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Jimmy of

there Began

Having played a little with a puppy a game of tag, Jimmy finally recovered and cheered up. It will surely find a way home!
- Hey, Buddy! - the boy shouted, having clapped himself on a leg. - Home! Already it is time for us to go, and me Dee with Karina, likely, already lost that!


, appear, did not hurry anywhere, with interest sniffing at bushes and wet asphalt.

But having seen

that his new friend resolutely went on the road forward, the puppy with yelping jumped following, clumsily rolling over on the run.

suddenly felt

Through some time of Jimmy that was tired and cannot go any more! This opening very much frightened him as around there was still a district unfamiliar to it.

the Boy sat down directly on the road, even without thinking that it can be dangerous. Buddy right there jumped up and snatched on him with happy bark as if speaking: I caught up with you, at last! You did not think to escape from me?
- Buddy, leave alone! - discontentedly Jimmy spoke, doing attempt to push away the cheerful partner. - I do not want to play now. You understand that I was tired?

the Puppy in reply tried to climb on knees to the friend that also to encourage him, and at the same time most to get warm.

At this moment some car heaved in sight. Having absent-mindedly raised the head, Jimmy quickly jumped on legs. The puppy who settled down nevertheless at him on a lap with dissatisfied grumble slid down and right there with yelping began to jump around the boy.
- Hey, Buddy! - joyfully Jimmy exclaimed, jumping up on the place and Masha hands over the head. - Look - someone goes! Maybe they know where Dee lives, and will bring us to it? Hey, Mr.! We here! Stop, please!

On closer examination the car was

the white minibus covered with some inscriptions. Having overtaken Jimmy, the grabbed Buddy on hands that that incidentally did not get under the car wheels, the minibus stopped.

the Driver noticed the child and the puppy who is fearlessly jumping on the road and decided to understand in what business.


Perhaps, something happened? And if they play, then it is necessary to report about it to irresponsible parents of the kid!
- Hey you, small! - put out the head from a window from the forward passenger the young guy with colored in light-yellow and black color curly hair. - At you everything is all right? You so play or something happened?


scaredly recoiled, having pressed to itself Buddy, in all eyes examining speaking. He never before saw people with multi-colored hair!
- You what you are silent? - impatiently the guy repeated. - You in German in general understand? Give quicker! If the help is not necessary, then we went further. We are late for rehearsal!

From salon the laughter and the indignant shouts reached.
- Guys and is silent you! - through a shoulder the voluntary rescuer shouted. - Maybe the child got lost or still that happened to him! I perfectly know how many now time! I have hours before eyes! But we cannot it here and so throw on the road and dump, and then learn that its car brought down or still that like that happened! And we were near, but just took and left, without having learned in what business!


grew bolder a little, having understood that it and the truth is wanted to be helped, and quietly told:
- We with Buddy got lost and very much we want home!
- This already another matter! The good fellow, so also told at once! And you at least approximately know where you live? Well the address there or though describe how your house looks?
- I at Dee live now... - Wait for
-... You at Dieter of B - on live?! His son, perhaps?! Wow! Cool! you heard it, guys? there is no
- Yes, Dee - my elder brother, but not the father! I earlier in Los - Andzheles of veins, in a shelter. Yesterday for me mother arrived and took away here. I at Dee will live so far.
- And! I see. Well, climb then, we by will pass and we will land you at gate. No problem! Here all know it! Local sight! Your puppy does not bite incidentally? This is a sheep-dog? The serious animal will grow!
- Thanks! Mr., and why you have multi-colored hair? You the alien, huh? From what planet?

the Minibus began to shake from an amicable laughter, and “alien“, having shaken the fist through a shoulder at friends, indifferently answered: there is no
- I am just a punk! We compose music in this style and have to look not as ordinary people! All right, now guys will put you in the bus, we have places much. To them give hands, and they will pick up you! Well?


it agrees nodded and gave hands to sitting in salon that they dragged it inside and seated on an empty seat. Too did not forget about Buddy, having hardly caught a restless puppy for a nape and having transferred to the owner`s hands.

Having been

in the bus, the boy began to look around with interest and to furtively examine the saviors. their

. Almost at everyone ears, lips and a nose were pierced. But, despite frightening appearance, they concerned the boy quite friendly, with interest asking on America and on how it got to Dieter of B - well. Jimmy, rejoicing to attention from seniors, willingly answered questions and managed to insert the into rare pauses. Especially interested him what his new acquaintances have a style such and why at the same time it is necessary to look so strange? Why it is impossible just to sing the songs?
- Well, look, Jimmy, - condescended to explanations one of musicians - the guy of quite dense constitution and wearing spectacles. - You here are fond of a rap. Yes?
- Aha, - nodded Jimmy, having looked at the interlocutor with interest.
- There now, - that continued, having settled more conveniently on the sitting, having thrown a leg on a leg. - You know, probably, that rappers try to stand out from the crowd too? Well, in order that they were not confused with representatives of other subcultures.
- Aha, - again nodded the boy. - My friend Jay asked once for our head mistress that presented him for Christmas wide jeans. He is the real rapper!
- Means, you perfectly know all! - the guy with multi-colored hair interfered. - Well and why you then pose as the moron? It is not cool! shorter: we as well as your friend Jay, we emphasize with the appearance our belonging to that musical direction in which we work! That`s all. - Listen to
, Jimmy, you said that you, it seems, in church choir sang, huh? - the guy sitting behind and being silent before suddenly asked. - And you can sing to us something from your repertoire now?
- to Sing? - perplexed asked again Jimmy, having looked back to the new interlocutor. - You over me want to laugh?
- Who told? - the musician was surprised. - I am a vocalist too, we are with you, one may say, colleagues! If you want, we to you can sing something from our repertoire too! However, guys?
- No problem! - according to hooted the others. - All the same rehearsal failed. Waited for us by 2 o`clock, and now already nearly 4! So we will land you and in Hittfeld we will back drive. The sense already to trudge? Let`s call the manager and we will apologize. Let`s tell lies something plausible! And now though we will a little sing, we will warm sheaves - to us in general all the same where to sing! Give, Jim, do not hesitate! We also just start, we break through thorns to stars! Let`s not laugh, we swear!


confusedly reddened and told:
- And is possible I will rehearse a little bit and sometime then to you I will accustom to drinking? I was already tired today... We with Buddy long walked. And how your group is called?
- Amplify, - responded the vocalist. - Well, so next time you will sing. About! At last reached! Hurrah! Itself you will call the on-door speakerphone or you are afraid that will abuse? You were lost, probably.

Having remembered

what happened to it to a meeting with musicians, Jimmy very much was frightened. He absolutely forgot that he was not at home yet, and Dieter with his Karina for certain and the truth already lost...

the Termination follows