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Everything that I am able, I am able thanks to my mother...

the Number of man`s individuals is high. But also also the kind of this human population is high. Among them free shooters and freelancers, inveterate romantics and office rats, rich persons and wizards of the emerald cities come across. But also such copies which it is better to avoid at once meet are mother`s darlings.

Who told that it is bad?

the image of mother`s darling is most often drawn by

In imagination of the simple inhabitant approximately so: man absolutely lacking initiative consulting at mother in the most insignificant occasion. In the people it - most often the hero of various jokes doomed to insolvency. In life everything happens exactly the opposite. Very often mother`s darlings are quite successful men, with pronounced charisma, quite successful and besides - just well-known and surrounded with an aura of general adoration.

to the success in life they are obliged to

.... Correctly - mother. Really, if not dedication and an unbending will of courageous mothers, the world would hardly learn about Garry Kasparov or Pavle Bure. Only thanks to own titanic efforts they made what they, actually, now also are of the sons. One famous music teacher somehow told:“ I do not need talented children, I need talented mothers“. That is those which are capable to choose in the early childhood for the child a certain path and with persistence of the mighty locomotive to drag it on life, by all means trying to obtain advance on a career ladder, sweeping aside all other pleasures...

And I was a girl young...

To be fair, it is necessary to tell that mother of such sonny - not the terrible monster in the form of Cronus devouring own children and characters standing close by, and simply... not really successful woman in love affairs. Looking through in all this prichinno - investigative communication, we will be transferred to times of her youth. Whether it was lucky it with gentlemen and whether its marriage was successful? Most likely, no. Having waved a hand on cancelled private life and the spouse, not noteworthy, it transfers all the heat and not dissipated love to the son. It has a chance to mold the man`s ideal in his own image (i.e. sorry, in full compliance with the ideas of such ideal). What, it is necessary to tell, quite often it is possible. To all other, such mother has indestructible will and remarkable organizing abilities. Staying in full confidence that raises the genius, she also can easily convince others of it. And here, when the long-awaited top is taken, it is time to cut dividends and to rest on laurels, on the horizon of the favourite successor there is a certain ephemeral creation which was on all ready and reckoning on the capital, “saved up by back-breaking toil“. The lovely girl aims not only at the equipment attached to the son, but also that is much more important, for his time, feelings, love and attention.

She loves it, and he loves mother...

the young gentle girl, the skilled lady who got the hand on “catching of chelovek“, unfortunately, at first sight will not manage to distinguish mother`s darling. Initial konfetno - the flower period will not give even the slightest reason to suspect the potential groom of such defect. It can be lovely and gallant, attentive and courteous until his darling does not begin to hint at the matrimonial types. Then it is expected by at least two options. The first is simple and harmless - the groom just evaporates (whatever the girl thought, at him and in thoughts was not to marry her, a family - that is already available for him). The second option is more difficult and many-sided: it is waited BY ACQUAINTANCE TO MOTHER. The poor thing should take out examination on professional suitability, compliance its moral, material and appearance to a high title of the Wife. If it did not pass selection, consider that she was just lucky. It is much worse if it was succeeded to get to the Family. Life with mother`s darling will always remind love three together where from a cheerful French triangle there is no trace left also. Mother will be invisibly (and sometimes and very much zrimo) to be present everywhere. Everything whatever the young wife made, will be compared to mother. Naturally, comparison will be in favor of the last. In some families of mother try to regulate and subordinate life of “children“ only to it to the convenient schedule (its power can stretch up to the frequency of intimate contacts, as it happened to one my acquaintance). The son not only does not oppose to it, but also perceives as only the correct option. Whether it is necessary to say that only the desperate masochist can take out it?

I it kissed

, leaving for work...

the Maternal love is huge

, admiration of the son reaches the universal sizes, about his talents she is ready to talk for hours. Well what man will resist such adoration? He is simply obliged is grateful to accept him and to pay the same. Many quite so also arrive. Other woman can not notice or just reject much of its advantages, the mother`s sonny needs full and unconditional worship. Besides he got used to live according to the scheme once and for all made by the mother. Morning has to begin with a plate of porridge, but not with fried eggs in any way! If the wife does not fit into a daily routine, the wife is killed (joke). Can therefore among bachelors there are so many mother`s darlings? To decide on an adult act and they can marry, having already deeply passed for 40 - 50. More often when there is no mother nearby any more... But, strangely enough, their darling to ridiculous will remind an unforgettable image. The lady dreaming to bring up all life young young growth in the Hitler Youth will find, at last, worthy application for the forces. The “young“ spouse will find confidence that the vital train did not descend from a habitual track. All will be happy. Curtain.

P. S. Pleases in this situation only that circumstance that mother`s darling, as a rule, has no clone in the form of own offspring. Population is a little reduced.