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Time to drink tea

What can be more natural to young mother, than raise the kid breast milk? It is the instinct put by the Nature. But under pressure of the modern civilization setting mad rate of life, not all women manage to keep the miracle ability. Experiences, the excessive tension, fatigue - all this the reasons of reduction of amount of breast milk. Position of the nursing mother imposes additional obligations, but the woman is capable to cope with all difficulties if recommendations of experts and qualitative production of the famous producers are at her disposal.

B it “star“ mother Irina Dubtsova could learn by own experience. Soon after the son Artem`s birth, during breastfeeding, it had to return to work. That there were no problems with a lactation, the graduate of “Factory of stars“ decided to address for consultation Elena Reztsova, the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor, the pediatrician of the highest category. Its simple recommendations were extremely effective.

Main in such situation - to keep calm and a positive spirit. Having secured with support of the family, it is possible to find time for good rest, walks in the fresh air. And of course, the balanced diet is necessary for young mother. Meeting these conditions, listening to a professional advice, quite really to prolong happy time of breastfeeding.

of That milk at mother was too much, will serve it useful bio - tea

of Biot - tea is made for nursing mothers of HiPP Natal from the herbs which are grown up on environmentally friendly lands only by means of natural methods of agriculture, without use of artificial fertilizers. This drink does not contain dyes, preservatives, thickeners and genno - the modified ingredients. For this reason on packing bio - tea for nursing mothers of HiPP the special badge “BIO - Organic Quality“ is placed.

Can be chosen for itself the most convenient option - the packaged tea (20 bags in packing) or in a tuba, capacity 200gr.