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I and my future close-knit family of

So it turned out that my parents brought up three children. Me, my little sister Lena and brother Alyosha. It is necessary to tell that we spent all childhood and youth at home. On the street did not even pull, and it did not influence our social adaptation in life at all, and, on the contrary, very much even helped. The house was never boring. Always we together helped parents about the house and had together a rest, played the most different games, organized concerts for the grandmothers and grandfathers, performances, quizes.

When grew up - organized debatable evenings on different political, economic and vital subjects. When began to be on friendly terms with children and to invite them home, parents never left us one, and participated in our conversations. And it is correct. Our acquaintances were surprised how easily it was possible to communicate with our family on the most carved subjects. Nobody felt awkwardly, it was cheerful and interesting to all.

Now I already have a husband, and four months ago we gave birth to Mischa. I, as well as any mother, very much want to help it and to teach him to be in this life the successful, interesting, developing person, I want that it found itself(himself) and was happy.

When I suspected this subject, came to a conclusion that all education begins with me. Before bringing up the child, it is necessary to begin to bring up itself.

the Child - very sensitive being. He well feels when mother or the father are lazy, do not want to communicate with him, deceive, long, quarrel. And what better than collective can bring up the person? The family in which it grows is the very first and main collective in the child`s life, and will - bondage it will go on life with those installations which in it were put by a family.

Therefore I output for myself several rules which as it seems to me, are very necessary at communication with children.

First rule: Bring up the example.

I made by

For convenience to myself the schedule for every day of month in which it is painted as when I do. But I made the schedule so that it was flexible. I.e. there is a number of cases which I have to do surely every day, and a number of cases which go as hobbies. In the schedule I do not put time and therefore I can do the planned things in any the moment, convenient for me. The most interesting is what it is already interesting to my son to watch, than mother is engaged, and he behaves absolutely quietly when I do something.

Here approximate schedule of obligatory affairs:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Cooking
  3. Bathing of the child
  4. the child`s Hardening
  5. Exercises for the child and massage
  6. Walk
  7. Reception of vitamins for the feeding mothers
  8. Vitamin D for the child
  9. of Procedure for prevention of flu
  10. Physical exercises for maintenance of a figure
  11. Hygienic procedures
  12. Cosmetic procedures

Ya I try to paint affairs as it is possible in more detail since sometimes happens that you are run and you can forget something. And here all near at hand and, noting the made affairs, it is possible to analyze and control remained. So I cultivate in myself and the son discipline.

Besides obligatory affairs I have a number of facultative cases:

the question Arises - when I all this am in time? I answer. I it not simply am in time. I even have free time. The most important that the child was near. All this is very interesting to it. Especially, when I study the movements of belly dance on a videoplayer or I pronounce words of English for the leader of telecourses. At the same time I as if address the son and I represent to him different mugs, and he in reply to me smiles and something murmurs.

Second rule. Children has to be much.

The matter is that when the collective big, is simpler and more interesting to be engaged in different affairs. I very much want to give birth to two more children and very much I want that they were amicable and helped each other. Now I cannot realize many ideas and games because my Mischa still absolutely small. But I will share some ideas with you.

  1. When to Mischa will be 6 months old, we will begin to draw and mold with it. I will weld on and I will make mashed potatoes, I will paint part beetroot juice, an onions peel, carrots juice, and we will try to stick together something or to represent some drawing from this weight. Later I will hang up on a wall in the room big sheets of a Whatman paper, and we will paint them and to paint felt-tip pens or paints.

  2. On a big leaf of a Whatman paper by holidays we will draw colourful congratulatory wall newspapers and to hang out them as decoration of the room.

  3. From white and color paper we will put figures - origami and to paint them, and then we will organize puppet theater, we will bring together relatives and we will give tours.

  4. we Will organize gala concerts with recitation, singing of songs, statements and sketches, dancing numbers. Will participate I, my husband, mine synulya Mischa, my sister Lena, her husband, my brother Alyosha, his wife and children. Generally, participation will be voluntary, but, knowing the family, is sure that they will not refuse. Let`s show to other elderly relatives.

  5. we Will take from a big leaf of a cardboard a detour with the segments similar to a drum in the game “Field of wonders“, we will put a spinning top in the center, we will prepare cards with letters and small prizes. So we will play the game “Field of wonders“ and to study the alphabet.

Can think up and realize br a lot everything, the main thing most to be a keen person and to remember that adult are the same children, only big, and children are the same adults, only small. Children surely with you will play with pleasure. But it is never impossible to force something to do the child. Everything has to be in pleasure.

Third rule. Respect each family member and demand respect for yourself. This rule is necessary in order that in a family there were no distortions neither towards the child, nor towards the husband. The love to the husband and children is not measured at all by the number of free time which you spend on yourself. Himself should be loved too, to be engaged in the appearance, education, various hobbies. And all this has to be known. Also as well as children and at the husband have minutes on themselves darlings, and mother has to have time for herself. In a family there are no main. All are equal. This thesis cultivates respect for the identity of other person. Never it is impossible to offend others and to allow to offend itself.

Fourth rule. Live every day as if it is the last. This rule, very important for me. It helps me to carry tolerantly to the relatives, to try not to offend them. It forces me to fight against the laziness. Thanks to it I do today everything that planned. This rule gives the chance to treat more sensitively each warm and joyful minutes and moves any offense and trouble to smooth and turn into a joke. It very well helps to understand what it is life, and that in it most important and necessary. And the most important - that all of us were together, communicated and laughed. And then any trouble and any economic and political crisis it is not terrible. Then you understand that in any times you should not lose pleasure to be mother, and the husband - the father.

Here, perhaps, and everything, than I wanted to share with you. And let I for the present have no sufficient experience in education and communication with children, but I have a big desire to see the family in the future big, amicable and cheerful. And I think that and will be. I wish also to all big family wellbeing and a good health to you and your relatives.