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Jimmy. Part 1

Having leaned back on a back of the children`s chair and having seized both hands armrests, Jimmy scaredly looked through a windshield of the car of the adoptive brother at the cars overtaking them.

They drove to the A261 highway connecting Hamburg to Tetenzen recently, and Dieter sharply speeded up, seeking to reach as soon as possible to the country house.

How many Jimmy of remembered, in transport it never rocked to sleep, and he always with impatience expected the next trip in the bus belonging to orphanage.

But this time with it something unclear was created: heart desperately fought in breasts, a stomach as if contracted in a lump, causing thereby the accruing pain, and nausea drove to a throat!

Having swallowed saliva, vainly trying to get rid of unpleasant smack in a mouth, the boy decided to attract nevertheless attention the adoptive brother.
- Dee! - plaintively he called, and Dieter who before was watching closely the road and indications of a speedometer turned to it the head.

Having noticed

that the child entrusted to it turned pale and strained, it quickly switched off radio, curtailed on a roadside and stopped the car.

Once again having anxiously taken a view of the adoptive brother, Dieter pressed the button on the dashboard, and glass from Jimmy softly went down, letting in a cool breeze salon. The rain, fortunately, already ended!
- Well, the kid how you feel? - carefully the brother asked the boy, having put the hand to him on a forehead. - Well, it seems, there is no heat. Let`s a belt weaken, it will be easier for you. So that`s that. Why you did not tell me that you suffer from travel sickness in the car? It is impossible so, I then would go more slowly! Of course, on the autobahn it is impossible to dump too speed, but I all the same, between you and me, dispersed above the top admissible limit therefore could brake quietly!
- Me never rocked to sleep earlier! - Jimmy answered with a weak voice, having put out a hand in a window and enjoying a cool. - We in the bus were carried, it slowly went. Mr. Priestley in general as a turtle moves, eternally is late, and it is necessary to wait for him! But when in clinic on pricks it was necessary to us, so it was never late! Once we with Jay specially asked it to be late, and he promised us and did not keep the word! You represent?! And you far live? Long to us still to go? there is no
- Yes, the kid, through a half-hour will already be on the place! - Dieter smiled, having with relief sighed - it seems, the child recovers. - Let`s arrive, we will have breakfast and we will go to bed, well? I too at the crack of dawn jumped today that in the airport not to be late. And could not fall asleep yesterday long - all guessed what younger brother at me, whether we will make friends with him? The same such event as you thought!
- I thought you for me will arrive! - disappointedly Jimmy for whom it became already much better answered and there was a desire to chat. - All our so waited for you! Jay found your website, but there everything in German was written, he does not know this language. We wanted to listen to your songs. Ms. Stephenson, our head mistress, told that you are a cool producer! Here we also wanted to listen what music you compose. Here we with Jay hip - hop love! He me taught to read a rap! Here.
- Hm, Jay came on bohlenworld. de? - after second reflection the brother carefully took an interest. - The website about me so is called, informal, however, but the most informative. I also there quite often am. There is an English-language version, as far as I know.
- Dee, well from where I know where it came? - indignantly Jimmy, suddenly raskhrabrivshis exclaimed and having decided that time Dieter became his brother, it is possible to behave with it relaxedly. - I am not able to read yet! If I was able, then itself would find everything long ago that it is necessary to me! And so I only also looked at pictures on that website. Dee! Let`s roll! To me already bothered to stand!, look - all go, and we are with you as morons we stand on a roadside!
- Jimmy! - strictly the brother straightened out it, starting the car. - Choose expressions! And with teams it is easier - do not forget that you are a child, and I am the adult. We have with you different weight categories, the guy. It is possible to run inadvertently into serious troubles. And you it, I think, it is not necessary! I am mistaken? Correct me. Jimmy`s
angrily muttered something to itself under a nose, but nevertheless squeezed out from itself the learned phrase “I more so will not be“.

It seemed to

, Dieter was satisfied with it and even smiled, having hoped that they will make friends soon and will not quarrel with each other.

Some time brothers went silently - one drove the car and listened to radio, and the second with interest got acquainted with vicinities as far as it was possible when driving on the highway!

M - yes, it is obvious not Los - Andzheles! Well, too, of course, it is quite good, but nevertheless something not that. Nonnative.

Having looked at

in a window a little more, Jimmy suddenly felt very lonely and torn off from a habitual environment, from those people whom it got used to read out from the childhood by the family.

From Jay, Mrs. Simmons, doctor Brown (the regular pediatrician whom all pupils of a shelter considered the best friend and the mentor)... It was heavy to understand that never will see them any more...

the invited photographer made by

at the initiative of Mrs. Simmons in two days prior to Jimmy`s departure to Germany the general picture of all pupils and personnel of a shelter, and this photo was given to the boy as kind keepsake, having written on the back the wishes.

Incidentally having remembered

a gift, Jimmy put a hand in the right side pocket of the windbreaker and got the photo. It already was slightly shabby as the owner treated it childly carelessly. Even did not understand in the beginning why to it this picture? Better the toy would be presented!


But Mrs. Simmons, bringing together the pupil to the road, probably nevertheless remembered a picture and put it to the boy in a pocket. He found it already on the plane and right there forgot, having been distracted by conversation with the foster mother.

A now the memento came in handy! Having taken the photo both hands and having placed opposite to itself, Jimmy began to consider it with a serious look. Even to speak something in beard as though sharing impressions with the people represented on it. Then he took a picture in hand, turned to a window and pressed it the face to glass - that people on a photo could “see with own eyes“ what he just told them about!

Dieter was lop-sided on the adoptive brother, but told nothing - probably decided that it is necessary to allow to the child to recover and exhaust. Nevertheless so many new impressions fell down it! Let does as it is easier for it somewhat quicker to accustom to a new situation!

At last Jimmy, having carefully stroke-oared at parting, cleaned the photo in a pocket and called:
- Dee!
- That, the kid? You feel well? I not too quickly go? Does not feel sick more?
- Feels sick... But absolutely slightly - slightly! You do not worry! I am the truth as it should be! And we will arrive soon? I was tired!.
- Minutes through five we will already be at gate! We already to our village drove.
- the Truth?! And how it is called? The village is like the suburb, huh?
- It is called “Tetenzen“, and a community which part it is on an equal basis with other villages - Ekely, Eestorfy, Emzeny, Iddenzeny, Klekeny, Leverzeny, Nenndorfy, Sottorfy and Farendorfy, - “Rozengarten“. The community was created in 1972 and is called as well as my country house and as the wood adjacent to it.
- Wow! And a country house - same as in Hollywood, huh? We were carried on excursion to Hollywood recently! Jay was wanted to be removed in some movie, but something was not pleasant to them. Mrs. Simmons so told it! She even cried!
- Well is necessary what friend at you unusual! And how old is he? It is more senior than you, probably?
- to It eight! He already studies at school! You know how it fine executes a rap! And I like to sing very much too! We with Jay in church choir sang!
- Even so?! Good fellows! You will sing to me something?
- Aha! And you to me will sing the songs? We could not listen to them!
- On hands, the old man! Ah yes, nearly forgot - now there has to arrive a doctor that to examine you! You so strongly coughed and sneezed when we got into the car, here therefore I also asked the girl, her name is Karina, to call the doctor to our arrival.
- I am not ill! Tell it that it did not come! Well please, Dee! I will be a good boy! And I will obey you! Only let it does not come!


!“ - Dieter fatefully thought, turning from the carriageway on the path conducting to country house gate.

aloud told

A, having friendly smiled and having winked: “You know, the kid, and give when he arrives, we together will tell him that you already well feel and we will apologize that in vain it was disturbed. He agrees?“
- Agrees, - Jimmy sobbed, having a little cheered up and wiping tears a jacket sleeve.


to Wait for

until Dieter drives to the yard to park the car on the platform, specially allotted for these purposes, Jimmy did not want.

Therefore he asked the brother to land it from the car in front of gate, having pledged the word of honor that he will not run anywhere and will not get:
- Dee and happens nothing to me! To me just bothered to go, I want to take a walk on foot! That`s all! And why you so for me are afraid?
- Well as, why, the kid? In - the first, you are my younger brother now, and it means that as the senior, I bear responsibility for you. In - the second, you here never were, can be lost, and nearby the wood. Well, and in - the third... Perhaps, you early about it the nobility. Why you to frighten once again? All right, means come into the yard on foot, agreed? I trust you.

Dieter approached

With these words the car and, having opened a door from the driver, took the wheel, having shaken finger just in case.

thoughtfully looked at Jimmy`s

after the brother, and then decided to look round. It stood on a path which branched off from the carriageway and rested against a white ridge fence.

the Fence was divided by columns with finishing from a rough gray stone which flat tops crowned ancient lamps, into a narrow gate and quite wide gate - for cars. On the left column near a gate was some device similar to the big radio receiver of gray color is attached.

It is Jimmy`s device very much interested, and he decided to find out by all means what is it and as it works. The brother nearby was not, to ask there was nobody therefore it was necessary most to become a guinea pig.

having Nervously swallowed saliva and having thievishly looked around, the boy approached a column closer, ran a hand over rough stones, and then got up on tiptoe and at random pressed some button on the object which interested him!

In the beginning nothing occurred - the unclear piece kept death silence, a gate too never moved.


A suddenly from a subsoil of “radio receiver“ distributed then silent click and the muffled female voice said: “Hallo!“

scaredly inhaled Jimmy`s

, sharply receded back on two steps and measurement, in all eyes examining “the speaking device“.

Having stood so several seconds, the boy decided to press once again the button and to check whether it is worth being afraid of this unclear piece. Having resolutely approached already familiar column, Jimmy got up on tiptoe and sharply pressed the button.
- Jimmy! - the alarmed voice of the brother was distributed from the yard. - With you everything is all right? Why still did not enter? And! I locked gate! Ouch - yay - yay - yay! Sorry! Now I will open for you a gate!

Jimmy did not manage to answer

how again the unclear device on a column recovered. This time the voice became angry and impatient. The boy very much was frightened and jumped aside from a column as scalded, in horror without taking eyes from “radio receiver“.
- Hey, Jimmy! - Dieter shouted. - I opened for you a gate! Give come! Itself you will cope or to leave to help me? You what you are silent?


very much wanted to get, at last, to the yard, but it was terrible. He already guessed that this piece on a column - the on-door speakerphone, in a shelter it was too, but other design.

A of times is an on-door speakerphone then, the owner of an angry voice is indoors and can snatch on it. It is impossible to play with phone and the on-door speakerphone - teachers in a shelter so spoke and strictly punished rascals.

What will be now? Can escape while nobody sees? Or it is better to confess honestly what he just did not know what is it on a column and decided to try to press the button?
- Everything, the guy, these games bothered me! - again the voice from - for a fence was distributed and in a second the gate opened, and the brother appeared. It had an angry look, and the boy absolutely became puzzled. Even receded on a step and... it appeared on the carriageway!.

By yellow with red the van post just passed the express of service DHL which published loud disturbing beep, having noticed the child in dangerous proximity from itself.

Dieter instantly was on street and roughly seized the younger brother under mice, carrying away away from the road. Having sharply stirred up finally, it lowered the boy on a path near a gate, having looked accusatory up and down.

When both of them calmed down a little, “hour of inevitable payment“ as the head mistress of a shelter liked to be expressed came.
- Well and how your behavior is called?
- D - Dee, I...
- That - you? I long am obliged to wait for you? Give a hand, and we go home!
- You know, I pressed the button now... Over there, you see? But I not specially, truth!
- What button? On the on-door speakerphone?
- Well...
- Why you got there? Promised that you will just come on foot after car into the yard! Well, and what has happened? shouted At you - you are afraid to come now?
- Aha... I so will not be any more! I know what is the on-door speakerphone! At us in a shelter was such, only other form. It at us was inserted into a door, and the video camera over an entrance was. When someone called, it was possible to look, terrible it or not. If informidable, then it was possible to ask who there and to let in. This is Jay so always did. And all of us were afraid, called teachers when someone called... To us generally did not allow to play with phone and with the on-door speakerphone...
- And at me, so can be played?! So? there is no
- Yes, not that... I just did not understand in the beginning what is it and here decided to check...
- Checked?
- Checked...
- Here and remarkably. It is the on-door speakerphone and without my permission you do not touch it any more! As, in other, and to any other things in the house. Approached me or Karina - asked - got permission - took. Did not get permission - was engaged in another matters. I see?
- is clear... And I will be punished, huh? now I so will not do any more, upon my life! Forgive me, please!
- Agreed. Let`s shake hands each other as a sign of the contract as it is accepted at adults! Be not afraid you, just give a hand to me! Right... This. So, means to the on-door speakerphone you do not climb any more and without demand you take nothing. We go, I already called Karina, asked it to cancel a call of the doctor.

Rejoicing that he was forgiven and the doctor will not be, the boy willingly ran after the brother to the yard.

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