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The bomb in bank

Sometimes a hand is not raised to send to bank with house preservation to a garbage can - a jar good absolutely, well the cover was a little blown up, perhaps, will carry by... Sometimes, really, carries by. True. Then it is possible to consider that it was lucky. But once can not carry. Also the scary diagnosis will be heard: botulism.

However, it is possible to suffer not only from canned food. Remember, you bought on the way to holiday on the platform a salty or smoked small fish of house production? And air-dried meat in spices? Against road temptations it is so difficult to resist! And there is no wish to think at all that this pleasure can end very sadly...

botulism Cases after the use of sausage were testified by

in Byzantium. From here, by the way, and name of an illness:“ botulus“ in Latin is meant by sausage. However its activator meets not only in sausages. The stick of botulism lives mainly in the soil from where it directly or through “intermediaries“ (organisms of animals, birds, fishes, mollusks) gets to foodstuff.

It is included into the list of agents of the bacteriological weapon and is not less terrible, than an anthrax bacillus. This stick of danger Or rather, in itself does not represent. The death bears the toxin produced by it, the strongest of all known biological poisons - in 375 thousand times is more active than rattlesnake poison!

That the stick of botulism became more active, the anaerobic environment, that is lack of oxygen is necessary. And there is it under a cover of sausages, in pieces of smoked products and dry-cured products and, of course, under a cover banks with canned food. In 95% of cases tinned mushrooms become a source of infection: the pieces of the soil which remained on them become a mine of the slowed-down action.

Having got to an organism, poison is instantly soaked up in blood and strikes nervous system. Transfer of nervous impulses is blocked, causing paralysis of the muscles including which are responsible for breath. If the help is late, there will occur the painful death from asthma in full consciousness. Besides, poison affects also internals. Therefore botulism consequences even after treatment have long an effect: not at once muscular function is restored, complications affect heart, a liver, kidneys.

How to distinguish botulism?

from the moment of the use of the infected food before emergence of the first symptoms passes

from 2 - 3 hours to several days (the interval is shorter, the poisoning is heavier). At the earliest stage the condition of the patient is typical for all intestinal infections: nausea, belly-aches, dryness in a mouth, vomiting, a liquid chair. Sometimes, on the contrary, there are locks which are not giving in to effect of laxatives.

But approximately in a day other problems begin

. Sight worsens: before eyes there are “fog“ or “front sights“, the image appears doubled, especially at a look aside. The patient hardly distinguishes close objects. Pupils are expanded, and one is wider than another. Squint, omission of a century of one of eyes is often noted.

the throat is surprised Further. The voice becomes hoarse, the speech - muffled. Quite often the glotatelny reflex disappears, coordination of movements is broken, “drunk“ gait is observed, neck muscles weaken. The pulse which in the beginning is slowed down begins to accelerate, the blood pressure goes down. Temperature most often remains normal.

What to do?

Sad statistics of mortality from botulism (to 20% of cases) - result of the untimely help. The illness not always proceeds with all listed symptoms. But it is even enough one of them in the easiest form immediately to call “ambulance“. Insist on immediate hospitalization: can give help to the patient (to enter protivobotulinichesky serum and to carry out a detoxication) only in a hospital.

cannot try to wash out independently a stomach At all - paralysis of tissues of throat can come at any time, and the person will just choke!

Prevention is reduced by

to two principles: care and observance of rules of preparation of house preparations. Never buy

  1. privately (at stations, the markets etc.) home-made sausage, smoked products, fat, fish and any canned food. Even products top-quality by sight may contain toxin which has neither characteristic taste, nor a smell.
  2. Especially cannot use the old or bombazhny (raised) canned food, even so far as concerns own preparations. Regularly you carry out audit of cans and suspicious throw out at once. Mushroom canned food before the use it is just in case better for li to warm up
  3. in the boiling water of 30 minutes: heat treatment destroys poison.
  4. Doing to
  5. preparations, carefully wash all products. Surely add acetic acid to the canned food which is subject to tight packing (rolling): the stick of botulism perishes in acidic environment. Meat and fish it is independently best of all for li not to preserve
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