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The velvet season in “hot spot“ of

Abkhazia. Box Grove hotel. September, 2000, May, 2001.

Instead of the introduction or as we reached life such.

Holiday, as always, appeared suddenly unexpectedly. There were only a weeks 2 - 3, kogdama at last began to think what we, actually, from it would like. It Akhotetsya considerable: moderately warm sea (I hate to float in “parnommoloka“), pines, not hot tender sun, it is good a sand on the beach that was what to be engaged to the daughter, comfortable conditions of accommodation, it is a lot of - many fruit... and it is not enough - not enough people. Having soberly judged that paradise on people of Earth happens, already began to estimate, than from all above-mentioned to mozhnopozhertvovat when from where - that from far socialist proshlogovsplylo attracting “Pitsunda“. It was remembered treasured “to get the permit“, prestigious resorts, the well-known pitsundsky pine. On the other hand - to the sikhpor which is not resolved the Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict, reportings in style Elenymasyuk: the submachine gunners marching on beaches, the burned houses, funnels otbomb in the middle of streets, the “forest brothers“ disappearing in mountains and prochiyestrashilka. Nevertheless, having armed with the Internet, I risked to look that - nibudyo the real situation in Abkhazia. Numerous tour agencies assured that “in Baghdad everything is quiet“ that it is possible safely to go to have a rest with the child and to a vpitsund, and to Gagra, from personal pages having a rest in Abkhazia narodasmotret photos of the nature of tremendous beauty. At last, there was to a naydendazha a decent hotel (various agencies gave to it from 3 to 4 stars) promising uninterrupted electricity, the round-the-clock hot water iprochy pleasures of a civilization. The reason persistently went on to look for something “safer“, but the adventurous spirit overcame. To the family it was declared that we go to Adler (one mention of a possibility of rest with a malenkimrebenok in the rebellious territory caused in my mother rough prilivisterik), and we went to unknown.


Late evening our plane landed in Adler. Promised shofervstretit us directly at the airport, provelkratky instructing in technology of passing of border helped to be loaded into “Gazelle“, and. As time bylopozdny, and for journey of motor transport the border was already closed, shoferostavit the car at the Russian side, and meters to 200 us to prishlosyodolet on foot with things in hands. The most amusing exhibit granitsyokazatsya a stall of “Dyyutifri“ exactly between Russian and abkhazskoyterritoriya. Further we were waited by second “Gazelle“ on whom on the night route (without uniform lamp) we reached hotel. It is necessary to tell, considering a nashenastroyeniye in Moscow, travel in the dark with the turned-off light and mestamiziyayushchy emptiness of a window of Gagra, feelings were approximately same as if bma passed through the base of military operations.


I suddenly, sparkling fires, from darkness “The box grove“ came up. To Uvidettakoye on a post - the Soviet space moreover and in the plundered territory, I will tell honestly, was a bolt from the blue. To be fair, to stoitotmetit that the territory turned out not such devastated. Abkhazia nasocharovat the primitive beauty. But it deserves an otdelnogorasskaz. Meanwhile we will stop on “Samshitka“.

Fine hotel on the Turkish image and similarity, Turks and otstroyennyyv the beginning 90kh for KGB. It already you begin to turn a vnimaniyen into the second arrival any trifles like the torn-off hook for a towel. However, to nadootdat due to personnel, damages of bathroom equipment or electricians ustranyalisv day of the address while we idled on the beach. And, without maleyshegovorchaniye and a hint on payment the panelyupravleniya spoiled by me was repaired by light and electric devices of number.

Quite suitable even for the one-year-old child kitchen. Neogranichennoyekolichestvo of cold appetizers (buffet), excellent dairy products. However, adults quickly enough are satiated with alternation of cutlets of an ikuritsa, but around more than there are enough places where for a reasonable payment mozhnoprekrasno to diversify the diet. Moreover excursions, practically kazhdayaiz which comes to an end with eating of a shish kebab, the trout and “tasting of dobrogoabkhazsky wine“ assuming libations in quantity not less butylkin of the brother.

the Spacious room with a balcony. In number except 2kh beds and a tumbochektelevizor, the refrigerator, journal and written tables, 2 chairs. Plusplastikovy chairs and table on a balcony. In a hall a big case for clothes. A bathroom from a bathroom (that was also very important for the small child), import bathroom equipment. An occasional seat for an additional fee therefore we acted with the old tested Soviet method: a sdvinulikresla also received a fine cradle.

the Medical case with the whole team of massage therapists, a cosmetics bag, gidromassazhem various medical souls. Two saunas, the pools covered and opened “splash pool“ for kids. There are courts, billiards, the volleyball court. The game room where for ridiculous money (the truth, in working hours) to mozhnoostavit the child on the tutor. I think if the bezrebenka wants to splurge in the evening, it is quite possible to agree with the tutor or the maid and for the evening. The beach peschanno - pebble (strips of sand and pebble alternate), is to gdepokopatsya to the child with a scoop and molds. There are boats, catamarans, aqualungs. During a season private traders with the scooter and banana come. Minuses: if you got used to the Turkish animation, can seem neskolkoskuchnovato - nobody for you to go, persistently offering entertainments, will not be. If you have problems with “vpisyvayemost“ in the company, it is the best of all ekhatso than the. Service did not reach the Turkish ideal therefore inogdaprikhoditsya “to bring up“ personnel.

the Result

We received that we wanted, and it is even more: some privacy, sufficient comfort, the sun, the sea, pines, sand, mass of impressions of an otobshcheniye with mountains and mountaineers, got healthier, navitaminitsya. And all this zasravnitelno small money. Whether it is safe in Abkhazia? Unambiguously and. The Vovsyaky case, so far there are our peacekeepers. The first time we to an ekhalisraz after explosion near the Tverskaya, in the second - after hijacking of the plane in Turkey of events in Israel. And, the word of honor, in “Samshitka“ we felt vbolshy safety.