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Physical development of the child in house conditions of

I of mother, and father want that their children was dexterous, strong, sports. Of course, in many respects it depends on natural data of the child, but the large role in physical development is played also with how much parents give it attention.

It is important to accustom since the childhood the child to physical culture so that daily occupations gave it joy and pleasure. Even if he will not grow up the champion, regular trainings will help it to avoid many problems with health, to become cheerful and active. Occupations it is possible and it is necessary to begin already with infantile age, it will help the kid not only to develop better physically, but also is intellectual, on the first year of life physical and intellectual development are inseparably linked among themselves.

of the Rule of carrying out occupations

needs to remember and carry out rules of carrying out occupations that they really did good and did not do much harm to your kid.

  1. before occupations surely consult with the doctor. Practically in each policlinic there are a massage office and an office of physiotherapy exercises. Let the doctor of LFK or the skilled massage therapist will examine your child, will tell what it is necessary to pay attention to, will show the special exercises suitable for it (one child, perhaps, needs to carry out the set of exercises directed to strengthening of certain groups of muscles, and to another - on the contrary, on relaxation and removal of a tone).

  2. of Occupation and intensity of loading have to consider age and level of physical development of the child. The forced loading not only will not promote physical development, but, on the contrary, will lead to deterioration in health of the child, and problems can appear not at once, and at more senior or even mature age. It is impossible to make what he is physically not ready to with the child.

  3. Increase loading and duration of occupations gradually. Begin with five - ten minutes and finish occupation time till 40 - 60 minutes daily.

  4. you Watch a condition of the child during occupations, do not allow overfatigue at all. Three times for 15 minutes during the day, than once of 45 minutes are better to work.

  5. Classes have to be given by
  6. in an hour after or for half an hour to food.

  7. If at the child is feeling sick, temperature is increased, it is necessary to cancel classes.

  8. do not force the child if the kid is not ready for occupations, they should be postponed for any time and to suggest it to work a bit later.

  9. is desirable for
  10. For children of preschool age that occupations took place in a game form.

  11. In the room where you are engaged, has to be fresh, it it is necessary to air or leave well open a window leaf.

  12. have to be picked up by
  13. of Exercise thus that all groups of muscles harmoniously developed.

  14. Alternate active exercises to relaxation exercises.
  15. Always approve

    and you praise your kid even if something turns out not at once - your support and confidence in his forces are simply necessary for it.

Apparatuses from usual things

Is good

if in the apartment there was a place at least for a small sports complex. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible. And then the imagination comes to the rescue. It will allow to turn the most ordinary things into sports exercise machines.

the Sidewall from a crib

Very often parents move up a crib closely to adult and take out one of its walls. Such almost joint dream turns out: the child sleeps with parents, but at the same time in an own bed. It is very convenient, it is in that case much simpler to mother to look after the kid during a night dream. This “unnecessary“ sidewall will also become the very first apparatus of your child.

Rods of a lattice turn at the same time into crossbeams of a short flight of stairs. You can put it directly in a bed at an angle, having tied for reliability to the top crossbeam. If your kid already moves on a floor, lean a sidewall against a sofa or a bed, but do not leave the child of one that it did not overturn a short flight of stairs on itself(himself). Attach to lateral racks of a short flight of stairs clamps (for example, plastic legs just for decoration which can be bought in departments of furniture accessories) at several levels. So you will be able to record it, having leaned against a sofa or a chair with a big or smaller inclination, and the short flight of stairs will not move down. Use for this purpose self-tapping screws which you twist in a wall on height of a short flight of stairs so that it settled down almost vertically at small distance from a wall. Then do a wide drill of a drill an opening in lateral racks, and fix it on self-tapping screws. And if in the apartment there is a constant place for a ladder, attach it to a wall. Use for this purpose screws which you twist in a wall on height of a short flight of stairs so that it settled down almost vertically at small distance from a wall. Attach to lateral racks suspended fastenings - holders (they can be got in hardware or household shops) and fix a short flight of stairs on screws.

Such “pass - Swedish“ the wall for babies can be used from 4 - 5 months. At first the baby will grab the lowermost twigs, then will begin to be tightened and get up on knees, and later and on legs. Do not prevent the kid to master a short flight of stairs independently, do not put him - just show how it is possible to reach the handle the lower crossbeam. When the child is ready, he will understand how it is possible to be tightened, rise on all fours and on legs. Such short flight of stairs will present to the kid many joyful opening from knowledge of opportunities of the body, will develop force and dexterity. A bit later, when it will stand already surely on legs with a support, you will be able to show how it is necessary to climb on a short flight of stairs, rearranging handles and legs. Kids quickly master this science, and under supervision of adults even 7 - 8 - the 9th monthly child to that how will start walking, will be able independently to get on it.

A circulation on crossbeams of a short flight of stairs - the sidewall lying on a floor will strengthen foot of the child and will help to prevent development of flat-footedness. You can start walking on it with the kid when he begins to move for handles. Include passing of a short flight of stairs to both parties (there and back) in your daily occupations, repeat exercise one - twice a day.

the Step-ladder

This wonderful ladder for economic needs also perfectly diversifies with

your sports entertainments. Kids by means of a step-ladder can learn to get up, and then and to get and go down on steps. Such occupations train the child for circulation on a ladder, strengthen muscles, develop dexterity. Children very much like to climb upward. Children are more senior (2,5 - 3) with pleasure climb, and get down already on the other hand. Attention! Do not leave the child who even grew up on a ladder without supervision.

of Pelenalnaya a board

Most likely, on it you will do to yours to the baby the first exercises and massage. But even after he will be above infantile age, the board can be useful. Using legs - clamps of a pelenalny board, establish it near a sofa or a chair so that it did not move down. The remarkable inclined board - a hill will turn out.

At first you will hold the kid by a hand, and later some time he with pleasure will run to a hill up and down. Circulation on the inclined plane is very useful, it helps formation of a correct posture, strengthens foot and prevents development of flat-footedness.


of Mother not always encourage with

natural desire of children to jump on sofas. And here to jump from sofas it is possible to resolve. However for kids 2 - 2. 5 years are undesirable to jump from a sofa on a firm floor - their joints and sheaves are not ready to such loadings yet and the probability of an unsuccessful landing is high. Put instead of gymnastic mats old pillows from a chair or a sofa, an unnecessary mattress down. Soft pillows will protect the kid from bruises, and be sure - your child will receive just the sea of pleasure, and the advantage of jumps for development of physical qualities is undoubted - they improve work of a vestibular mechanism, help to develop coordination, force and dexterity.

the Long stick

In massage offices and offices of LFK for occupations with children are used by special plastic sticks on which kids go by means of the instructor. Such exercises strengthen foot, use them in the sets of exercises directed to improvement of a bearing, treatment of flat-footedness and other orthopedic problems. Instead of a special stick you can take an old curtain from curtains or the handle from a mop for mopping.

If you take

a wooden stick, look that on it there were no cracks and agnails, you can even wipe it with a skin for smoothness. You go with the child along a stick. At the same time heels have to be directed inside, and foot fingers outside. When walking the stick has to concern the average line of foot. Show to the kid how to roll a stick legs before themselves, sitting on a stool or a children`s bench.

the Chair

Sooner or later any child begins to open for himself new levels indoors. All are higher and higher, and above! To reach the shelf with knickknacks in a mother`s case or sinks with ware rather simply... to take a chair! Some especially bright kids in a year learn delights a lasagna, others master this skill a bit later... If your kid could climb independently on a chair, so both tables, and window sills will obey it soon. Ability to climb on a chair develops not only children`s inquisitiveness, but also force of hands and legs, strengthens a back - generally, from the point of view of physical development is very useful.

the Obstacle course


with the child the obstacle course consisting of a mattress or a carpet path and several chairs. Think out the options of passing of “a strip of obstacles“ depending on length of the room and improvised materials. Let the kid crawl along a rug, then gets through a chair, crawls under the following chair, and from the coffee table covered with a blanket the fine tunnel conducting directly in mother`s embraces will turn out. Play together with your child, creep, climb, set an example - it is sure, you receive from it the mass of positive emotions.

Massage paths

Knows that massage of feet is very useful not only to prevention of flat-footedness, but also to the solution of problems of all organism, at this type of massage impact on reflex zones and biological active points of foot is made. In sports shops it is possible to get a special massage path or to make it with own hands. Mother - the needlewoman can sew a path, having filled it with peas, haricot, buckwheat. Such path will strengthen legs, to develop tactile sensitivity and, making active reflex zones, to revitalize the child. It is easy to make the simplest massage rug of a needle masseur - Kuznetsov`s applicator. Cover a masseur with a thin blanket or a cover, and your rug for legs is ready!

But only before you offer a rug for occupations to the child, try to walk on it. If needles are too sharp - put on it a cover more thickly and if needles, on the contrary, almost are not felt, cover them with something more thinly. By my experience in order that the rug turned out to lay “just right“ enough on the applicator a warm flannelette diaper. And to make circulation on a rug even more interesting, add it to an obstacle course.

the Big soft toy

Such toy (it is possible even not one) for certain will be. More often it just becomes dusty in a room corner, carefully presented by someone from friends, or is used on a sofa instead of a pillow. My children thought up for the meter plush dog new application with the sports direction - through her so healthily to jump and climb! And about how jumps are useful to physical development of children we already said - they strengthen muscles and joints, develop dexterity and coordination, improve work of a vestibular mechanism.

Is collected pass - sport center

you very much want

that your child had at least a small sports corner, but in your apartment there is not enough place even for rings and the Swedish wall? Or purchase of children`s sport center does not meet the family budget? I will tell you about how I found a way out of this situation. Our “sport center“ cost us less than 1000 rubles, and the given joy and advantage of occupations for children cannot be estimated!


So, for a start we will choose the necessary stock in sports shop. Usually all CSC (children`s sports complexes) have a different complete set, and the majority of shells can be bought in addition separately. That is, your sports corner can be equipped with a totality of shells, except for a basic Swedish wall. You can buy rings, a rope ladder, “bungee“, a swing, a trapeze, a rope and even a punching bag.

Then we go to household shop and we get there two or three (depending on that how many fastenings have the shells chosen by you) strong steel enough bent a hook like clothes. In the same place we buy long self-tapping screws (in the quantity equal to number of openings in hooks). Self-tapping screws have to be long in order that they were twisted not only in the top plinth, but also in a wall, and hooks kept as it is possible stronger.

All corner will settle down in a doorway. Therefore choose the aperture, most convenient for occupations. For a start you should be engaged in measurements: one hook (on it it will be possible to hang up the rope, a bungee or other shells fastening on one loop) will need to be placed directly on the center of an aperture. Two other hooks should be attached as equals distances from the center, at the same time the distance between them has to be not already ladder crossbeams if it is in your set, and is not too close to lateral jambs (better on ladder width) - on them you will hang up a ladder, rings, a trapeze. On a plain surface of the top plinth note points in places where you will twist self-tapping screws, and make openings a drill. It is very important that openings were made symmetrically concerning the center, will use differently a corner it is unsafe. Now it is necessary only to establish hooks and the sport center is ready! Hang up rings, a ladder or a trapeze, “bungee“ or a swing, change apparatuses as often as your child will wish. Perhaps, the only lack of such sports corner - impossibility to hang up several shells at the same time. But it compact, will be suitable for any apartment and will cost cheaper the whole complex. To secure children during occupations, lay them an old mattress instead of a mat and do not leave them unguarded. One more big advantage of such sports corner - an opportunity to quickly clean or raise shells, so far children are not engaged on them. Thanks to it you can be quiet that the child without you will not climb on a ladder and will not fall down from there at that time until you are busy with the affairs and do not control him.

of Good luck to you and your kids, pleasure and health!