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To run away with “smoked“

“I had one pleasure in life - coffee with a cigarette“ - such phrase can be heard periodically from one, from other woman in the period of their global disorders. The cigarette is not just smoky stick, it is often freedom symbol, a satisfaction torch, a stick - a lifesaver, and sometimes even a decree of fate. Irina Muravyeva`s heroine in the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“ looked for couple in a smoking-room of Lenin library. Not because she wanted the smoking husband but because smoking often helps to start acquaintance, accompanies sincere talk. If you are a beginner in working collective, the cigarette will help to join it quicker too. In a smoking-room you meet with people more closely and can receive from them valuable data on which you will be guided further, when forming the relations with colleagues. Nobody at this moment thinks of harm of cigarettes.

And whether it is necessary?

On statistical data, in Russia is smoked by over one third of women. About a half of them began to smoke at teenage age. For the last twenty years the share of smokers increased by 440 thousand people. 90% of children of smokers begin to smoke. In Russia 400 billion cigarettes a year are smoked. About 200 thousand people annually die of the diseases caused by smoking.

Addiction psychiatrists refer smoking to the category of narcotic addiction. Dependence can quicker be formed at one and more slowly at others. It is all about individual parameters of exchange processes, in how the nervous system is arranged. If there is a predisposition to formation of dependences, the person will become dependent quickly. And if to smoke it is long also in large numbers, to an organism not to get to anywhere, and dependence will be created even at not inclined to it. To define as far as you are predisposed to dependences, it is possible by means of patopsikhologichesky examination which is conducted by psychotherapists or clinical psychologists. It is a number of tests of which there is an opinion on structure of the nervous organization of the person, on what his mental activity. In each test it is more than hundred questions, and tests about 40. Especially responsible parents who are afraid for children - teenagers, but almost never - those who decide to light can think of such testing rather. According to some ladies, the beautiful thin cigarette in manicured long fingers adds them grace. Or they consider that by means of smoking it is possible to calm nerves or to grow thin. But doctors claim that it not so.

“Initially appetite can decrease, but all this occurs at the reflex level, - the psychiatrist - the narcologist Vyacheslav Davydov comments. - The person decided that the cigarette to him will help to grow thin. It is its mental set. The smoke does not change a mental condition of the person, unlike alcohol and drugs. Though smoking partially even stimulates work of a brain, improves thought processes, but along with it harm which is done to an organism, immeasurably bigger, incomparable with that scanty advantage which it can quickly bring. Also the myth that about the help of a cigarette you calm down is not truth, is a self-deception. On the contrary, nicotine excites nervous system“.

to Get to a trap

Gradually at the person are suppressed by

those protective mechanisms which the organism exposes at the beginning of smoking. It is possible to get used also not to it so get used to smoking easily. And after a habit psychological dependence begins to be formed. The person can even not want to smoke, but he took with himself cigarettes, and an exit from the house is for it a signal regardless of that, there is a wish or there is no wish to smoke to it at present. Got into the car - lit, came to work - and at once to a smoking-room... The situational habit is developed.

“The habit to smoking remains all life, - Vyacheslav Davydov warns. - It is necessary to understand that no forms of dependence in strictly medical sense are treated in general. The speech can go only about remission - the period when the person does not take alcohol, drug or does not smoke. And all fight in narcology is conducted for remission duration. The most severe forms of dependence medicamentally are eliminated within a month. Tobacco dependence at the physical level is removed in 3 - 5 days. But psychological - remains for the rest of life. And physical dependence is restored literally from the first smoked cigarette“.

We in the answer for those...

Experts advise

to women to leave off smoking one year prior to conception of the child that the organism managed to be cleared of slags, vessels became stronger, permeability of their walls was restored. It is impossible to exclude from this process and the man. It is desirable that also future father for some period before conception excluded addictions. If pregnancy happened unplanned, then as soon as learned that it is pregnant, right there extinguished a cigarette and forgot. The first trimester is very important, during this period features of nervous system of future child are put.

Children of parents - smokers are subject to risk to light in teenage age.

“Nicotine and pitches from a cigarette smoke are capable to get through the most powerful biological barriers of an organism, - Vyacheslav Davydov explains. - They get into a brain and to the child through a placenta if the woman is pregnant. At children of smokers weakness of nervous system is often observed, they are predisposed to development of mental disorders which can be shown during life depending on a situation. Or to be compensated and not to develop. The easiest frustration from those that threaten the kid of the smoking mother - perinatal encephalopathy. It can develop from the fact that tobacco smoking strongly harms vessels, and vessels are a food of an organism including yet not been born. It first of all beats laying of its nervous system, and further physical pathologies can also develop. The kid receives oxygen in smaller quantity, than it is necessary for it, and, so its food and exchange processes will worsen. Substances which are in a tobacco smoke influence development of a fruit at the cellular level, and they are toxic, cancerogenic“.

of 35% of Frenchwomen is smoked.
at the age of 18 - 25 years this figure approaches 58%. As for future mothers, from 25 to 35% continue to smoke during pregnancy. And absolutely few stop smoking, having the baby.

the Cardinal decision

to See two strips on the test means for pregnancy to reconsider the habits, to leave off smoking. But here the kid was born, and it seems already again we bear responsibility only for ourselves. And the hand habitually tries to keep step with a cigarette. Young mother during a child care leave often is in severe psychoemotional conditions which provoke it to resume smoking. The circle of her communication is limited, opportunities to be engaged in what is pleasant to her what pleased her before, it is a little. A postnatal depression, a sleep debt, crying of the child for the unclear reasons, difficulties with feeding... To the woman it is heavy. And left to smoke - and it seems that it was discharged psychologically, distracted from the main subject. The girlfriend came on a visit, to sit with her in kitchen, to smoke - too to distract. If there is no sufficient motivation for complete cessation of smoking, most likely, young mother will return to a cigarette. At least just not to catch from the husband a smell of a smoke, such unpleasant for non-smoking. At the same time it is not considered that the child begins to accept this smell already both from the father, and from mother. Harm to the kid is done even if parents do not smoke in the apartment, a smell of cigarettes with which adults become impregnated, is dangerous to children too.

to protect children from tobacco, it is always better to smoke on the street. Young mothers willingly do it to protect the children and just because this small rule forces them to limit quantity of the smoked cigarettes. Usually advise to smoke in kitchen because it can easily be aired and the small child is all the same forbidden to come from there - for sets of dangers. To protect the child from a tobacco smell, it is also recommended to wash hands (and to brush teeth) after smoking. There are many small cunnings for elimination of a smell in the first months of life of the child. But the child will not always be small, and when he gets on feet, it will be difficult for you to forbid him to come on kitchen under a pretext that you smoke there. It is not enough - Pomala the baby will become independent, and you will have less opportunities to protect it from tobacco. When it goes on a visit to friends, he will also breathe a cigarette smoke.

In most cases children adopt also habits of parents. There is a loan of a manner of behavior, how the parent reacts in these or those situations.

“Once when Fedya was 2 years old, he looked at me and represented something ridiculous: brought a felt-tip pen to a mouth, - Olga tells. - I at first reflected that he means, and then understood that the kid represents me when I smoke. I was struck and did not know, to cry to me or to laugh“. For Galina, mother 7 - summer Sasha, reaction of her son to smoking was unexpected at all: “Sasha learned to read and read everything. Once he read a precautionary inscription on some advertizing: “Smoking kills“. Also began to sob: “Mother, you will die if you smoke, you will die, there is so written!“ It was inconsolable!“

“When the woman smokes

, she wants to prove to be equal to the man, - Vyacheslav Davydov considers: - “I at the level, at your level, in your environment, me am possible to find with you a common language!“ Our society is very loyal to smoking. And this most provocative circumstance. Ways to leave off smoking a set. It is the best of all to throw at once and finally. Chances that then the person will resume smoking, in this case it is less. Gradually it is possible to throw for years. Someone helps himself sunflower seeds, a chewing gum, plasters, psychotherapeutic literature. When strongly there is a wish to smoke, it is possible to tell himself: now I will finish this business and I will go I will smoke one sigarette. Until you are engaged, you will forget about a cigarette. Already every time when the desire to smoke comes. To postpone and postpone... It is possible to leave off smoking for a week, to hold on and decide to throw for a month. One my acquaintance “temporarily“ does not smoke 15 years. There is one more effective way - to spend for treatment in clinic. When the person pays for that he was disaccustomed to smoke, he becomes grudges this money, and it is incentive for abstention too. Sharp physical dependence which in hard cases is shown as abstinency can be removed in clinic by means of one dropper. Further people copes. But it is possible to use still physical therapy, acupuncture, the help of the psychotherapist who will work with psychological dependence“.

But the most important - needs to find motives. Them can be so much, however and the reasons to light. You do not want to ruin the health or health of future child, it is unpleasant to you that from you skin badly smells and spoils, you grudge the money spent for cigarettes you are afraid, as if the child did not adopt your bad habit... It is necessary to understand for what you should leave off smoking. And to leave off smoking. Better together with the husband.

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