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Would three candies of

All it did not occur, do not pull Lenk a tail a cat... But we will not run forward. I will open for a start a small secret. Cats - the alien beings sent to Earth only with the purpose thanks to the huge eyes - to send to screens to Cat`s planet information on everything that will meet on Earth. They see even at night. Also make the way in those corners where other animals cannot get. Cats very much become angry if they are not let in one of rooms and practically in all cases try to obtain the. Besides, they play a medical role. Role of protection against bad people. They go to death for the person with whom made friends here, on Earth, in exchange for his years of life. But God forbid, you will offend a cat! It will find a way to show how you were wrong...

nothing it knew

A of Lenk when the neigbour the aunt Nina brought for it and for his younger little sister Tanyushka three candies.

On a collar the aunt Nina conducted very beautiful moire cat more similar to a little panther. Having learned that there are no mother and Tanyushka the house, the aunt Nina not for long stayed at them. And when already went to a door, Lenka asked, looking at a cat:
- And what is her name?
- the Veda, - the neigbour answered.
- Can stroke it? - asked right there Lenk, and, without waiting for the answer, bent down before the graceful representative of cat`s family.

the Veda not painfully - that wanted

that it was ironed by unfamiliar boys, pulled a collar and tried to evade under the hostess`s legs. Then - that Lenka also grasped it that was puny strength, for a warm silk tail. The cat gave not really loud, but expressive growl of discontent. And the aunt Nina told:
- This she does not love! When it is pulled a tail, the Veda turns into the real witch!

of Lenk`s

slightly - it was slightly frightened her words. Also left a cat alone, and suddenly she indeed will turn into somebody! Also will bewitch poor Lenka in a cockroach or a grasshopper!

A then when already closed a door behind guests, right there forgot about the fears and ran on kitchen to candies. Could destroy Lenk`s sweets in any quantity and without special harm for health. Though mother would leave kilogram of candies - would thrash everything.

Those candies that the neigbour brought, were expensive and rare in his Lenkiny life. To what wrappers were beautiful at them! All different! Attracting fantastic pictures! Lenka decided that nothing bad happens if he develops one. Also developed. The candy was chocolate. With a peacock from white glaze on a surface. It instantly thawed in a mouth. And hands already developed another - with a little squirrel in drawing. All sprinkled with nutlets and is even more tasty than the first! And the third and even less so - consisted of a souffle and was called “Pigeon`s milk“. And drawing was fantastically good. On a candy wrapper about heat - a bird!

came to an end in Lenkina`s

of a candy. But there were three more - Tanyushkina. Lenka spread out them drawings before himself. There is curious Buratino. There is “Little Red Riding Hood“. And here “Fires of Moscow“. Lenka deeply sighed. He in Moscow was born. And then after business trip of parents it appeared together with them in absolutely other city where it did not have true friends yet:

It is sad having sighed, Lenka left kitchen not to see some candies. They for Tanyushka!


But suited lunch time. And Lenka got hungry. He so wanted to eat well at least one more candy! there is no
- - told himself Lenka, - Tanyushka loves sweet too! And then the Aunt Nina told that it brought us three candies, means three to me, and three Tanyushka!

On the TV advertizing advertizing followed. Any interesting children`s transfer! Any fairy tale! Any song! Any children`s poem... In a stomach muttered for hunger. And Lenka necessarily again appeared in kitchen, has a look at candies once again.

Just in case he developed a candy wrapper of “Fires of Moscow“ and guessed candied roasted nuts behind a chocolate covering. It were the most favourite its candies. Lenka carefully licked chocolate. But then all - turned back in a candy wrapper.
- Is impossible! - he told himself strictly.

suddenly one kislenky thought poisoned with

I his conscience:
- But neither mother, nor Tanyushka know how many candies the aunt Nina brought! You will think, a difference! On three or on two! Other candies too beautiful! Too sweet and too tasty! And Tanyushka will be delighted to two, as well as we rub!

nobody on light learns

I about its small deception...


I, having calmed down from such thought, resolutely developed candied roasted nuts and having thrust it entirely into a mouth, quickly skhrumkat.

Here a door were called. It mother with Tanyushka returned.
- Mother! Mother! We had an Aunt Nina and brought us with the sister two candies, - having blinked an eye, Lenka lay, - I ate the, and it to Tanyushka! - he stretched to the girl a delicacy.

But mother did not allow the daughter to spoil sweet appetite before a lunch, and quickly began to warm it.

Tanyushka with Lenka already washed with

hands when again the aunt Nina came. This time her cat was without collar. The Veda thriftily inspected kitchen and chose for itself the most favorable place to watch all people at the same time. Mannerly sat down in a corner and began to lick the tail, indifferently.
- Tanechka! - joyfully the aunt Nina to Tanyushka bent down to kiss her a ruddy cheek, - and I already to you came and gave you three candies!.


it was ready to vanish into thin air because on a table not three foully lay, but two! Two candies! Mother so expressively looked at it, as Lenki`s ears reddened as beet. In a throat intercepted. And tears of despair and shame for the lie came into eyes.

one Tanyushka Rejoiced. She was not able to consider yet.
- It, probably, the third candy was eaten by a cat! - blurted out, without having thought, Lenka also ran out from kitchen to the nursery.

When mother came to it, having carefully opened a door, he fell it arms, sobbing:
- Mummy! Forgive me! Forgive! It I! This is not a cat! I ate a candy! I swear to you, mother! I never am more! Never I will deceive you! Also I will not touch the stranger!

Mother answered nothing to

, only stroked it on the head to calm.

the Veda smiled to

A in kitchen in the magnificent moustaches enough, on Cat`s planet accepted her signal that on Earth the little man by the name of Lenka took place as the personality.