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Having sat down to write this story, I reflected - as it to begin? How to lay out so many experiences, thoughts and impressions on couple of sheets of pages? For everyone, - since conception and finishing the gone this long way with childbirth - it is the most unforgettable incident which happened to it. I will not weary, I will tell about myself.

I Will begin

with the fact that my son is nearly nine months old and this is, naturally, most adored being in our family.

So, I became pregnant on the fifth year, directly before the diploma. It was very unexpected. So to note the diploma as I dreamed senior classes, it was not possible. My pregnancy here thus was found: my friend with whom I worked earlier became pregnant and went to wives. consultation to be registered. And in order that it was not boring, took also me with itself. I, having decided that I was not at the gynecologist very long ago, it decided to be checked just like that. What my surprise when the doctor told “was the uterus is increased as for 2 - 3 weeks“. Having left an office of the doctor, I told the girlfriend that I to her will definitely boringly not go now to consultation for 9 months.

Pregnancy proceeded very difficult. There was everything - since threat (otsloyka), a terrible tone, anemia - finishing with operation under the general anesthesia on the 19th week. On planned ultrasonography in 13 weeks found an ovary cyst in me, it was the big sizes so I could not reach operation the end of pregnancy. (Laparoscopy) was performed by very good doctor so for memory remained with me - three small scars on a stomach. The stomach grew, and with it the confidence grew that all at us will be good.

On the 37th week we went to sign the contract in maternity hospital in which lay three times on preservation with the husband. The doctor to me was advised by the girlfriend who safely gave birth at him four months before. It was very happy. Having paid for the contract, we with the husband communicated to the anesthesiologist and decided to do epiduralny anesthesia. Explained to us that it is anesthesia does not make any impact on the child, and we decided not to refuse to ourselves such pleasure. I never regretted about this decision.

Term to me was put for February 5, 2008. I collected bags in maternity hospital at the beginning of January as my doctor in consultation told that the child low very much, the neck is open on 1 finger, and after removal of a ring (pessariya) childbirth will begin at once. Generally, neither after removal of a ring, nor after cancellation of a ginipral childbirth did not come. And here the 10th with all trunks we with the husband went to maternity hospital.

Me was issued in chamber, the husband went home. After a two-day zalezhivaniye on a bed I solved - it is time. The next morning the 13th as by my order, fights began - to it I was inexpressibly glad. The fear was not, there was some nervousness and curiosity. As though I went on a premiere of the movie. I called the doctor, she came at once. After survey on a narration chair that disclosure two cm, and we give birth. Sent me to wash, have a shave and, of course, on an enema. To be washed - that I coped, the husband as I during process continually looked out from - for puzyak shaved houses the hands shivering from laughter and asked how a donkey from “Shrek“: “Well, long still?“ From an enema there is no special memoirs left, unpleasantly, of course, but there`s nothing to be done.

So, I in the rodzal. Well, we will look round. Fresh good repair, a leather bed (which is transformed to a chair), a ball, a bathroom, a TV set under a ceiling, lockers with tools and, of course, for small all. Generally, it was pleasant to us. Time went, fights stopped at one level, on time unequal. Disclosure did not increase. There was an evening. After the next survey the doctor told that it is, most likely, false contractions, and to me will give a sleeping pill injection for the night. To spend the night I was left in the rodzal. After that I was called for fun “our long-liver“ and even offered a registration in the rodzal. I slept badly, woke up each hour as in the neighboring rooms constantly someone gave birth and shouted. Sipped a stomach a little, and soon it ceased to hurt in general. In the morning my doctor came and told that I can back go to pathology - it is necessary to wait couple more of days. But I so quickly was not going to give up, told that I want to give birth today and a point as the perekhazhival for a week, and to a lyalk was promised very large, grams on 4300 somewhere. And pulled a stomach constantly. After short negotiations decided to puncture a bubble. This manipulation did not take a lot of time - from me was watered much. It appeared, there was an abundance of water. My stomach decreased is direct in the eyes, the doctor even told that she small will be less, than she represented. What I very much was delighted to. Waters were transparent.

Hours showed to

exactly 10:00. “So, began!“ - I told myself. Fights did not keep themselves waiting long, I understood that definitely you will not confuse it with anything. In an hour two aunties - anesthesiologists came and began to insert a catheter, “So far I still behave adequately“, - so they told me. Asked to be twisted by a bagel and not to move. I told what a bagel will not turn out, only big drying will leave. What they answered what hurts me not strongly, time I joke. The catheter was put. Of course, not really pleasant procedure - especially an anesthetic prick right at the beginning. But it is tolerant. The long tubule joined it, and there was it on all back to a shoulder, and there was attached by a plaster.

In an hour I understood that to suffer this disgrace there are no more than forces, and began to take oho - go. At once the anesthesiologist came and connected epidurat. At me on a shoulder connected a device into which the syringe with anesthetic was inserted to the end of a tubule. This miracle - the car with the set speed squeezed out medicine. And, about a miracle - life is fine. The next two hours I lay on a bed, watched TV, stirred by phone, slept. Pain was not in general. At me legs perfectly moved, they just became a little wadded, but it is already nonsense. At 15 o`clock the doctor came and looked at disclosure. She wanted to look for some reason without gloves and after processing of the hands with alcohol. At me burned there as if to me put chili pepper there. Disclosure was 8 cm! It in three hours. The doctor ordered to disconnect epidurat that sensitivity returned, and I to full opening could make an effort. After shutdown fights began to come back, it became sick. I could not lie - went and when fight covered me, sat down a little and for some reason told all the time “oh - its - yoy“. There passed several hours, after survey the doctor rendered a verdict - again 8 cm, the uterus and all does not reveal here. After my skulezh, into the account of what ooochen is sick I was connected to an epidural again. About! This pleasure! Thanks, that who invented it. And why many refuse to themselves such pleasure? I for a minute was bitten by conscience that it is necessary to give birth naturally, without anesthetic. But, having thought couple of seconds what who should give birth so, let and gives birth. Here everyone solves for himself. Periodically the doctor came, examined me and said that soon. Surveys took place on the same bed so it was not necessary to rise and go anywhere. They were absolutely painless. By 18:30, after the next check of a uterus on readiness, the doctor told:“ Everything, it is ready“. Turned off anesthesia. The doctor with the anesthesiologist went to drink tea to the neighboring room, having warned that he will begin to grieve soon and that I called her. And I remained one. Sensitivity came back, and fights at once declared themselves, but it was not really sick. In minutes thirty I felt that I want in a toilet and very decently. Having decided that it is also attempts, I trudged to the doctor. Came into their study and found doctors behind eating of cake. Ask: “What came - that?“ I say what grieves, likely. Here my doctor also answers: “If you grieves strongly, so you quietly would not speak, and would creep in an office and by the whining voice would stretch - “tuuzhiit!!“ And, showed on itself all this. Go, speaks, we will come to you soon. I shrugged shoulders, I think, to it - that is more visible, poperlas already in the native such rodzat. Grieved more and stronger, but it is quite tolerable. Especially I did not strain.
Came the midwife, decided to look at me. There is such dialogue:

- Fathers - is sacred and at you already a head it is visible - black, here - already! - she speaks, having rounded eyes.
- Yes?! And I was told, early still, - I quietly answer. there is no
- Yes, most that. Let`s try to make an effort, we will learn...
- Persuaded, give together.

It tells

quietly, slowly, I repeat after it. In the same time the midwife conjures with a bed, and it turns into a chair. On its team I make an effort, holding hand-rail. It turned out that on a chair of a leg it is necessary to rest against special supports, and hands when you make an effort, to pull on itself hand-rail. For some reason these hand-rail were located strongly close to legs, and my hands slid off all the time. And I constantly grabbed them as drowning for a circle - with the last bit of strength. All this occurred very quietly, I gave birth at that time one. After tea mine come the doctor and the anesthesiologist, both have wide eyes. They did not expect such picture - thought, I one sit and I wait for an attempt. Two more nurses came, and one more anesthesiologist - the man came. The whole day nobody gave birth, and it was boring for all. And the man (by sight to him years 30) got up at a door - to me commented on everything and advised how it is correct to make an effort. Here - that also began. Forces for some reason abandoned me, I made an effort normally, but it was necessary not sharply, and smoothly to exhale air in the end. Therefore wash the son and went - one step forward, two back. And also fights weakened for what I began to be pinched for a stomach. Around me vanity accrued, passed 40 minutes, and I not its vytuzha in any way. Stuck oxytocin.

Here the moment of which I was afraid most of all also came. In hands of the doctor there were scissors. But me already was all the same, only quicker everything ended. It cut long and thoroughly, I felt only as skin is cut - and there is no pain. And here after the last attempt mine appeared synulya. Red as tomato, and is a lot of black curly hair. Put on a stomach. I thought earlier that I at our first meeting will cry with affection, but is not present. Sil remained on quietly to lie and consider him.

. It had long nails and as if obgryzenny. Further especially I do not remember, all as in fog. Did not notice a placenta how pulled out. Connect epidurat, began to sew up. I lay, studied the puzozhitel. Cut thoroughly. Sewed up long. Somewhere there is an hour. After the termination of all this my doctor told “thanks“ that did not begin to give birth yesterday as at her place there was a cat hungry, and gave rise today - in her watch. And long did not torment her. For childbirth I never shouted and talked a little - she called me the guerrilla. In an hour directly in rodzat there arrived our father, got acquainted with the son. Our athlete was born 3700 and 54 cm on February 14, 2008 at 19:40.

In two hours us a train - I ahead on a wheelchair, then the nurse, afterwards the father with the son brought to separate chamber. Then I wanted to rise and be washed under a shower, but I took a step and fainted. Did not rise any more, did not frighten the husband. There were two beds, and the father remained to spend the night with us. And in five days we were written out.

finally I want to tell

I: be not afraid to do epiduralny anesthesia. Together with it I remembered the childbirth as a holiday, but not infinite series of pain. Now on the Internet there is a lot of information on this anesthesia, but generally false and wrong. Nothing hurt me, I could go, and to the child nothing arrives. If you in thoughts on this subject, go to maternity hospital and discuss it with the anesthesiologist. They tell very in detail, all pluses and minuses. I agitate nobody - it just wash council. Successful childbirth, dear mummies.