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Hello, my great and little friends!

A call me Dima Laptev.

to me only 9 months, and I am not able to talk yet, but my mother, Yulya, perfectly understands me and “will translate“ my baby talk into language available to you.

I want to tell

A about the canine friends, our pets.

So, in a family us, favourites, four: it actually I, two cats, oh, I`m sorry, one of them am a cat, and my most loyal friend a dog by the name of Chip, by the name of too Laptev, known as Chipus, breed - a chikhua - Hua.

I absolutely forgot to present to

a cat and a cat …

my story about how it is cheerful when in a family you have such loyal friends!

When I was born

, our animals already lived in our house therefore not I got used to them, but they to me. And as soon as I crossed an apartment threshold (on father`s hands and with the shout informing on arrival), my friends understood at once: quiet and boring life came to an end, begins in the house continuous fun! But my parents for some reason stopped any attempts of my friends to smell, lick, touch me. But friends they on that and friends to be near always: Shushera and Mityay watched day and night at a nursery door, expecting the moment to slip to me, and sometimes at them it turned out.

So far I grew at

, our pets patiently expected time when, at last, we are able to play everything together. And here such time came: as soon as I began to creep, all barriers in the form of the closed doors disappeared and everything became the general: both toys, and food (I surely share the food with friends: the cat very much loves dairy mixes, and Chipus - baby vegetable and fruit purees, however, of Mityayu so far my food is not pleasant, but I will eat meat soon and I will surely share with it). Strange, but my parents for some reason do not allow animals to share with me the delicacies, and it is so interesting to know, than they crackle what to them fill from such beautiful boxes and bags?

A to me were bought recently by walkers! There is what pleasure! While I crept, I could not keep up with my friends, but now we run all together. And to us it is cheerful, both to parents it is cheerful, and to neighbors from below too, likely, cheerfully!

Well as I forgot

, I have one more friend: Filk`s turtles. Only it is any sociable: is not able to run, all the time sits in the box. It is necessary to be engaged in his education.

When to mother needs to do household chores, she puts Chip to me in an arena and can quietly cook to us with the father food or iron - in an arena so many interesting toys, but tastes, our with a dog, coincide (toys are pleasant to us same), and it is necessary to take away them each other.

Shusher`s Cat cares for me too. Recently at us turned off heating, at home it became cold. And when in the afternoon mother put me to bed in a bed, my girlfriend Shushera understood at once that shortly I will throw off from myself a blanket and I will freeze. Not to allow it, she jumped to me in a bed and laid down to me under a flank, here heat was! But mother for some reason did not estimate such care and abused a cat … Well, from where the adult to understand what is a true friendship!

A still we like to sit down in a circle and to talk: I in the language tell animals the dreams, the plans for the future, and Chip, Shushera and Mityay attentively listen to me. They - that understand me, and here the grandmother for my communication with friends calls me Mowgli.

Together with the friends we wait for approach of summer: our family loves an outdoor recreation and, of course, pets go with us. We will eat with shish kebabs and to sleep all together in tent (though, probably, the father will not allow me, and will put me to sleep in the car, but we will try to finish him).

Come to us on a visit, I will acquaint you with Chip, Shushera and Mityaem - they will be glad to you too!