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As it is correct to relax after work of

the Working day ended. It means that ended absolutely! Not only astronomically, but also psychologically! Do not take work on the house! Or in a day did not work enough? Out of work we have a rest, we enjoy life, wind and a rain, pack of ducks at the channel! But is not present in an evening cool and the thought of the left unfinished report, the conflict at work, plans for tomorrow will run...

we Learn to be switched

by em

Upon termination of work take a shower. Not only water, but also power which will allow to wash away all negative accepted in a day.


Choose the place, free from people, animals, plants, get up and present that on you the stream of a golden shower which not only washes you from above begins to fall, but also passes through you!

Present to

that you a big bear (she-bear) who leaves water and begins to shake off. The movements begin with the head, you as though shake from yourself water splashes.

step over

After such good shake-up through the imagined pool (I warrant, you will have a feeling that on a floor dirt traces appeared) and try not to go in this place hour - another, and it is better the whole days.

Before going to bed

it is Very useful for p to work yoga. Do not set the task to master sophisticated asanas, but the elementary complex on a muscle strain needs to be known.

If you have problems with falling asleep, try to breathe before going to bed as corporal therapists advise.

“biological breath“ Complex

the First stage

  • Lay down on a floor, on a back so that legs were bent in knees, feet rested against a floor, straight arms were zakinuta for the head or are divorced in the parties, obligatory with palms up.
  • after that close eyes, relax and present that you inhale through a nose, and you exhale air through... feet.
  • Present to
  • and experience as the wave a spirit cart freely fills your body, and leaving it, goes to the center of feet and comes to light. If you manage to experience this state, then soon your legs as if would will be filled with pleasant buzz. Means, you go in the necessary direction.
  • In 2 - 3 minutes change the mode. Now you inhale through feet and exhale through a nose. The cart a ring passes spirit through your backbone and here already it seems to you that it begins to be filled with energy.

the Second stage
  • you inhale

    through feet and exhale through the top. The backbone is extended and as if would begin to vibrate. Basin is filled with energy and pleasant heat.

  • Now you take a breath through the centers of palms and direct air to the top. Hands join and come to life, shoulders relax and as if the opus would repent on a floor.
  • At the following stage you take a breath palms and send an exhalation to feet.
  • I, at last, on the contrary, the breath through feet, also exhaled through the center of palms.

Exercise should be carried out in silence or under the pleasant weakening music. It is not necessary to force himself at all and to adjust your breath.

Opposite, you breathe as to you it is breathed, the rhythm, and everything that from you is required is gradually slowed down, it is only lazy to banish air through the called parts of a body.

Exercise takes with

no more than 20 minutes, but it is difficult to overestimate its therapeutic effect. Except effect of deep relaxation it will forever relieve you of neurotic headaches and migraines, considerably will improve a condition of a backbone, normalizes work of internals, especially zheludochno - an intestinal path and respiratory organs, will help having asthma and neurotic frustration.

U of “biological breath“ one curious feature is. If you carry out a complex correctly, through some time the rhythm of your breath changes so that you are surprised to how it is easy, exactly and slowly you can breathe.

At some moment you can feel

that you do not want to breathe at all. And you do a long pause between an exhalation and the following breath. Also you enjoy this condition of absolute rest.

This pause is not similar

at all to a breath delay when it just holds apart lungs from desire to inhale.

In this pause you have absolutely a rest. During a pause the organism makes the thinnest power tinctures and starts the mechanism of recovery and rejuvenation. It is not necessary to aspire to it specially, but if it comes, you derive incomparable pleasure.