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Jimmy. Part 3

the Beginning

Directly at the rate was some room with the short flight of stairs conducting down and from there grand piano sounds reached. The boy on tiptoe went there, watchfully looking around - and suddenly it is impossible to come into that room, and he will be punished for a samovolnichestvo?

But curiosity it was p above a self-preservation instinct, and Jimmy with the heart beating about edges continued the way. Having reached an entrance, young “intelligence agent“ once again darted a cautious glance on the parties, having noted that the house at Dieter and the truth huge, similar to a labyrinth that carefully to investigate it and weeks even not enough!

Having approached

an arch (and the door in the room was not at all, strangely enough), Jimmy extended a neck to look that there inside and whether it is worth going down. Through columns of a short flight of stairs he saw the pianist - it was his adoptive brother sitting a back to it, strumming something on a grand piano and who plunged into the music.

“Wow! - the boy thought, having decided to stand and listen a little more. - And so as, it appears, songs write! And Jay said that for this purpose it is necessary to go to some studio! And I also believed! Yes he, for certain, never saw musical producers, here and invents any nonsense! I here will take and I will ask Dee to teach me to compose music, then we together producers will work with it! All will envy me!“

Meanwhile music abated, and Dieter turned facing the boy listening to his game, having opened a mouth.


nervously swallowed saliva and scaredly stared at the brother, being going at any time either to burst into tears, or to dart off and escape. Fortunately, the house big, it is possible to hide so that at all nobody ever will find it!

“Yes, the rights of Mrs. Simmons - I and the truth too curious! - sadly the boy thought, having begun to pick absent-mindedly a nail a wall. - And unless it is bad that everything on light is interesting to me? I do not go to school yet and I am not able to read - how differently to learn that to me it is unclear? And adults lack time eternally that to talk to me and all - to explain everything! Dee, Karina and mother with the father not such occupied can and will be able to work with me a little? Well!“

As if having understood

what happens at the uninvited listener at heart, Dieter friendly smiled and loudly asked:
- Well as, is pleasant?
- Aha... And you compose the new song, huh?
- No, now I so just play, as a hobby. Go down to me, only under legs do not forget to look - here a short flight of stairs.
- I now, wait! Oh, Dee, and it is possible I I will slide from a handrail?! I am able! I and in a shelter so rode when none of teachers saw! Never fell, upon my life! you Want, and I will teach you? It is easy! Here, look as it is necessary!
- Jimmy! Again for the?! Go down on steps and in general forget about a handrail! And that we with you will quarrel seriously and for a long time! The endurance at me will be enough for it, do not even doubt!
- I more so will not be! Dee, let`s reconcile?! Well, please! I will be a good boy and I will obey you!
- We, it seems, did not quarrel yet. Or you it so, advance payment?

What is Jimmy`s “advance payment“ did not know, but just in case nodded and shy smiled in reply.

Having seen

that the brother, it seems, does not become angry about it, and even waves a hand, inviting to approach a grand piano, the boy obeyed. He carefully went down and with curiosity looked round.

the Short flight of stairs conducting to the room was white and low, with a brown handrail.

In a corner, before steps, directly on a floor some green plant in a pot, similar to onions - the overage stood, upon my life! It was even above Jimmy growth! It would not be desirable at night in the dark to come across it! Br - r!

of the Carpet in the room was not, a floor and steps were light-brown color. To the right of a short flight of stairs, the wall had a small sofa, and it - a low table on which stood a candlestick and still something.

Opposite to a window the white grand piano with the lifted cover and the inscription made golden letters on which the elder brother played stood.

the room was small, quite narrow, sustained in quiet tones, and from all flowers white prevailed there. All this suddenly reminded Jimmy of chamber in clinic in which he lay shortly before the departure to Germany, and the boy scaredly shuddered.

As it can live in the house where all white (and the fact that he already managed to see on the first floor, just and was either white, or light)? Same all the same that in clinic forever to lodge and be ill all the year round! What these adults all - strange!

Here at them in a shelter white color almost was not anywhere, even in a bathroom and that the tile was with bright multi-colored drawings!

I in doctor Brown`s office it was cheerful too - bright posters with heroes of animated films on walls, interesting toys, even tools and furniture were made in the form of multi-colored and very amusing animals!

On survey all as for a holiday ran! Even Jimmy who in panic was afraid of doctors and rolled up a hysterics as soon as the representative of a family of “sadists in white dressing gowns“ appeared on the horizon and began purposeful procession in its party!
- Well, the friend, and how to you the room? - Dieter decided to break the prolonged silence. - You so fixedly it examine that to me, frankly speaking, even became awkward! Suddenly it will not be pleasant to you, and you will decide to scarify my taste? Give, the guy, do not hesitate! Render the verdict, and that I have a heart more will not sustain minute of expectation! - it is pleasant to me
, - the boy just answered, having translated a view of a grand piano and carefully pressing a key forefinger. - You know, Dee, and teach also me so to play! Well, please! I the actor want to become! Or not - it is better the producer that in couple to work with you! You know how it is healthy! We with you will compose any songs, and we will sing their then! I you will teach to sing a rap! It is simple!

the brother did not manage to answer

how in an aperture of an arch Karina seemed. With a smile having observed a couple of minutes Dieter and Jimmy who were at the piano and with enthusiasm playing duets something not too harmoniously sounding, the girl decided to report about the presence: “Hey, misters composers! Go to have breakfast, and that fried eggs will cool down! You have the whole month ahead - still will manage to write a heap of hits, I assure you!“

having Instantly forgotten

about music, Jimmy got down from knees of the brother and an arrow flew up on a short flight of stairs.

having Inconsiderately pushed away Karina from the way, the boy rushed off to the dining room, being guided by the tasty smells reaching from there. He just brutally got hungry!


the next morning Jimmy woke up in the new room and in the beginning could not understand in any way where it is. However it had a good mood, and it means what on the eve of nothing bad obviously happened to it! Having rolled on a back and having stuffed up hands under the head as it usually did when it was necessary to think of something important, the boy began to remember previous day.

In the beginning the villain - memory obligingly showed it in bright paints and farewell to a native shelter and the friends who remained in Los - Andzheles is excessively detailed! Jimmy even cried a little, having turned over on a stomach and having been absorbed in a pillow! But then memory rendered favor to the young owner, and the following shots were more optimistical.

“I houses at Dee! - at last joyfully told himself Jimmy and even blinked from pleasure. - And today I am simply obliged to find out how here it is possible to have a good time!“

the Sharp movement having cast away a blanket, the boy jumped and began to jump on a soft bed, accompanying each jump with a cheer. Having jumped a little, Jimmy felt ready by new day and the adventures expecting it.

“Grudges that Dee any has no animals! - suddenly the boy thought and even ceased to jump from surprise. - And that, it is idea! Time I have nobody to play here, it is necessary to correct it urgently! Why Jay was not taken too? Could become Dee his father, for example! We together could play!“

Having jumped off from a bed on a floor, Jimmy a hurricane rushed on the room, having grabbed with a raid from a chair near a bed the jeans, a t-shirt and socks. Without caring for how it will look as a result, the boy on the run began to change clothes from sleeping in the casual clothes. In the beginning he dressed everything back to front, but then felt that the clothes on it somehow inconveniently sit. And in general it is unusual when hip-pockets of trousers in front, but not where they should be! Therefore all was necessary to dress as it is necessary. Not abruptly, of course, but more conveniently!

he was able to Make a bed, but decided that it does not belong to duties of guests - let Dieter himself fills, if so insists that from them two he are an owner of this house!


But Jimmy was taught that when you get up, it is impossible to leave a bedroom until completely you do not put on and you will not make a bed. Having darted an indecisive glance at an untidy bed, the boy approached and threw it with a cover - did not fill, of course, but at least tried. And it already, which - that!

Having rolled a pajamas in the roller, Jimmy thrust it on a habit under a pillow. Having looked critically at the room, he was satisfied with what was seen.

“Well, that`s all, can go now!“ - the boy in a low voice told himself, opening a door in a corridor. - Only still it is necessary to wash not to forget!“

Having left a bathroom, Jimmy decided to slide nevertheless a ladder handrail on the first floor. This handrail, however, was quite narrow and did not seem suitable for driving, but the forbidden fruit is always sweet! Having approached on tiptoe a ladder and having darted the alerted glances on the parties to be convinced of absence of witnesses of its trick, the boy was brought up on hands and threw a leg through a handrail. Conveniently ulegshis a stomach on a handrail legs forward, Jimmy slowly went down, clinging to columns not to lose balance and not to count a step own body.

When until the end of “trip“ remained to

practically nothing, the boy suddenly felt that a handrail leaves from - under it, and it is obviously going to fall down directly steps!

having Scaredly inhaled

, Jimmy in panic by both hands very much clasped a slippery handrail, at the same time beginning to roar at the top of the voice.
- I about what warned you yesterday? - the grumbling voice was distributed directly on an ear, and the boy relaxed and slid on carefully held up hands of the elder brother at once. - And what you promised me?
- Dee, I more so will not be! - with relief Jimmy burst into tears.
- I do not trust you any more, - Dieter indifferently answered, carefully putting it on a floor. - Also there is nothing to roar - you are guilty, I warned you about a ladder. You probably decided that I so witty joked.
- Dee, well I, however, so will never do in life any more! - Jimmy began to squeal, choking with tears and doing attempt to seize the brother by a hand. - It is very first and last time!
- I Doubt, - Dieter also indifferently answered, but did not draw aside a hand. - To me do not soil a shirt with snivels. It pure and besides very much is pleasant to me.
- Dee, and want I... - Jimmy feverishly tried to think up that to promise it to umilostit inopportunely Dieter who decided to spoil to him mood.

Well, so well day began! No, well it what, specially perhaps on a ladder spent all morning to catch the adoptive brother on a crime scene? Why these adults see in children of some monsters eternally! Though time would try to understand position!
- Thought up about what still to tell lies? - with a cunning smile Dieter took an interest, looking at the face of the younger brother which suddenly lit up with pleasure.
- Why at once to lie? - the boy smiled weepingly, having understood on tone that the brother already droplets does not become angry about it. - I do not lie - I dream! And it is different things! So our psychologist speaks in a shelter! You, adult, such boring! You do not understand jokes at all!
- Jokes we perfectly understand and we love, but in each joke, as we know, only a joke share! - Dieter answered, having smiled. - The friend, the question immodest can be asked? You and in a shelter slept sluggishly and immoderately to eleven? Also and all day it is possible to oversleep! I two times absolutely was going to go to awake, but Karina stood up for you - do not forget to tell her thanks!
- Already eleven mornings?! - Jimmy was surprised, in all eyes having stared at the brother. - Wow! And we in a shelter in seven were awoken.
- In seven? - Dieter asked again, thoughtfully looking through the child facing him somewhere. - Well and it is excellent! Means, from tomorrow`s morning we will get up together! Remember, the guy while you still small - the discipline has to be on the first place. Otherwise nothing acceptable from the person will turn out as offensively to recognize it.


it just in case agrees nodded, having decided to make up to the elder brother and to implore for forgiveness.

bothered to Stand on one place already, and the boy began to shift impatiently from one foot to the other as if a hot horse, waiting when release reins.
- Dee, and I will have breakfast today? - posing as hungry the orphan, Jimmy plaintively took an interest. - Or me till a lunch to suffer now? Here we had a teacher one in a shelter, her Mrs. Simmons was called, so she specially prepared for us! Well, that who for breakfast, a lunch, a lunch or a dinner was late.
- On justice, it is advisable to force to suffer you till a lunch, - Dieter responded and, having noticed horror in the opinion of the adoptive brother, added with a smile: - But not in my rules to scoff at children. Send a breakfast to cook! It is inconvenient to force Karina the second time in a morning at a plate to stand! Though, in my opinion, not man`s work - in a fartuchka from the refrigerator to a plate to jump!
- And to us when the cook on holiday was, uncles prepared! - declared to Jimmy, skipping directing after Dieter on kitchen. - And nobody laughed at them! Everything was very tasty!

After hastily made and eaten breakfast - kukurzny flakes with milk and orange juice - Jimmy decided to start research of the new territory nevertheless.

Having asked for leave with

at the brother to descend to take a walk, it is oath having promised “for a fence - neither a leg, nor a hand, nor any other part of a body!“ and even without special whims having allowed to pull on himself a jacket and a cap, the boy, at last, left in a garden.

Weather was did not dispose to walks - drizzled a small rain, the sky was tightened by clouds, only on the horizon through clouds is not present and looked through the dim yellow sun.

Having thrown an indecisive view through a shoulder of the door conducting to the warm house, Jimmy was rumpled a little, estimating whether it is better to transfer researches, so to say, for tomorrow. Suddenly tomorrow will be warmer and, maybe, ideas new will appear!

A that if do not appear? Or Dieter will force to return to the house, having seen that it is trampled down on a threshold? To walk precisely will not let out any more! No, will be enough to be afraid! It is necessary to go and do that conceived!

Resolutely having crossed

through a threshold and having pulled a hood on the head not to get wet, Jimmy went to walk. The garden was, of course, big, was where to run about and play, there even the baseball field would be possible at desire to construct and that still places fully would remain!

But was not pleasant to be played alone to the boy - he got used to live in collective. Though it per se also had no friends, it was pleasant to it when it was surrounded by people.

Having wandered on a garden, having touched leaves, wet from a rain, on trees, Jimmy decided to break nevertheless the oath sworn them to the elder brother. Not to be bored to death!

Having found

incidentally a chink in a fence, the boy slipped in it, having slightly torn a jacket on a back, trying to get out to the street!

Having decided

that he will think of the torn clothes sometime later, Jimmy, looking around, went along a fence. Where and why it goes the boy and itself did not know. So simply, to take a walk. Something interesting can will see!

In general it had a secret dream - to find a homeless puppy or a kitten and to take it to live to itself. More true to Dieter! Time of age-mates nearby no, at least, he so far did not meet them yet, it is necessary to get chetveronoho friend! Here he will definitely not leave in trouble!

Having turned left

and having come, at last, to the road passing by gate of a country house, Jimmy cheered up - familiar places!

Having looked back as it was taught, on the parties, and, having convinced that there are no cars nearby, the boy decided to go directly on the carriageway - and that, it is expensive asphalted, wide and convenient! At least, it is better, than footpaths which still should be found in a wet grass!

Jimmy did not know

How many it went, but suddenly he heard puppyish yelping. The boy at once pricked up the ears and carefully went to that party from where bark reached. Having moved apart branches of the tree growing near someone`s fence, the boy saw the wet and shivering puppy who is filled in with joyful yelping at the sight of the guest there.

the Puppy was beautiful and reminded a bear cub - thick red paws, a trunk, black with red impregnations, and a muzzle, the hanging triangular ears, fluffy wool.


, tenderly sentencing, rose on knees and, without being afraid to soil jeans, got under a bush to get a puppy. The puppy was obviously not against to leave the shelter and even licked a face of the new friend warm and damp language, having forced that to burst out laughing and ask it not to tickle.

Having been

on hands, the puppy began to sniff at Jimmy`s face with interest, having finally tried to snatch for a nose. The puppy was quite heavy, but the boy decided to carry nevertheless him to the house on hands - suddenly will escape if on the earth to lower it? He very much would not like it!
- Well, a doggie and how you are called? - asked Jimmy, having taken a puppy under paws and having brought to the person. That began to wag a tail and tried to lick the boy or to snatch at least for a nose from completeness of feelings. - Let me name you Buddy? Precisely, you will be at us Buddy!

Newly-baked Buddy according to gave a yelp, began to wag a tail, and extended a muzzle nevertheless to snatch the new friend for the nose which was seductively sticking out on a face.
- Buddy, you that? - nearly crying Jimmy exclaimed, having been frightened. - To me it is painful!

As if having understood

that are dissatisfied with it, the puppy plaintively began to whimper and began to look at the earth, but did not make at the same time attempts to escape. Jimmy tempered justice with mercy and embraced a puppy as a toy, having strong pressed to a breast.
- do not cry, Buddy! - the boy tried to console a puppy, ironing it on the fluffy head. - Now we will go home! You are a good doggie, and to you at us it will be very good! Only... I also do not know where the house... You know, Buddy, probably I got lost!

having Scaredly looked around, Jimmy understood that it is in the place absolutely unfamiliar to it! Around there were accurate cottages fenced with fences near everyone bushes like under what Buddy`s puppy hid from a rain grew.

Where there lives Dieter? To what party to it to go to get home? The boy began to cry with fear quietly, having buried in a hair of the chetverony friend, and that began to whine too.

Meanwhile the rain watered

stronger and Jimmy looked back in search of shelter. To knock on others houses he was afraid therefore he decided to follow Buddy`s example and to get under one of the bushes growing at the road. No sooner said than done. Having clasped a puppy is stronger, Jimmy got up on knees and crept under the next bush.

Sowing more convenient and having extended legs, the boy took a puppy to himself on knees and began to iron tenderly it on a hair, telling about something. Buddy, appear, understood everything as he wagged a tail in the right places and sympathetically whined if the voice of the story-teller became sad.

So far friends sat under a bush, the rain slowly abated and the sun looked out.

When the first beam got through foliage of their lodge, Buddy jumped on paws and cheerfully began a bark - a pier, have a look that is created!

was delighted to Jimmy`s

too and got out after a puppy on the street.

Having got on feet and having blissfully stretched, smiling to the sun, the boy decided to turn back and just to go along the road.

Perhaps, it also will find where there lives the adoptive brother! It did not turn anywhere, it is absolutely confident in it!

To be continued