by a settlement in a cage for. Shouts of a harmful bird “Glory to Ukraine!“ angered me even more, and the cage was exposed on a balcony!

Spring! The huge chestnut branches tried to get into the apartment. On a branch the starling was filled in in ecstasy. Mischa calmed down and attentively listened to local Kozlowski. In two hours of the dissident set free. Eyes of a bird got out on a forehead with a Gorbachev mark when he saw a small fish! Having run all over twenty times to bank, it stood. And suddenly... started singing as a starling! The small fish joyfully began to wag a tail. She received Paradise name. All dirty tricks were forgiven for great love both Mikhailam.