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Robots transformers - promotion of aggression or the help in development?

the Easy movement of a hand they turn... Yes, in what only do not turn - into the smart car or the tank, the plane or the all-terrain vehicle, into an unknown animal or a bird, or perhaps into the whole city. Variations uncountable quantity - the robot turns into an animal, a bird, the armored personnel carrier, the tank, or breaks up to several small machines, in turn being transformers.

Of course, it is robots, toys the transformers which stole hearts of many boys and arousing indignation of many parents, psychologists and teachers.

the Toy is A little history

- the transformer arose in 1983 when the famous American producer of toys of Hasbro met colleagues from the Japanese firm Takara, and they decided to unite and finish popular takarovsky products. A new series was called simply - transformers. The subject line and characters of characters was developed for them. Already in the following, 1984, newcomers began a gain of the market with assistance of comics and a cartoon serial with a cyberthrone. Subsequently toys - robots became more, new comics were printed, the cartoon serials and the whole movies both adhering to the main subject line, and leaving in the imagination were removed it is far for it. To Russia toys - transformers came in the early nineties, together with series Masterforce which showed the 6th channel of St. Petersburg.

the Robot - a toy, able to turn into the most different forms - from the whole city to the gun or a camera, pleased the boys adoring collecting everything and to sort, and the animated cartoon about heroic opposition of “good“ and “bad“ robots added interest, and still a toy the robot - a transformer - one of the most favourite at boys.

the Toy the robot - it is useful for

or on the contrary?

Many parents and psychologists sound alarm - an aggression stream from screens of TVs, pages of books and comics, and even from shelves of toy shops overflowed our young generation. And one of the main targets of indignation - a toy the robot - a transformer. The armed robots, toothy animals, military vehicles - almost all their transformations are far from thoughts of peaceful quiet games. Besides, psychologists connect with aggressive toys - robots emergence at children of neurosises. All this guards. And though games in war were an entertainment of boys long before emergence of toys of transformers, and would hardly end with their disappearance, and in the childhood of fathers of present boys there were toy tommy guns and shouts “too you are killed...“ this comparison by more serious consideration looks unequal. Probably, a question also in quantity. One robot, it is as if aggressive it looked, will hardly affect outlook and mentality of the child. But the same robot supported with the animated film, the movie, a computer game? In our childhood we watched animated films about Leopold`s cat from it “Let`s live in peace and friendship“, and movies, even about war, were much less aggressive. Perhaps, here parents should enter some censorship?

However, the situation gradually changes, and near the robot - the soldier on shelves of shops there are developing toys - transformers... Appearance of the robot does not cast thoughts of war and aggression, it is rather something similar can be seen at plant or at the disposal of rescuers. 577 details and an opportunity to assemble several programmable robots will hardly leave indifferent the boy is more senior than ten years. And the advantage of such robot or its fellows is much higher - even assembly of the robot - very fascinating and informative process. And still management, programming, work with the software - is where to be developed to the young genius! However, the price of such miracle, about 10000 rubles, will hardly leave indifferent parents.

the Transformer - only the robot?

What is “transformer“? In fact, it something that can take several forms, be transformed. Transformers are among tables, sofas and even baby carriages. And of course, among toys - transformers robots - not only. There are magnificent soft transformers. These are soft toys where hands, legs, paws, noses, eyes, tails and other - other - other fastens on a trunk by means of ordinary “flypaper“ - as fasteners at sandalik. Such toys perfectly develop the imagination and small motility of the child. Depending on quantity and the size of details they can be offered both the two-year-old peanut, and the five-year-old visionary. It will not be boring!

For absolutely small toys - transformers can be found

among rattles and gryzunok which parts can be turned, bent under different corners or to collect in any geometrical figures. Such toy will help the kid to improve coordination of movements, to develop spatial imagination and will bother not so soon as monotonous balls and rings.

So, toys - transformers happen very different. And of course, the prices of them differ too. For example, the soft toy a transformer for kids can be bought for 250 - 500 rubles. The prices of a toy - the robot depend on a large number of factors. Small plastic “monster“ as a toy can be found also for hundred rubles. The robot is more, high quality, well-known company - producer will do in the budget a gap not less than 500 - 600 rubles in any way. If the hobby, yours or the son set so far that only original “branded“ robots are necessary, the prices will begin to be counted in dollars, and still there will be a question of delivery of favourite toys from the USA or Japan that too promises considerable expenses. Super - robots with radio control, lighting and sound effects, vluetooth, USB, various sensors and additional devices, programming or management from the computer will cost in the sum from several thousand rubles to several thousand dollars. However, them and toys to call already difficult - for example, it can quite be the copy of the robot used in work as rescuers or sappers.

generally, options are for every taste, color, age and a purse.