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Morning will be kind

your kid often gets up on the wrong side of the bed? In the morning or after a quiet time it sluggish, irritable and whining? He sits at you on hands and dozes, and any time he cannot be hyped up. Neither the favourite food, nor toys awaken in it interest. He does not get enough sleep? How to help the child it is better to feel after a dream?

to restore forces after the long day full of new knowledge and opening to the child needs to sleep properly. It needs dependence of temperament at 13 - 15 o`clock a dream in days from which 1,5 - 2,5 hours has to sleep in the afternoon. Till 1,5 years he, as a rule, sleeps in the afternoon two times, and after 1,5 years passes to once. If your kid spills out not in mood, it is often a sign that he insufficiently long slept and still feels tired.

What to do?
to reveal a lack of a dream at the child as the reason of his bad mood, use long days off or vacation and celebrate hours of its independent awakening. Then count a number of hours which he allocated for himself for a dream. Then in case of need revise its usual schedule of withdrawal to a dream, awakening and a day dream. Of course, it is not always easy to observe the mode, the father wants to stay a little with the kid when he late comes back home. But the mode is very important too. And then, to have breakfast with the vigorous kid also pleasantly, as well as to bathe him after work.

If the child does not get enough sleep from - for the fact that it is difficult for it to fall asleep: cries, spins, one does not want to remain, endlessly calls you, consult to your pediatrician. To be prepared for a meeting with the doctor, for some time make the schedule of a dream of the child. It is simple: on a sheet of paper draw 2 vertical columns for the indication of time. Then draw horizontal lines for the indication of days of week. Approximately within 2 weeks celebrate hour of laying in a bed and awakenings (specifying, you awoke the child or he woke up itself), hours and duration of a day dream, and also the arising difficulties. Having made such schedule, perhaps, you also will understand what the arisen difficulties are connected with.

the Child woke up at an inopportune moment? You also faced it: well to meet new day, it is impossible to wake up not in “the“ time. But since morning you need to bring together the child in a garden or to the nurse that demands strict observance of the schedule. It concerns also a day dream: you cannot allow to it to sleep much when it is necessary to meet the senior children from school. As a result you awake the kid in the middle of a phase of a deep sleep or during a paradoxical phase. This awakening breaks a rhythm of life of the child.

What to do?
Try to wake the child between two cycles of a dream, but not in the middle. For this purpose notice in which to hour the child went to bed. Knowing that since 1 the cycle of a dream of the child is approximately equal to 70 minutes, you need only to make calculation. Accurately you awake the kid approximately in 1 hour 10 minutes or 2 hours 20 minutes in the afternoon and in 12 hours after a night dream. In due time open a door of its room - between two cycles, during a phase of a light sleep usual house noise will softly wake it. It insufficiently? Talk to the child in a low voice, stroke on a cheek, gradually remove a blanket. To understand whether really the kid is ready to awakening, stroke it on hands. If he well transfers this touch, hour of awakening is close. It has a dissatisfied look? Means, its dream in the middle of a paradoxical phase. Wait several minutes until this phase ends, and then you awake the child easily and without tears.

Of course, to you it would be desirable to see the child vigorous and chirping since the morning. But the fact that your child needs time for falling asleep and awakening it is normal. The kid cannot join and be switched off as a bulb. However processes of excitement and braking of nervous system of the small child are not adjusted yet. Therefore transition from wakefulness to a dream can also back drag on. If you treat it with understanding and to help the kid to fall asleep or waken, these transitions will affect much less his emotional state. In process of maturing and development this mechanism will be debugged, the child adapts to own features, will gradually learn to regulate these processes.

It is similar your kid - “owl“. With it there`s nothing to be done. Even when he wakes up itself, he all the same not in the spirit of. It is impossible to force it to smile or talk to it, it needs only one: to remain in “cocoon“ that nobody touched it. Why? It is difficult to tell though most of parents is convinced: their little grumbler inherited this trait of character from one of them. Anyway, this small “shortcoming“ is part of his identity!

What to do?
do not laugh at the child At all and you do not become angry. Perhaps, this feature will smooth out in process of a growing. In any case, respect his need for silence and tranquility. It is impossible to talk to you until you take a shower and you will drink coffee? The same and with the child. Let he will spend 10 - 20 minutes after awakening as it is necessary for it. The animated film will help it to wake up? Do not refuse to it it. Eventually, viewing will take no more than 10 minutes. When the kid matures and will go to school, he will gradually get rid of this habit.