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Children`s stories about animals of

my pet - Masik

lives In our family a cat. Call him Masik. He will be one year old soon. It at us - as the family member. When we sit down to a table to have dinner, it here. Beats with the pad a cloth - asks to eat. It turns out ridiculously. He loves a small fish and bread. Still he loves when I play with it. And in the afternoon if there is nobody the house, he luxuriates on a balcony on the sun. Masik sleeps with me or elder sister Christina.

him very much I love




At my place there is a feathery pet - scare Kesha. It appeared at us two years ago. Now he is able to talk, quite safely feels with people. My popugaychik very cheerful, clever and talented.

Ya very much I love it and I am very glad that I have it.

my friend

We with mother went marketing, bought a kitten and brought it home. He began to hide everywhere. We called his Tishk. He grew up and began to catch mice. We found out soon that it is a kitty, and now we wait for kittens.

my turtle

lives a little turtle At my place. Her name is Dina. We with it walk. She eats a fresh grass on the street. Then I carry her home. She goes on the apartment and looks for a dark corner. When finds, hour or two sleeps in it.

I it Am accustomed in kitchen. Dina loves apples, cabbage, soaked bread, crude meat. Once a week we bathe a turtle in a basin.

Here such turtle at me.

my favourite rabbit

U me is a little rabbit. It is such pretty, it has tiny red eyes. It the most beautiful on light! When I saw it the first time, could not tear off an eye from its beauty.

the Rabbit never runs away from me, and on the contrary as will see me, at once asks to me on hands. Well absolutely, as my younger brother! It is very bright. Likes to eat a grass and corn.

I Adore my rabbit!

the Cat Samik

at me animals is not present

of the House, but my friend a cat Samson lives at my grandmother in the village. Beautiful, fluffy, black with white spots on a breast.

are protected by dogs Usually at home, and at the grandmother a security guard is Samik. At first it banished all mice from all sheds, from the cellar. And already several years of any mouse! But there is more to come. It does not let foreign cats, dogs neither in a kitchen garden, nor in a garden, nor in the yard, and it helps my grandmother! Even if somebody will approach the house, Samik begins to mew loudly, and the grandmother knows already - someone others came!

of the security guard the granny indulges milk, a small fish, a sausage. It such clear head! He deserves it!

White and Grey

When I was small, we lived in the north in the city of Noyabrsk. We with the father and mother in the market also bought two rabbits. One was white, and another - gray. I was very glad! We bought for them food. They lived in a cage on a balcony. I fed them every day with carrot and cabbage, cleaned at them a cage. I very much loved rabbits and played with them.

When we left the North, could not take rabbits in a long journey. Were afraid that they will die. Mother photographed me with them. I often remember them and I miss.