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That to whom for 70: an old age - in pleasure of

Ya I want to help you to create a fancy of an ideal old age, to help you to realize that these years can become an award for all previous life. And it is unimportant, how old are you, - know that your future is always fine. Treat an old age as by precious time of the life. You can become one of representatives of the Magnificent Old age. And not to think about any age crises.

How to find and use treasures in itself

Many of you pass

into category of old people now, and time to change the point of view to life came. It is not obligatory for you to live in an old age as there lived your parents. We can change the settled rules. When we move towards to our future, knowing about treasures in ourselves and using them, ahead of us waits only for good. We can know, approve and truly believe that all events with us in life become for the good and on pleasure to us.

Instead of just growing old, be given and die, let`s make the huge contribution to life. We have time, there is knowledge and there is a wisdom in practice to prove to the world the love and force. Modern society faces now many problems of global character which require our attention. We want to reconsider anew the relation to different age stages of our life.


at one of the largest universities conducted Recently very interesting research on middle age. Scientists established that process of aging in an organism begins since then when you decide for yourself that you reached middle age. As you can see, the body obediently accepts what prompts it reason. Means instead of being guided by average age of 45 - 50 years, we can easily take for new middle age 75 - a summer boundary. The organism will readily apprehend this belief. When we speak: “I had not enough time“, we grow old and we shorten to ourselves life. Instead we have to speak:“ I more than have enough time, the place and energy to be engaged in important issues“.

of 100 years - not a limit

from the moment of origin of mankind and throughout its history life expectancy increased. The first people on the earth did not live also till 20 years. Subsequently average life expectancy began to reach 30, then 40 and more years. Even at a boundary of the twentieth century 50 - the summer person was considered as an old. In 1900 average life expectancy made 47 years. Now we consider normal if the person lives to 80. Why we cannot make quantitative jump in our consciousness and set a new age limit - 120 or 150 years?!

Certainly, health, love, sympathy and acceptance of new beliefs are necessary for

for such long life to us. When I say that we can live till 120 years, most of my listeners exclaim:“ About is not present! I do not want to suffer so many years from diseases and poverty“. Why we in mind have a standard denial at once? We should not associate an old age with poverty, diseases, loneliness and death. If now we often observe around ourselves similar pictures, then it because ourselves created them from our last beliefs.

We can always change

our system of beliefs. Once people believed that Earth flat as pancake. Now we know that it is a lie. I know that we can change our thoughts and accept new ideas as norm. We can long live and to be healthy, loving, rich, wise and happy. Yes, we surely will need to change our present beliefs. We will need to make changes to social structure of society: in provision of pensions, in system of insurance and health care. But it is possible to make all this.

time to return the senior generation on its lawful place of honor Came. As seniors we deserve recognition and respect. But first of all we need to develop in ourselves self-esteem and self-respect. It cannot be received from the outside. It can be developed only consciously in itself.

Begin live anew

During this late period of life we can realize all the opportunities completely. I look forward when there comes this time. Join me. Let`s organize the movement under the name “Magnificent Old Age“ and we will make the precious contribution to development of society.

We can change

system of the beliefs. But to make it, we as representatives of the Magnificent old age, have to exempt the creation from the victims complex. So far we treat ourselves as to ill-fated and helpless individuals while we wait that the government “will adjust“ our affairs, we will never achieve success as social group. However we should unite and make constructive solutions of our problems, we will become the real force and we will be able to change our nation and the whole world to the best.


for a magnificent old age