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Like two peas in the pod! I Want to tell

how we with the husband waited for our baby. As represented that eyes will be father`s - blue, ears will be father`s because mother`s stick out, and in general all will be in the father. Were prepared thoroughly, I completed courses of conscious motherhood, stocked up with phone of the specialist in breastfeeding, read a lot of magazines and forums.

With the daughter we found a common language in a tummy. To me it was so heavy, simfizit tortured that I began to persuade her not to sit up till 40 weeks. And here exactly in 38 weeks, at night at the dacha I woke up from feeling of dampness … Well, I think, the old woman - a razvalyushka, hurts here, there hurts, also an incontience. It appeared, the daughter decided to be born!

Childbirth at me took place

as according to the textbook. The midwife brought the baby to a breast, and she turns away, minutes 15 fought - in any, not a beret. Each change of the nurse came, put to the kid to a breast - not a beret and all here, tears a hail, beats off. The children`s pediatrician insisted on finish feeding, but I tried to strain off in butylek more colostrum, and dokorm gave only for the night.

my mother Came to visit us, I with tears in the eyes complain of the daughter, and so, sucks a pacifier, and tityu mother`s warm, gentle - does not want. She smiles and speaks: “Are like two peas in the pod similar! A brown-eyed curly vredinka, you too about two months refused, and then itself tried out, for ears will not delay.“

of Milk at me there arrived much, I was decanted by hands, fed from a bubble, got tired. On an extract the mother-in-law presented us a milk pump with system of storage, I so was delighted. Also it became much easier.

We lived according to the three-hour schedule, and I managed to make all on the house, only offensively nevertheless was that the little one chose a pacifier. In three weeks I decided to call on the house of the specialist in GV. She applied the baby, told all, showed, but Marinka fought against a roar to the last, did not fall asleep yet. So we could not be also reconstructed, the breast hurt me from a milk surplus, the baby hungry shouted, but did not give up. I decided that I let from a bottle, but the milk native, but tried to put every day. And here my miracle exactly in two months was unexpectedly grasped by a breast and from pleasure covered eyes. I did not keep and began to cry with happiness! All in mother! Already two months we eat and tityu, and a small bottle. And no problem!