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Unseparable food of

When temperature on the street inevitably creeps down, there is a wish to eat something hot and nourishing, having forgotten about a diet at least for the evening. The airy mashed potatoes, mushrooms rich with grain cellulose in combination with meat and fish... It is impossible to resist!

of Chile from beef with wheat grain

the Preparation time:
previously - about 15 minutes,
on fire - about 2 hours
Quantity: 8 portions

  1. B 5 - 6 - a liter cauldron with an antiprigarny covering warm on so-so - strong fire 1 of h a spoon of vegetable oil. Stirring slowly, fry within 4 - 5 minutes to a brown crust a half of meat. A skimmer shift it in a deep bowl. Having added an oil spoon to a cauldron of 1 more h, fry the remained meat.
  2. heat
  3. In the same cauldron the remained 2 h a spoon of oil and fry in it onions till golden color. Add garlic and prepare half-minute more, on - meshivy. Then add chili pepper, caraway seeds and 0,5 h a spoon of salt, prepare 1 minute. Shift the fried meat from a bowl back in a cauldron, connect to tomatoes and fill in with broth. Bring to boiling, lower fire and you stew meat under a cover 1,5 hours.
  4. meat prepares So far, in a three-liter pan connect water, wheat, beer, bacon, bay leaf and 0,5 h a spoon of salt. Bring to boiling on so-so - strong fire under a cover, then also lower fire and prepare within 1,5 hours. When grain cooks, merge excess liquid, having left 1 glass. Remove bacon and bay leaf.
  5. Wheat and a glass of liquid from its cooking connect
  6. in a cauldron to meat. Take without cover on slow fire of 15 minutes, to softness of meat and wheat. Give with sour cream and green onions (at will).

the Pilaf from pearl barley with chicken

the Preparation time:
previously - about 10 minutes,
on fire - about 1 hour 10 minutes
Quantity: 4 portions

  1. Warm
    on average fire deep 30 - a centimetric frying pan with an antiprigarny covering. Fry, periodically stirring slowly, within 4 - 6 minutes pearl barley. Shift in a bowl.
  2. In the same frying pan warm 2 h a spoon of olive oil and fry in it chicken meat within 5 minutes until it turns white outside. Shift in a bowl with grain.
  3. In the same frying pan, having added the oil spoon which remained 1 h, fry on average fire within 7 - 8 minutes carrots, a celery and onions. Stirring slowly, add mushrooms and prepare about 10 minutes, the most part of liquid will not be evaporated yet.
  4. Shift back in a frying pan pearl barley and chicken meat, add broth, water, a thyme, spices. Bring to boiling on so-so - strong fire. Then cover a frying pan and prepare a pilaf on weak fire of 30 - 35 minutes - to a razvarivaniye of grain and readiness of chicken meat.

the Tuna with lentil

the Preparation time:
previously - 10 minutes,
on fire - 25 minutes
Quantity: 4 portions

  1. In a two-liter pan pour water, put lentil, add 0,5 h a spoon of salt and bring to boiling on strong fire. Then lower fire to weak, cover a pan and you weary lentil of 20 - 25 minutes to softness. Merge water, you keep a pan under a cover that lentil did not cool down.
  2. lentil cooks So far, evenly season on both sides pieces of fish of 0,5 h l. salts and 4 h l. pepper - rub pepper more feasibly. In 30 - a centimetric pig-iron frying pan warm on so-so - strong fire olive oil. On average fire fry pieces of a tuna on both sides within 5 - 8 minutes to desirable readiness. Shift to a plate, cover that fish did not cool down.
  3. fry
  4. In the same frying pan within 1 minute, stirring slowly, onions - shallot. Add broth and capers, bring to boiling. You boil within 3 minutes until liquid is evaporated half. Add lentil, wait until it gets warm. Remove from fire and fill with lemon juice. Give, having laid out pieces of fish over lentil.

It is a dish it is possible to prepare also with brisket, but we decided that the low-fat tuna is a quite good option.

Pumpkin with brown rice

the Preparation time:
previously - about 25 minutes,
in an oven - about 20 minutes
Quantity: 4 portions

  1. On the big oiled dish for the microwave oven spread out pumpkin halves a cut down. Bake in a microwave within 8 - 9 minutes at full capacity - to softness.
  2. Warm an oven to 190 °C. Line with foil a baking sheet. In a small frying pan warm olive oil on average fire and fry sausages to a brown crust, break edge of a spoon and shift in a separate bowl.
  3. In the same frying pan fry to softness onions and pepper from 0,5 h l. salts and 1/4 h spoon of black pepper. Shift the fried vegetables to sausages.
  4. the Spoon scrape out pulp of pumpkin, having left about 0,5 cm of thickness. Carefully mix pulp with sausages, having added rice and parsley.
  5. the Received mix spread out
  6. on “cups“ from pumpkin and put them on the prepared baking sheet. Bake in an oven within 20 minutes - so far pumpkin and contents will not get warm completely.

of Ragout from beef on - Burgundian

the Preparation time:
previously - 45 minutes,
in an oven - 1,5 hours
Quantity: 8 portions

  1. B 5 - 6 - a liter cauldron warm on so-so - strong fire olive oil. Dry meat a paper towel and two parties fry in a cauldron - for 5 - 6 minutes, to a brown crust from all directions. A skimmer shift in separate capacity. Heat an oven to 160 °C.
  2. fry
  3. In the formed fat in a cauldron within 10 minutes, perio - dichesk stirring slowly, carrots, garlic and onions. Add flour, tomato paste, 3/4 h a spoon of salt, 0,5 h a spoon of black pepper of a rough grinding and prepare within 1 minute. Pour in wine, bring to boiling and prepare until fried vegetables separate from a bottom and walls of a cauldron and will emerge.
  4. Meat together with the emitted juice place
  5. back in a cauldron. Add a thyme and mushrooms, bring to boiling. Cover a cauldron and you weary
  6. 1,5 hours in an oven until meat becomes soft. In the course of cooking mix once. Remove branches of a thyme. Right at the end add green peas to ragout and in 10 minutes switch off heating.

Duck breasts with cherry sauce

the Preparation time:
previously - 5 minutes,
on fire - 25 minutes
Quantity: 4 portions

  1. On each breast a sharp knife make 4 diagonal cuts through skin and fat. Evenly rub them 1/4 h a spoon of salt and 1/8 h a spoon of pepper on both sides.
  2. On a frying pan with an antiprigarny covering fry breasts, having laid them skin down, within 15 minutes on average fire until skin becomes crackling. Take out the fat which is melted during frying. Turn breasts and fry 4 more minutes to average degree of readiness. Shift ready breasts to a chopping board and cover with a foil that did not cool down.
  3. From a frying pan merge the melted fat, having left 1 h a spoon. In it in those - a cheniye of 2 - 3 minutes fry onions - shallot until it begins to be reddened. Having added garlic, prepare 1 more minute. Then pour in port and bal - zamichesky vinegar, add dried cherry. Bring to boiling. Let`s sauce boil within 3 minutes, vigorously stirring slowly until liquid is evaporated to 3/4 glasses.
  4. each breast slice
  5. Before giving and spread out on plates. From above sauce.

of Fillet - a minion with a Roquefort cheese

the Preparation time:
previously - 5 minutes,
on fire - 10 minutkolichestvo: 4 portions

  1. B 30 - a centimetric frying pan warm olive oil on strong fire. Having spread out pieces of cutting on parchment, evenly rub them on both sides of 0,5 h a spoon of salt and 1/4 h a spoon of ground pepper.
  2. fry
  3. of Fillet within 10 minutes to average readiness (“with blood“) or to any desirable, having turned 1 time in the course of frying. Spread out ready fillet on 4 portion plates. From above garnish roquefort cheese.
Airy mashed potatoes
  1. Boil potatoes to softness, merge water (about 1/3 leave in a pan) and make mashed potatoes by means of the masher.
  2. Kindle oil with milk in a small saucepan, pour in mashed potatoes, then shake up it a wooden spoon within 2 minutes.

That mashed potatoes turned out air, shake up it wooden spoon or the manual mixer, but do not use the combine or the blender, they will make mashed potatoes sticky.
of Mashed potatoes will be easier if to warm up milk and oil before beating a little.

Cream - caramel

the Preparation time:
previously - 20 minutes,
in an oven - 40 minutes
Quantity: 8 portions

  1. place 175 g of sugar (7/8 glasses) and 4 tablespoons of water In a small metal pan. Bring to boiling on strong fire, shaking up a pan that sugar was dissolved. You boil until syrup gains dark caramel color.
  2. At once pour out caramel syrup in a form (volume of 1 l), slightly shake up it to cover with edge caramel. Place a form in a small frying pan.
  3. Split a pod of vanilla and scrape off seeds in a pan, add milk, cream, bring to boiling on moderate fire, constantly stirring slowly. Remove from fire and leave for 15 - 20 minutes.
  4. In pure ware shake up eggs, egg yolks with the remained sugar up to the creamy weight (2 - 3 minutes). Shake up together with hot milk and carefully lay out in a caramel form. Cover with a foil.
  5. Place a form in a frying pan, pour boiled water to a half. Bake in the oven of 45 minutes warmed to 160 °C until cream hardens. Cool, leave in the refrigerator for the night.
  6. Having carried out
  7. by a knife on edge of a form and having slightly stirred up it, cover a dessert with a plate and carefully turn.

Kish with gruyere and leek

the Preparation time:
previously - 20 minutes,
in an oven - 30 minutkolichestvo: 6 portions

  1. Warm an oven to 180 °C. Oil 25 - a centimetric form for pie. At leek remove roots and it is dark - a green top. Clear of external leaves, wash out. Cut each bulb lengthways in half, then across on semi-centimetric pieces.
  2. B 30 - a centimetric frying pan with an antiprigarny covering heat on average fire within 1 minute vegetable oil. Fry in it, periodically stirring slowly, onions with 1/4 h a spoon of salt within 12 - 14 minutes - to softness and a subtle brown shade. Distribute ready onions an even layer on a form bottom for pie.
  3. shake up
  4. In separate capacity a nimbus to a uniform consistence of egg with milk, corn starch, 1/2 h a spoon of salt and 1/4 h a spoon of black pepper.
  5. Fill in onions in shape for pie with egg mix. Strew with gruyere. Bake within 30 - 35 minutes, check readiness a knife tip. Rearrange pie on a lattice and let`s cool down within 5 minutes. Give with fresh salad.

Kish without crust? Do not worry, cream for this pie such soft and gentle that you will not even notice shortage of the test. But, having removed dough, we got rid of the whole 200 kcal and 13 g of fat from every portion. It is many!