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Collect everything that can be useful in different situations on one shelf of a case, and at you the personal first-aid kit will turn out. With it to you first of all it will be quiet. You will always know that it is only necessary to give a hand (can be, even without rising from the place) to get rid of an indisposition or feeling of discomfort. But do not forget that you have to assemble the first-aid kit together with the doctor, not all drugs are useful to future mothers and not all equally transfer them.


Morning nausea (and vomiting after food) is well removed:

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  • to soar legs;
  • to apply mustard plasters;
  • to use ointments with snake poison;
  • to accept means with extract of an aloe or ginseng.


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Plentiful salivation

of the Problem with digestion


Varicosity of veins