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Ridiculous stories from our favourites of

U us there was a dog - a black average poodle Timofey. Ten years ago he died, but to big pleasure left at us pleasant memories of what got up when he was small. Well, for example, mother cooked borsch and laid out stones with meat on a plate which, respectively, put on a table that cooled down. Itself went to brush teeth. The door in a bathroom opened to watch “robber“. At us in a bathroom the big mirror and when the door in a bathroom was open hung on a door, it was visible that becomes completely in kitchen, but observing it was visible not. So, mother in a bathroom, our bezobraznik - Timka looked round - there is nobody. Climbed on a chair, climbed on a table and reaches for a titbit. Here from nowhere mother`s voice: “You where?“ He moved, jumped off from a chair, checked, got wind of all corners in kitchen. There is nobody. Who told it? Again climbed on a chair, on a table did not risk any more, to meat and again the strict voice of mother stretched again “from nowhere“: “You where?“ “Guy“ got a fright, killed under a chair and any more never from a table stole anything. I observed all this together with mother from a bathroom, and if it is honest, then at that moment could die of laughing.


died, and new “odd fellow“ succeeded. Now his name is Gucci, is an elite English cocker - a spaniel. In the years, and to it now 1 year 8 months and 27 days, got 3 gold medals at exhibitions. But he is not smaller “clown“, than our first dog. We see the coolest every day. When our Gucci wants to be played, he takes a toy and demands that the father behind it ran. And here picture. Every day at half past five evening Gichchi around a sofa, a chair and a little table runs, and the man of 52 years in the dawn of forces runs behind it and sings the song “Ouch, Thulium - Thulium - Thulium, Ouch, Gucci - Krasotul“. It lasts several minutes. And the doggie runs and looks back, whether all by rules. If suddenly the father becomes silent, the kid sits down on buttocks and begins to whine. Then it is necessary to continue at once, in “I will drive together with the song“. And except the father so it is impossible to do to anybody. I once tried. He on half-roads stopped and looked at me, kA as if I from the moon fell. It was very a shame to me, and our parents laughed so that tears from eyes flew.

I the last history which I want to tell. This history occurred approximately in a week after we took away Gucci from manufacturers.

we Brought it home, bought a soft easy porolonovy sofa and a podstilochka. Parents have a big house now, is spacious, big flowers stand. And here once we observed it. Gucci lay under a cactus (like a palm tree, only prickly leaves) and gnawed tips. Long lay, several minutes. Then sat down on buttocks, looked back and somewhere it was washed away. We observed, what will be farther. Gucci went to a bedroom, dragged the pillow, put under a cactus, settled and continued the study. In a week to us there arrived manufacturers to look in what conditions there lives a doggie. We offered Gucci that showed how dashingly that chews prickles. All this repeated in accuracy to details. Manufacturers so laughed ingenuities 2,5 monthly puppies that they still remember this history. If you are interested in destiny of a cactus, so it was eaten almost completely then we tenderly nicknamed our favourite “colt“.