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What to present on the Print wedding?

Seem that else quite recently all shouted “Bitterly!“ and, it appears, since the birth of a family already there passed the whole year. Year of new opportunities, new impressions, new pleasures … First year of matrimonial life. Of course, “newlyweds“ should be congratulated. Here only as? On the one hand, and a holiday, it seems, only them, family, with another, - those left “svadebno - godovshchinny“ traditions by which it would be possible to be guided. All this not so. In - the first, the family, and happy birthday as do not twist is born in the wedding day, it is accepted to congratulate all and always. In - the second “to remember“ how today is called and what needs to be given not so difficult.

to Designate the first year of in common past life a print wedding began to give thanks to tradition this day to young spouses “a chintz on diapers“: in old times by first anniversary in a family already for certain waited for the firstborn. Now it, by the way, again becomes actual: many couples long time live in a civil marriage and put “a stamp in the passport“ only with the advent of the new family member in mother`s “tummy“.

As for a gift, a chintz it is just better not to give. Products from this fabric after the first washings lose the original form and become absolutely “unfestive“. Therefore, for the sake of today, the concept “chintz“ can be expanded to concept of “textiles“. In other words, you can choose as a gift new curtains which diversify an interior of family “fortress“ of couple, or a plaid under which it will be possible to hide together in the cold winter evenings and again to feel like the happiest people on light. The new cloth or napkins of handwork can become not less practical and, for certain, a desired gift.

If you decide to present to spouses such quite widespread gift as a set of bed linen, try to learn “parameters“ of their “berth“ in advance. Agree, it will be very offensive if your friends do not see “solar“ dreams on linen like “beach“ only because instead of “euroset“ you bought for them usual “two-room flat“. At the choice of fabric it will be best of all will stop on coarse calico. This fabric will not fade as the chintz, “will not freeze“ as silk, and costs not so much as sateen and the atlas. Therefore you will be able to get easily at once several sets which spouses will be able to change depending on mood.

For “print“ anniversary can be presented to

practically any clothes. At the same time, if date dropped out for the summer, then the thing can even be bought from fabric actual today. In this case, density of fabric and its coloring will be the main criteria at the choice of a product. It is the best of all to stop on “opaque“ monophonic things of typically “summer“ models: a t-shirt, a shirt with a short sleeve, shorts, a tunic.

Krom of practical gifts can be presented to

also “esthetics“. Try to get in shop for needlewomen a set for embroidery, and to it - fabric, threads and, perhaps, a practical advice to work. Having spent a little more time for such gift, you will be sure that spouses will receive something really original from you and unique. By the way, it is possible to dream up a little and just to paint a water color a picture directly on fabric. Anyway, do not forget to sign then the masterpiece and to frame it: let “newlyweds“ be proud of new part of an interior.

If you know

for certain that both the husband, and the wife want, get better this, long-awaited gift. Wedding anniversaries, of course, not incidentally carry names, but any signs can always be “bypassed“. For this purpose get something that will become “attribute“ of today, and prepare the congratulatory speech corresponding to “symbol“ and a gift. It is possible to present, in principle, anything, will enough use a chintz important today as, for example, peculiar “brown paper“. And if you are able to embroider or you have the one who about it can be asked, try to add the embroidered bouquet of flowers or the text of the small poem on “packing“.

the Print wedding is peculiar “border“ which young people could overcome. Ahead now there are even more happy days of matrimonial life which already found “experience“, and, so and experience. Present to spouses the smiles - and will surely smile to you in reply! But what you presented as a gift, remember that today your purpose not only to please close people, but also just to be glad for them.

Morozova Maria