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The ringlet according to the recipe of

Ringlets, bracelets, ear rings - is desirable to choose gold jewelry not only to taste, but also as temperament and to a state of health.

“Gold“ character to Determine

what metal is favorable for your health, will help the reflexologist and special inspection - for example, diagnostics across Foll.

We wear jewelry, without thinking of whether metal of which they are made suits us - just one gold, to others silver is pleasant. Nevertheless these metals possess different power properties, and to an organism not all the same than and where you will decorate yourself, the reflexologist Tatyana Verle, based on an Ayurveda and other east improving systems warns.

If you are sluggish, apathetic, sleepy

, are as if slowed slightly down, speak slowly, have frequent headaches, dizzinesses, a small appetite, east doctor would tell that at you the yin - energy prevails. Also would recommend to wear gold jewelry.

of People Yan - energy are distinguished by a pressure, activity, cheerfulness, open emotions, sharp gesticulation, a loud voice. They have dense muscles, shining eyes, the person pinkish, they easily sweat at physical activities. It is better for them to wear jewelry of silver.

to Band health

It is known that each body has the point of compliance on skin. If function of this or that body is increased, carrying gold in this point will only strengthen the available inflammation, will lift pressure, will increase puffiness. If function of body or system is reduced, then gold, on the contrary, will make active them. Such properties of metals are actively used by reflexologists and homeopathists.

Test shows to
the quantitative content of precious metal in an alloy: in metric system - per 1000 units of mass, in spool-type - per 96 units of mass, in karat per 24 units of mass. So the test is higher, the ornament is more useful to health.
it would Seem to

that it is simpler - fastened the Golden Ring and treat a sore liver. But whether you are sure that metal - the real gold? Quite often jeweler gold is alloyed with silver, and the curative effect comes to naught.

By the way, matters, the lefthander you or the right-handed person. The effect of medical carrying rings will be stronger if you put on them fingers of the leading hand. Also do not neglect carrying ringlets on toes - points standing are considered as more active, than on hands.

It is unconditional, it is impossible to call experiments with rings treatment in the true sense of the word. At best it can be addition to normal treatment. But if in principle similar theories are interesting to you, nothing prevents to try. In - the first, you risk nothing; in - the second, effect of placebo nobody cancelled; in - the third if you need additional arguments for more often to flaunt in jewelry - here it!

of carry will help will help is better to replace it on silver Kidney Eye Earring Almond
Ornament Where a compliance Zone of the Recommendation
of of the Ring on hands the Thumb Bronchial tubes, lungs of At chronic bronchitis gold
Index Arterial blood circulation At a hypertension gold will do much harm, silver
Average Venous blood circulation At varicosity it is necessary to carry gold
Anonymous and the little finger Heart At tachycardia a Golden wedding ring can do much harm. The Thumb the Liver
of the Ring standing of At oppression of function of a liver silver will do much harm, and gold will help
Second the Stomach At gastritis with the increased acidity silver will help, with lowered - gold
Average Tumoral processes to People with high oncological risk is recommended to carry a silver ringlet
Fourth Formation of fatty tissue, exchange processes If to accept preparations for weight reduction and to carry the Golden Ring on this finger, you will quicker achieve success
the Little finger Urinogenital system At a rare urination try to carry a gold ringlet, at speeded up - silver. The man having prostatitis can carry on a leg little finger a silver ringlet
Bracelets On ankles Gold is not recommended at an exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis
On a wrist Blood circulation If hands and fingers swell, to stoitnosit gold bracelets, the same and at a varicosity
of Piercing the Upper lip the Stomach Gastritis with the lowered acidity demands gold
of of the Earring In the center of a lobe of an ear from incorrectly picked up metal at the left or to the right of this point can cause problems with teeth and sexual frustration
At the edges of auricles At chronic tonsillitis gold will strengthen inflammatory process, and silver the Top point of an ear will remove
, where the auricle is bent in half Arterial blood circulation At an elevated pressure gold can worsen health, the Stomach If a stomach not as it should be is better to carry a silver ear ring
of of the Necklace, a chain with pendents On a neck circle , such jewelry the Pendent slightly below than a clavicle Bronchial tubes is better not to carry
Are contraindicated at cough of the smoker
Below the line of nipples the Liver Ornament on a long chain is not recommended to be worn emotional, to quick-tempered people

Where to put test?

If pure gold can be identified by the elementary method - “on tooth“, then to define at least approximately, the structure of a gold or silver alloy will not allow either color, or gloss, or a ring. And all our jewelry is made of alloys: pure gold for this purpose too soft.

Usually jeweler gold is alloyed with copper, silver, nickel, platinum and palladium.

the Headache will recede
the Top phalanx of a thumb of a hand or a leg manages health of the head. If you are meteochuvstvitelna, in days of magnetic storms and pressure differences try to put on this place a ringlet from silver.
Gold light-yellow color (in connection with silver) is most often used by