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Jimmy. Began part 2

Having passed through a gate, Jimmy perplexed stopped and looked round the space which opened to it. It stood to a gray asphalt path which began from a gate, turned on the left and disappeared somewhere behind the horizon. Several times on the way the path was interrupted by couples of steps - the first couple waited for guests not far from a gate, the second - near the house, and the third created a certain similarity of a porch.

To the right of a gate and on the contrary a collar was laid out light-yellow stone tiles the flat platform serving as the parking for master`s cars. Cars of guests had to expect the owners on the street, behind gate.

the Yard just was buried in verdure! Along a fence the green hedge over which trees towered lasted, making impression as if it and not the yard at all, and the real wood! Trees grew everywhere - in front of the house, on each side, looked in windows as if curious kids - giants!


On lawns near a fence, on the right and to the left of a path magnificent trees grew, cut in the form of green hillocks or eggs - as it is pleasant to whom more. Through trees and other plants with which the yard abounded, looked at the world and the house. There was it in appearance much more than their shelter, two-storeyed, painted in yellow color, and its roof was sulfur. And that surprised the boy, the roof was combined with the second floor! How about that, at them - that in a shelter under a roof the attic, and not usual living rooms was placed!

On the left side of the house on the second floor of Jimmy was made out by a spacious balcony with a white handrail over which a green roof trees hung. When the breeze blew, they as if bowed to hosts, asking permission to glance on a visit to chat and get warm!

“Yes, it and truth real country house! - the boy thought, examining windows on the second floor. - Not such what in Hollywood, of course, but all the same cool! And it belongs to us! Dee my brother now, and brothers have to have everything the general!“

the Second floor hung over the first and over an entrance kept on quite thin white columns - Jimmy even involuntarily sympathized with them. All the time is heavy to stand on one place, probably, and to hold on itself the whole floor!

of the Window in this house were very big, probably, even above it on growth! But the longest and wide window as noticed Jimmy, having risked to descend nevertheless from a path and to make couple of shy short steps on a lawn along a fence, was on the first floor, to the right of an entrance. Under it the tree - a hillock which was surrounded by a green hedge grew, creating something like a bed.

What behind this window, is interesting? Why it is big it? The drawing room can there? And suddenly... Its room? Well, you never know! In a shelter promised that to love and to indulge it will be at home! Yes, and here still what curiously - and a hillock from this big window is visible? Hm, it will be necessary to look out and check surely!

Having taken a walk in a lawn still a couple of minutes, with curiosity looking around and talking to itself, the boy decided to get acquainted nevertheless with the new dwelling closer. Well, no sooner said than done!

It is natural, as well as to almost any boy, first of all he wanted to consider the cars parked on “parking“. Having thievishly taken a view of the yard whether the elder brother hid behind some tree, Jimmy on tiptoe crept to cars.

There them was two - one white, automobile on which they arrived, and the second - the big black and brilliant jeep.

Here the second just also interested in

the young motorist.“ Really and this car too ours? Is that so!“ - the boy with a sinking heart whispered, shy giving a hand that at least a finger-tip to touch the magnificent car, and ready to draw aside it at any time.

adored playing Jimmy`s

with machines in a shelter, desperately dreamed of nurseries the car or the ATV by which it could go. He saw such on the TV, begged to present to it for Christmas, but in a shelter on similar requests firm refusal - too expensive pleasure always followed, he is an orphan, but not the son of the millionaire also should not forget about it! On the TV a lot of things are shown, but it does not mean that all this needs to be bought up by all means. Only fools act this way!

Having plunged into the dreams, Jimmy did not notice how near it there was an adoptive brother. Dieter attentively watched the child, choosing a moment when it is possible to open the presence.
- So - so, Jim and what you do it here? - with a crafty smile he took an interest, having thrust hands into pockets of jeans. - Again was going to play pranks? And we, apparently, agreed that without the permission you will touch nothing... I was to you believed! Ouch - yay - yay - yay!
- Dee and I only look, the truth! - absent-mindedly Jimmy responded, without looking away from the jeep and sitting down on hunkers to glance under the car bottom. - Too cars are pleasant to me! And this as is called? I such saw in clips. Rappers abrupt go by it! Only they have it here, there now here, on wheels - it big and silvery! And why at you not so?
is “Hammer“, - is proud the brother answered, having approached the jeep and having thriftily leaned the elbows on a cowl. - Honestly powerful machine! Well - you are not afraid of height? It`s cool! Means, go to me... So that`s that. Conveniently you sit? Be not afraid, I hold you, will not fall down!

Having been

on a jeep cowl, at the boy from delight intercepted breath. Without trusting the happiness, he began to iron carefully the car as though that was a living being and could feel caress! It is a pity that now none of a shelter see it! And can and sees?!.

the Boy quickly put a hand in a jacket pocket, got the photo and began to tell about what cool brother at it and what car at that, real “Hammer“ in a low voice in English. As at Arnold Schwarzenegger, upon my life! And as at rappers in clips! And then asked the people represented on the picture whether they want to see “with own eyes“ all this?

without waiting for the answer, the boy extended a hand with a picture and as if it was the chamber, slowly led round it round its pivot-center, accompanying the movement with comments:“ This is here my elder brother, his name is Dee! It is its car - “Hammer“, you see what cool? To me even allowed to sit on it - here conveniently! Here, and it is our yard - well, more true it is Dee`s yard, but I at it a gain so far, and then it to mother with the father will bring me! So it is possible to tell that this yard too ours! Hey, Dee! Greet my friends! They very much want to get acquainted with you!“
- Hi! - with a smile Dieter waved with a photo hand, having decided to accompany the child. - I am glad too with all to get acquainted with you! Especially with you, Jay if you are here! Jimmy about you told me much! Yes, you and truth cool guy!

to Jimmy`s

it is flattered it zardetsya as it was always pleasant to it when admired something or someone, having to it though some relation. Seldom who admired it as the child was timid and came for contact only in case the potential interlocutor himself took a keen interest to it. And it happened not so often. However the vanity was not alien to the boy therefore there was a strong wish to get warm in beams let and not the, but all - Slava!

having Suddenly remembered

that it “showed“ not all to former “family“, Jimmy impatiently schuffled on a cowl and asked the brother to lower it on the earth. That obeyed, the truth showed vigilance and wanted to learn where the curious brother heads its newly-baked and immoderately.
- Dee, I want to show to my friends where we will live now! - peremptory tone declared to Jimmy, turning a baseball cap on the head a peak sideways - so more abruptly. - Too it is interesting to them how I settled here! Well and I want to brag! They - that do not have all this! Here and let they envy me now! For me do not worry - to me five years honor, I am able to do all! Well not all, but a lot of things!
- Jimmy, I, of course, is glad that at me was pleasant to you, - Dieter responded, having caught the boy by a hand and not paying attention to desperate attempts of the last to be released. - But you now at me on a visit, but not are different things at home. Therefore exactly to me to decide where and when you go, and not vice versa. Now we will go we will have breakfast and we will a little have a sleep, and here it is already possible to arrange for you excursion in the afternoon. I will show everything to you and I will tell, solemnly I swear! We go, the kid! And your things should be unpacked, the bag still in a luggage carrier lies - I without you did not risk to get it. Suddenly I will incidentally break something valuable from your point of view! Done?


angrily pulled out a hand and thrust both hands into pockets of the windbreaker, having frowned looking at the elder brother. Well and why it in general to Germany was brought? Nothing can be done here, it appears! In a shelter at least Jay was, with it it was possible now to run to play! Here it - that precisely would be pleasant to all, and nobody would forbid to do it that he wants! Well, felt that lied to it, painting miracles which will begin to happen to it when parents behind it arrive! It was necessary to run! And what? Vaughan Daisy made so! And mother with the father refused it at once, allowed to remain in a shelter when it in two days indifferently returned in the evening and went to bed! All were so glad to it, even did not begin to punish, forgave right there! And he is just a coward!.
- Hey, Jimmy! - without paying attention to the offended type of the brother, Dieter indifferently called, having already risen by the first couple of steps conducting to the house. - Finish to pout and catch up with me! Karina already lost us, just on mobile called me!


angrily muttered something to himself under a nose, but nevertheless deliberately slowly trudged after the brother to the house.


- Oh, Dee, and it is possible I at a door I will knock? - having suddenly quickened, Jimmy cried, having overtaken the brother, with running start having jumped through two steps, and flying up to a door. - Wow! Yes you here and even have a bench! And it is possible I better on it I will have a sleep after a breakfast, but not in the room? By the way, and I will have a room the? In a shelter promised me!
- You at us will live in the room for guests, the friend! - Dieter responded with a good-natured smile, too approaching to the door. - And here on a bench you can sit after a breakfast and a dream, to breathe fresh air not harmfully! Especially air here and the truth fresh, unlike your gas-polluted Los - Andzheles. Well, knock give, only a door to us, please, incidentally do not take out - you at us appeared the inventor! To me it becomes already a little terrible how I will imagine that you for surprises prepare for us!
- Ha! - the boy assumed airs, having cunning winked at the elder brother. - Yes, I only in appearance such modest am Mrs. Saunders, one of our teachers, so speaks! You trust in it?
- Yes, the guy, has to admit that I another imagined you! - with affected grief Dieter reported, sitting down on a bench to the right of a door. - I imagined the quiet and modest little boy, the blue-eyed angel with a blond hair...
- Dee, so same I also is! - Jimmy exclaimed, having bewildered looked at the hung brother`s head. - Here look - at me at both a fair hair, and eyes, tell, blue too! Well, look!
- And instead of the angel arrived the little blond imp, - Dieter also sadly continued, having raised the head and having cunning looked at the alarmed child facing it. - Ouch - yay - yay - yay! But in general you are pleasant to me! Is at us with you, the guy, the general - yet I cannot precisely tell something that, but nevertheless something like that is felt. I hope when we recognize each other closer, we will not be disappointed! Well, and that you do not knock at the door? I already brutally got hungry! I can eat a bull, upon my life!


, having been delighted that the elder brother became by itself again, but does not sit on a bench and does not speak by a sad voice, jumped up to a door and vigorously began to patter on it fists. Even also legs wanted to help, but in time came round and scaredly pulled in the head in shoulders, expecting severe punishment for the made noise.

In several seconds steps were heard, and the door was carefully slightly opened. The tall nice girl with the hair which are taken away in “a horse tail“ dressed in jeans and a shirt - a polo which, having seen Jimmy, at once with relief exhaled and blurred in friendly in a smile was on the threshold:
- Hi, the kid! You are, probably, Jimmy? I was already tired of waiting for you! As you frightened all of us when to you it became bad at the airport! How do you feel? You look very tired! Ah yes, nearly forgot - my name is Karina! Only, please, any “aunt“! Remembered?!
- Aha... Aunt... Oh, Karina, that is! Sorry! And from where you know that to me it became bad? You were not at the airport! I did not see you there! With mother only Dee met us!
- the Kid, so I called Karina by phone when we went here and asked to call the doctor to our arrival! - Dieter answered, too having approached to the door and having embraced the younger brother for shoulders, having noticed his indecision. - Well, and that we again on a threshold got stuck? The people, give we will come into the house, and we will close a door, and that already the draft is felt! Br - r! Welcome home, younger brother!
- Yes, the kid, welcome home! - with a smile the girl picked up, having carefully patted the boy shoulder. - You know when I went to a drugstore, I on the way stopped by at shop and bought you a gift. Only I do not know whether it will be pleasant to you...
- About! I love gifts! - with the eyes burning from an anticipation told Jimmy. - And you, by the way, already saw what cool machine of Dee presented me?! I so was surprised that he presented me just that of which I in a shelter dreamed! Dee, tell honestly, mother told you what I dream of, the truth?
- Well if it is honest, then yes, we talked to mother about you for few weeks before its departure, - having hesitated, the brother answered, taking off a jacket. - I just suspected that we on sale have no such machines and as it appeared after visit for nothing of several shops in Hamburg, was absolutely right. Therefore I had to climb urgently in the Internet and to look for your machine there. Hardly found! Last night they delivered the order, and today I could hand you a gift. I hope, you are not too disappointed? Alas, I am an ordinary person, but not the psychic, I am not able to read mind. So... Well, and that you, the friend, do not undress? You are able to take off a jacket and footwear?
- Well, in general I am able... - confusedly Jimmy smiled, fingering a lightning on a jacket. - But I am, it seems, a guest...
- Yes, you are a guest! - pretending what does not understand where the little sly fellow drives, the brother confirmed. - We very much are glad to you! And what from that?
- Dieter, do not scoff at the child! - playfully Karina responded, having taken Jimmy by hand. - Let`s go, the kid, I to you will help to undress and wash! And then we will go to make a breakfast, it is good? What you usually eat in the mornings?
- Oh and I in general is omnivorous! - on - to the adult carelessly waved a free hand of Jimmy, and then added, having noticed an amazed look of the interlocutor: - Not I thought up it! It so to Ms. Wright`s mother, our cook, told when we were going to the airport. Mother it asked too that I most of all love whether I adhere... How it? And, remembered! Diets! I also do not know that it “omnivorous“. Generally I love corn flakes with milk. It is the best of all chocolate, but simple it is possible too. And Coca pizza!
- you Know, the kid, give then after a breakfast we will make together the list of what is pleasant to you from products more, and we will go in the afternoon to a supermarket, - Karina offered, taking off a jacket from the guest. - He agrees? For now we make fried eggs and orange juice. Your brother just adores this juice!
- Well, Dee`s time adores, and I want to try too! - resolutely the boy declared, having sat down on hunkers and unlacing the sneakers. - We were given any juice, but from a box. Jay, my best friend, he already studies at school, says, what is so simpler and cheaper. And that is a lot of us, food it is required to us more, than that who with parents lives! Well everything, I am ready!

Having praised Jimmy for efficiency, Karina suggested it to take a walk independently in the first floor until she makes a breakfast.

the Boy agreed, having promised that he will be extremely careful and will not get anywhere - the brother already told it local rules of conduct, and it acquired them. Also settled upon that.

Hardly the girlfriend of the brother disappeared from the sight, Jimmy right there forgot about this promise and began to get acquainted with interest with the house.