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The complex care for the smallest

the Most surprising that happened to me in life, is the birth of the child. Everything that was with me before the first infantile shout, during an instant grew dull and practically lost meaning. The world made a somersault around and steadily got on feet. And all its paints and sounds concentrated in the little girl in whose blue eyes I saw own reflection...


only that feeding by a breast at us was not adjusted. At first I awfully worried and undertook all possible... But it is difficult to nature to resist, and there was not enough breast milk. Consoled only the fact that I am not lonely - nearly 60% of women are not possible to nurse the kids after three months. At some moment I understood that it is under such circumstances important not to panic, and it is correct to pick up food because for the kid this most important. As important, as tenderness and endless love of mother.

Strangely enough, artificial nutrition for babies is not the invention of the 20th century as sometimes it seems to all of us. In Renaissance the mankind faced a problem of feeding of children in the absence of milk at mother. But only in an industrial 19th century of technology reached such level that creation of substitutes of breast milk became reality. The Nutricia company became one of the first companies which arranged production of dairy mixes. The name of the company is translated as “wet nurse“. What cozy and warm word!

the First mix which was tried by my daughter. It was advised by the pediatrician who told that her structure is specially developed taking into account needs of the Russian children. It can be given to children since the birth in the absence of breast milk at mother or to finish feeding the kid if there is not enough mother`s milk.

Mix contains everything that is necessary for such remains, provides all needs of the growing organism for vitamins and minerals. Complex effect of vitamins A, E, C and ß - carotene promotes formation of normal immunity; vitamin D plays an active role in a calcium exchange, influences muscular function. Irreplaceable amino acids cystine and taurine are necessary for formation of a brain. Specially picked up compounding of fats cares for formation of sight and the central nervous system, takes part in immunity formation; carbohydrates lactose and maltodextrin increase digestion of mineral substances and promote intestinal microflora development.“ The baby“ provides to my child the balanced food as “The complex care“ - nutrients, the minerals and vitamins which are specially picked up for the growing children`s organism is her part. It is still very important that mix is enriched with iron for prevention of development of anemia, iodine - for the normal growth and intellectual development, selenium - for immunity strengthening. It is a vysokoadaptirovana, i.e. on the qualities it is as close as possible to mother`s milk.

the New food pleased my daughter at once. Then I learned that plant in Istra situated near Moscow - one of the most modern plants of Russia. It does not concede in technical parameters to the best European enterprises with strict quality control of production. Now “Baby“ reminds a little that dairy mix which was bought still by our mothers as the composition of mix is developed together with the Union of pediatricians of the Russian Federation, and the compounding meets the requirements of World Health Organization. That is, mother can be sure that she provides the kid to all necessary.

I know

Ya that my daughter will grow up healthy, successful, happy. It has such good start - care, love, tenderness, warmly cozy house and good healthy nutrition.