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Children`s machines - to roll or ride?

What most “boyish“ toy? Of course, machines. In spite of the fact that there are more and more girls and women with ease master driving and restrict on roads of men - drivers, concerning toys such “gender equality“ does not hurry to be fixed. To girls - dolls, to boys - machines, many grandmothers, grandfathers and parents are sure.

Children`s “garage“ begins to be replenished with

sometimes in addition till the birth of the kid - rattles and suspension brackets in the form of cars, becomes farther more - wheelchair machines, inertial toys of the machine, radio-controlled cars, toy machines with an electric motor or the pedal drive and even beds - machines and machines - lodges for games.

of the Machine - wheelchairs

of the Wheelchair happen two types - one can be pulled for themselves on a string or to push before themselves, holding a stick, and it is possible to sit down and go to other children`s cars, making a start legs.

are intended to

of the Machine of a wheelchair on sticks and strings for boys who only - only start walking. The kid who recently got up on legs feels more surely, holding the wheelchair handle, and this confidence helps it to master a new way of movement rather. However, to pull for itself or it is possible to push ahead not only toy machines, but also engines, turtles, butterflies, doggies or the whole houses. Many of them are able to peep, blink bulbs, or are supplied with game like a sorter where various figures are offered to pick up suitable “nests“ that is very useful for distinction of a form and development of motility. Among such wheelchairs it is possible to find also absolutely inexpensive options - from 150 rubles, the wheelchair with music or bulbs is slightly more expensive - 500 - 800 rubles, and environmentally friendly wooden animals, engines and machines of a wheelchair can cost from 200 to 1500 rubles and more.

the Second option - wheelchair machines which it is possible to ride. They have big steady castors, a convenient seat, a wheel which the machine is operated also the high back protecting the kid from falling. Often machines of wheelchairs have still joining headlights, blinkers, buttons with livers on a wheel or amusing toys which can be turned or jump up or carry out other simple movements. They can be made in the form of the racing car, the jeep or even an engine, and all help to develop motility and coordination of movements of the kid. The prices - from 600 rubles to several thousand.

of the Toy - the machine

They are very different - and simple toy machines to the plastic case and castors, both clockwork, and inertial, and radio-controlled cars Are and models of cars, they - just the copy of the presents, is only much less.

In itself, machines are not too interesting to development of the child. But with them it is possible to think up so many games! It is possible to roll the machine each other - as a ball. It for the smallest. Children are more senior can study colors on machines - for certain they to a year and a half collected already enough and the majority of flowers is present. Try only that colors were pure and quiet - half tone children begin to distinguish later, and is poisonous - lime “acid“ colors of a toy can look creatively, but do harm to perception of the child. And still such machines come across to a thicket among cheap. Both the plastic and dyes used in them can be simply dangerous to the child.

toys of the machine and in syuzhetno - role-playing games Are irreplaceable

. Now the kid the driver, but drives the truck. And here the garage was necessary for the truck, and now he is a builder. And for the machine it is possible to build the bridge or a tunnel. It will be interesting to kid to observe how the car overcomes them.


Radio-controlled cars - the toy for children is more senior. Kids sometimes even just are afraid of them. And here for the boy of 6 - 10 years of race of radio-controlled cars or “rally“ on overcoming of various obstacles - very good game. In race ability to build strategy and tactics develops, and the buttons and joysticks reacting to the slightest movement help to develop motility. Besides, it is useful to explain to the kid as all this works. On such good example it will be easy to understand it, and later it is useful at physics lessons where the same will be told not visually, and language of formulas. The price of the radio-controlled car - approximately from 500 rubles and to several thousand. It is possible to find, of course, cheaper, but, most likely, to the detriment of quality.

“Real“ children`s cars

And also motorcycles, trayka (three-wheeled motorcycles), ATVs and scooters. Of course, they children`s, toy - but go as the presents. Under a cowl of the children`s car real “heart“ - an electric motor fights. Fed such “horse“ with electric current via the special charger - and went. With a speed of 4 km/h, but only on the flat road any budgetary version of the children`s machine for 2,5 - 4 thousand rubles will give about 45 minutes of the movement. If the child dreams of driving on off road terrain or racing speeds - the price will be notable above - to 40 thousand. And for 55 it is possible to buy the ATV with the real petrol engine and speed up to 24 km/h.

if you want

A that the child not only rode the machine, but also developed physically - it is possible to choose the pedal children`s car or a cycle mobile. Sports design and absolute environmental friendliness - any engine except own legs of “driver“, an opportunity to use as on the street, and indoors, absence of alarms that gasoline or a charge of the accumulator will come to an end - undoubted pluses of such cars. And still is the remarkable exercise machine strengthening muscles and it is warm - vascular system of the child. For the least drivers such machines are supplied usually with the handle - as children`s velosipedik that mother or the father could take the tired kid “on a tow“. The cost of a pedal vehicle - about 3 - 4 thousand rubles.

of the Machine - beds and tents - machines

It both a toy, and children`s furniture. “Bed“ and high sides, convenient, correct from the point of view of orthopedics, in the form of the racing car or “bug“ - to the child will comfortably sleep, sides will not allow it to fall from a bed, as if it span in a dream. And in the afternoon the boy can quite play with such car, feeling like the most real racer. Such interesting bed can help the child to pass without serious consequences from a joint dream with parents to an independent dream. It already big - and at it is such remarkable bed! There is a bed - the machine about 9000 rubles.

are quite capable to please with

of Tent in the form of cars the child too. In general psychologists advise tents, lodges or “shalashik“ from fabric surely to have in the nursery, especially if it is divided by two or more children. The closed, small space of such lodge gives to the child feeling of a cosiness and security - remember, for certain you in the childhood suited same “lodges“ under a table or the turned chairs. And the tent executed in the form of the racing machine or the tent representing the hero of popular Disney`s animated film “Wheelbarrows“ surely will be pleasant to the boy.

In tent in the form of the truck the lodge - a cabin is adjoined still by a body in which it is possible to get out through a round or rectangular manhole. Only do not forget to lay a floor in a cabin and a body if in the apartment it is cold - the ordinary skin, a skin - a puzzle, or just a piece of a carpet on which to the child will warmly sit for this purpose will approach. The cost of such tents - cars - about 400 rubles.