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Cesarean section - release from an original sin?

All of us are guilty even if we lead a just life. The reason for that - an original sin. According to Christian tradition, any, conceived and given rise naturally, is guilty from the cradle. Whether there is to it more ordinary and ordinary explanation? At once I will make a reservation, I do not apply for monasteries of the scientist or a religoved and I argue from positions of own life experience. If you want, from the inhabitant`s positions in good sense of this word. Supervision over own daughter who became a push to reflection on this subject (thank God!) safely was born, thanks to the operation “Cesarean section“.

What is it? It is alternative to natural childbirth which meets rather often now. Cesarean section is a surgery during which at first the forward belly wall of the woman in labor is dissected, then - a wall of her uterus then the fruit is taken outside through these cuts. Sounds a little frighteningly, isn`t that so? However there are no special reasons for concern. The technology of this operation developed by modern medicine does it quite safe (not more dangerously, than, say, removal of the inflamed appendix). So, at least, Sergey Gonchar on the thematic page devoted to the called problem claims. By the way, the same material is found on “Mother. Ru“. Duplication as validity sign?

to Fans of scientific literature can recommend to address materials of dissertation researches on a subject:“ Cesarean section in modern obstetric practice“.

More available information can be found on the website “Childbirth. RU“. Website slogan:“ In total about pregnancy and childbirth“, and, if more precisely, then about doubts and questions of pregnant mummy:

Opinion of Church on Cesarean section can be found out on the Round table of ROC. It is better to make all this before moving to maternity hospital.

By the way, in advance in maternity hospital it is better not to lay down. Considering that it is darling and, most often, the only subject discussed in chambers, will not be exaggeration to tell that horror stories by which future mothers intimidate each other can bring to collective hysteria and mass psychosis. I was frightened by possible complications too.

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also you can pull out this negative from the RuNet. For example, “Cesarean section leads to asthma“. Authors claim that the children who were born as a result of Cesarean section have more chances to ache with bronchial asthma, than those who were born in natural patrimonial ways. This regularity was found by the Finnish researchers who carefully collected data on tendency to allergic diseases of nearly two thousand people of 1966 of year of birth. More in detail “The encyclopedia of family education“ narrates about negative sides of operation. And still it is worth glancing on the website “Health. Ru“.

Other reason for experience: Whether natural childbirth after Cesarean section is possible? Long time was considered as indisputable truth that mothers who already once gave birth by means of Cesarean section will have to resort to it and next time. However now it is obvious that to 75% from them can successfully give birth in the natural way if they are given time for independent attempts.

Pluses and minuses of Cesarean section is compared on the resource by the Family doctor. Speakers as consultants, the gynecologist Sergey Beloborodov and the doctor of medical sciences Georgy Shmakov claim that they resort to Cesarean section even more often in recent years. It is enough to tell that in ten years the frequency of this operation grew three times. In Moscow about 15 percent of childbirth come to an end Caesarian with section, and in a number of specialized clinics nearly every second child is born the image which is not provided by the nature.

can Calm itself also the fact that many famous people were also influenced by Cesarean section. For example, to rescue the child, Cesarean section was made to Madonna.

Cesarean section - dangerous operation or a comfortable way of appearance of the child on light? Questions of readers are answered by the manager of office of pathology of maternity hospital Marina Nikolaevna Tolcheeva. The subject of questions and answers is continued by Malyarsky M. M. Nadeemsya that councils of professionals which you will find on the called network resources will be useful. It is in passing possible to glance on the website of the Emos center enticing visitors fine heading:“ Childbirth and the birth in pleasure“. Of course, once you obligatory glance on the best family website of the RuNet and to obtain there the mass of useful information.


It is interesting that recently ranks of those who chose Caesarian voluntarily without sharp need, medical on that, spread. It also is clear, except for a heavy, in most cases, condition of an exit from an anesthesia, birth pangs are dissolved in medicamentous unconsciousness that it is not so terrible as pains from fights and other “tortures“ which so brightly are reproduced in the majority of drama plots of movies - reportings from maternity hospital. I do not belong to this category, but I understand those who made such choice. To be fair It should be noted that it has many opponents.

to Those ladies who possess tendency to such phenomenon as “Caesarian at will“, article from the People is devoted. Thanks to the author that he “does not try to condemn or overpersuade at all future mothers who get ready for childbirth by Cesarean section on doctor`s orders“, and makes an attempt of comprehensive consideration of a question:“ From the point of view of the legislation the doctor can be sure: with Caesarian the medical maximum for the prevention of possible complications for mother and the child will be made section. And the basis for operation can be found always. Alas, it can turn out that even backdating. Therefore it is clear that some doctors rejoice when future mother in conversation voluntarily reduces a measure of responsibility of personnel and agrees on Caesarian“...

Reading article suggests

an idea that it is possible to understand actions of doctors, to explain feelings of future mother, but how to learn what is endured by the newborn, having been in this world a bit different way, than his peers?!

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A. Quite recently, on June 13 (happy number) in Bahrain six twins were born. Hours-long operation (Cesarean section) that 4 boys and 2 girls were born was required, the Utro newspaper reports.

of Children, been born by means of surgical intervention, becomes more and more. Most likely, this tendency will accrue. For them even the special name appeared:“ C-section babies“. Frankly speaking, it terribly is not pleasant to me, blows as some racism, but takes place to be.

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of Serious researches of features of mental development of this category of children. Even before childbirth, said to me that these children differ from the peers. Than?

Let`s imagine that way which the baby makes, being born naturally. Pain and fear - become one of the first impressions in his life. Perhaps, they also become that original sin which lays down on innocent soul of the child. I will not argue with the experts on an occultism finding this sin in a karma, heredities of the person. It is a subject of separate discussion.

I Hope that all will agree that childbirth cannot but make impacts on mentality of the child. Appearance of the kid on light as a result of Cesarean section relieves it of pain and the first pushes from mother`s bosom to our cruel world. Children are born, passing a gate of pain and fear. It seems to me that they are born more courageous and independent.

It is, by the way, a big problem for parents. Fearless children require constant attention, and free and independent with great difficulty agree with opinion of parents. These children are little masters, but, at the same time, they - are very emotional and vulnerable, differ in the thin sincere organization.

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that in a family the little tsar (Caesar) or the queen appeared... Perhaps, therefore Cesarean section and is called.

Dear readers, I hope, you forgive me for so courageous judgments and will not be very strict in the estimates.

of Good luck to you and pleasant summer holiday!