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The terrifying story with the happy end of

Of course not to compare breastfeeding to anything, but at many everything begins not with pleasure.

Now to my baby 4 months, and a breast we receive only a continuous positive from feeding. The mother`s breast replaces with it the first, second and compote. But everything began not so remarkably.

Practically all pregnancy I flew in clouds with happiness, understanding that I will become mother soon. I was lucky - there was neither toxicosis, nor jumps of mood. Generally, everything was excellent. And when I saw a face of sweetie pie on the device ultrasonography monitor, the pleasure was not a limit. But any fairy tale comes to an end.

On the 38th week I was hospitalized with awful hypostases (in 2 weeks - an increase of 8 kg.) urgently made all analyses and made the decision: emergency Cesarean section. And everything was so prompt that I hardly managed to call the family. Filling up under anesthetic, I asked God that everything passed well. Operation took place successfully, but because that there was a strong loss of blood, I saw my baby only by the end 4 - x days. It seemed to my sufferings, there is no limit, but as soon as I saw this conscious look of the little man, I understood - here it, happiness!

Milk came already on 2 - at days after operation, and all that time until I was translated to my baby, was necessary to be decanted because there is a lot of milk, and it seemed that it is possible to raise the person five. As it grieved me to pour out milk, knowing that my girl is fed with mixes, but doctors refused flatly it.

But here the historical moment came, and I tried to give a breast to the daughter. I imagined fine pictures of a unification of mother and child, but not here - that was. Nipples did not want to find room in such tiny mouth in any way, milk flew by, the baby cried. It was necessary even to buy a silicone overlay for a breast that though a little milk got to the child. But it appeared, and it is not an exit. Then the grandmother advised to decant milk in a small bottle that I also did nearly 2 weeks, awfully suffering because that with the baby there is no corporal contact. When mother nurses the child - there is nothing more pleasantly for both of them, and not to compare this moment to anything.

But all - the nature prevails. My girl grew up, together with her also her mouth grew, and somehow by itself it turned out that it began to take a breast. I was happy, despite awful morbidity of nipples, on other troubles. Gradually pain passed, and thanks to the magazine I chose a pose convenient to both of us for feeding for parents, and already no that prevented our communication and pleasure.

Now my Kristinochka eats with

only a mother`s milk, grows at the healthy and beautiful girl. And recently she learned to smile and after each feeding is grateful smiles to me and as if speaks: “Thanks, mummy!“